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    I've been dead for the last few days, this man flu is my last. I mean it this time!

    I did get to finish my Lucario arcade stick, but my Pokkening was weak.

    Regale me with your tales of lives lived well, so I may vicariously draw satisfaction in this, the sunset of my life.

      I uh, I played lots of overwatch. >_>

      Ok it looks a little more Lucario now :P

      If it's what I had a few weeks ago it's pretty rough. I got past the worst of it quickly enough but it lingered forever.

    Speaking of Overwatch. I'm having so much fun, but I think I need to relearn to play Mercy as a healer and not an attacker.

      I played a bit of Zarya on the weekend and having fun (possibly my favourite). I tried her out during the beta and hated it but that's mostly because I didn't know how her abilities work.

        I still have no idea how she works.

          The more she is damaged while she is shielded or anyone else shielded by her the more damage she deals. The damage she ends up dealing is crazy.

            That's my difficulty - balancing being dealt damage to buff firepower and... dying. It's great when you've got a Lucio or a Mercy around.

              Zarya can be terrifying when played well.
              She's my second main (after Zenyatta).

              The trick is to hang back at first when you have no stored up energy and to shield easy targets, like a Reaper who goes into the fray, a stationary Bastion, or another tank character.

              Once you have some stored up energy (30-50), push up, but stick with someone. If you're with a smaller character, you'll get shot at since you're bigger / easier target, so pop your shield for more energy. They'll switch to the person you're with, so shield them next and boom, you should be at about 70-80 energy.
              Reverse order if you're with another tank (shield them, then you).

              Then you go on the offence, but don't go too far ahead that you can't backtrack of you get in trouble.

              The main problems I face are trying to deal with OTHER Zaryas (whoever has more energy wins), when enemies are smart and stop attacking my shields, or when they all group up to kill me (a common situation when you use your ultimate).

            I probably need to use her in an AI game then.
            btw, I had a 5 player kill streak as Mercy one game =P

        Yeah, she's pretty fun. Better as a bruiser than as a straight tank though.

          Yeah, someone said last night you should only use her as a second tank

            She makes a great second tank if you're new to her, but she can be an amazing solo tank if you're good with her. You just need to keep track of when your shields are ready to use, and when someone needs shielding (shielding someone about to be pinned by a Reinhardt is great for a LOT of energy, and you save them too, for instance).
            She can also help to push through turrets.

              That last part is a 'Sort of'. If I had a good position as Bastion I'd usually melt a Zarya pretty quickly. Reinhardt's shields don't last particularly long, either. Not a full clip, at least. The dangers with tanks pushing turrets is what/who they bring with them. The tank themselves is liable to be sacrificed in the process.

                I've killed a lot of Bastions as Zarya, but yeah, it is about how you play.
                I'll usually sacrifice a team mate to Bastion so I can get closer to him and build my energy, get close enough to laserpointer him, pop my shield, build more energy, then I almost always JUST survive while he's dead.
                Torbjorns turrets are cake, so long as you get an angle on them where you can get close enough first.

      Maybe try zenyatta? He's squishy but can do terrifying damage for a support in the hands of a skilled player.

        Yeah, but I forget to E a lot. Well, i press E but apparently that isn't enough for my keyboard =P

        Lost count of the number of times I was ambush-murdered by Zenyatta. He can not afford to be ignored.

          Zenyatta is life.
          Zenyatta is love.
          Best anti-tank in the game I reckon.

      Playing Mercy really forces me to focus a lot on everything that is happening in the game, since I need to be constantly zip-zapping around the map checking on how all my team-mates are doing. I also get stressed out when I have my ulti ready, and someone on my team dies, and I have to decide not to revive them because they were out of place. Really need to call the shots when I play Mercy (or another support), since I can see where all my team-mates are and so I'm in the best position for it.

