Suikoden Fans Beg Konami To Put The Games On Steam

It's unfortunate that Konami, a Japanese gambling company, owns the licence to Suikoden, one of the greatest video game series ever made. Still, fans haven't given up yet. The Suikoden Revival Movement, a wonderful group devoted to raising awareness and trying to bring life to Konami's now-dormant RPG series, yesterday launched a campaign called #SuikodenOnSteam. The goal: Flood Konami on social media with requests to get these games on PC. There are already Windows versions of the first two Suikoden games in China, so it's not exactly an unreasonable ask. The question is: Will Konami care?

Even if it seems unlikely that this will result in much, I welcome the campaign nonetheless. I've long been a supporter of the Suikoden Revival Movement, which now has over 28,000 members and has even snagged an interview with series creator Yoshitaka Murayama. (Sadly, Murayama didn't seem very interested in reviving the series on Kickstarter or through some other means.)

There are signs of life — Konami did release both Suikoden and Suikoden II on PS3 and Vita as PS1 Classics a couple of years back. At this point I think most fans have given up on the idea of a proper new game, but at the very least it'd be nice to be able to play them all on modern machines. Let the tweetstorms begin.


    Ha! Good luck with that. Maybe they'll release it with all recruitable characters being microtransactions.

    It’s unfortunate that Konami, a Japanese gambling company

    huh? thought it was a games / entertainment and publishing company, wiki wouldnt lie to me :P

    Why put it on Steam when they could put it in a pachinko parlour?

    I'd rather they put Vandal Hearts on there. The forgotten gem of JRPGs.

    Would be great, almost certainly won't happen, because Konami hates you.

    They can't be bothered making a PC port for the older MGS games and honestly they'd probably sell just as much Square's recent FF ports so while I'd love nothing more than Suikodens on PC, I'm not holding my breath.

    Is it really unfortunate Konami have the license? How is gambling relevant?

    This is a(nother) poor Kotaku article.

    Konami were the ones that gave us the privilege of this game in the first place. Stop being a pack of whingers and play it from PSN.

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      It IS unfortunate. The Konami of today is not the one that gave us the "privilege" of these games. pretty much nobody from the original Suikoden teams remain at Konami and that's largely due to the company going from a difficult environment to a soul crushing one as time's gone by. The Suikoden games never went chronologically after 3 because the mastermind behind the series was absolutely done with Konami after that game and left, leaving the endgame for a lot of series recurring characters/plots up in the air.
      Additionally, every single one of the Suikoden games (barring maybe 4) have been fantastic and should have been successes but in almost every case it's been the mishandling and poor marketing done by Konami that has resulted in these great games going out to die with mediocre sales and then Konami shrugging and going "I guess nobody wants it"
      Finally gambling is relevant because that's where Konami has always made the bulk of their money (pachinko primarily but poker machines and the like outside japan) and Konami has been making VERY obvious steps in the last year to distance themselves from real videogames and is instead just slapping their popular IPs on gambling machines.

      So yes, when an excellent IP is owned by a company that has spent the last decade slowly killing its IPs and alternating between demeaning and forcing away their talent while generally giving the impression they dont give a fuck because they'll always get their pachinkobucks IT IS UNFORTUNATE ANY WORTHWHILE IP IS STILL OWNED BY THEM.

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        Just chill and be happy with what Konami has given us already. They clearly make more money for their shareholders out of Japanese gamblers than you mate. We're not entitled to anything.

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