        If I have my ulti and someone dies, I revive them. Hell, i will fly in, revive and sacrifice myself in the process. You never know if that revive could be the one that keeps the point or moves the payload

    I played lots of Overwatch. Now at level 23 having played about 15 hours in total. Got a good spread among the heroes, most played is Soldier 76 at 2 hours, least played is Hanzo at 5 minutes.

    Road Hog is one of my favourites. That hook and the self-healing are both awesome. His rate of fire is a killer though. I have to learn to reload before I hook someone because I've been caught too many times hooking someone, bringing them down to a sliver of health and then running out of ammo in the clip.

    I also made a Thai green curry and brownies ;-)

    Oh my god a torrent of e-mails from users asking why they've had transactions come up as credits from us. READ YOUR BLOODY E-MAILS.

      Even worse than that. A whole bunch of people that don't know the difference between a credit and a debit.


        I buy things using a credit card, so when I buy something that is obviously a credit Gooky

    Morning, folks.
    Been playing Overwatch, Doom, and Total War: Warhammer.

    Also, I bought an extra hard drive along with my new graphics card on Friday, but I am short of a power cable to my disc drive because of it.
    The dual input cable from the power supply is too short to reach the drive, so is it possible to get a cable from a four pin plug that goes to the L-shaped end?

      An extension like this?

      Or do you need to split the power between multiple devices (assuming your power supply can handle it)?

        Something more like what's here, on the left:

          So Molex to right angle SATA like this?

          Or do you need Molex (the white plug in that picture) on both ends like this?


            It basically needs the extra length, as it's too short to currently reach where I need it to go.

    Morning folks my weekend consisted of watching the Giro and Playdates for Tiglet. So pretty much perfect

    I would like to retire now, please. I wonder if I can actually do that... I wonder how much super I have. Hm.

      Talking about super makes me sad, mine is looking very, very sparse
      Do you remember when we were young and gung-ho and going to be ready to retire by the time we were 30

        I remember thinking I was going to be dead by 30, so hell with planning for the future!

          How long have you got? I've got some power tools if you need some help...

            Help planning for the future? With power tools? Interesting.

            (Not help dying, no need for help, there. Cholesterol will do the trick eventually, and I'll have fun in the process!)

          I'm 31 and still betting heavily on being dead by 30...

      I probably need to do the same soon.

      The treads are looking a little thin.

      I'm one of those dorks that has been planning his Super pathways since he was 23. I'm such fun at parties.

    OK, everything here is borked, let's read the real-world-with-real-people-in-it news while we wait for un-borking and hope the news is less borked.


    New Top Gear hated by Top Gear Fans! Well, no fucking duh. If it was possible to bet on that, I could've put down a grand and made a buck fifty back.

    Kanye West's recording studio got robbed. Apparently they took his computers. I hate to break it to those well-meaning activists, but this desperate act is unlikely to stop him from making music. Still, at least they're doing something. What are YOU doing to stop Kanye West?

    Johnny Depp... has a fucking trainwreck of a life right now, which he may or may not deserve. Yeah, not going anywhere near that. Wish the media would do the same, but y'know. Blood in the water, sharks etc. I guess on the bright side, these famous peoples' misery will keep a lot of people employed. Jobs!

    A whole bunch of people died. :( Not all at once... But drownings, diseases, car crashes, assaults (and in one surprising case, trampling by horse. Fuck's sake). Your passing will be noted in summary on page 5, [age][suburb-of-residence][gender]. Wow this is depressing, let's go back to gossiping about rich/famous people. Or politicians.

    Turnbull debates Shorten. Turnbull does an slick job of presenting a wealthy-Australian-wet-dream set of policies, Shorten manages to flubb delivering what should be a fairly simple populist rebuttal. Much to everyone's surprise, right? Right? Haaaah. Fucking politics.

    Sportsball! Things happened. Lots of things! Teams did stuff and celebrity players did things/made decisions about moving or not moving or accepting multi-million dollar contracts to, uhm... sportsball! We care about this. Obviously. Since there's like four dozen articles about sportsball here. Jeez. Who would've thought there was so much of it?

    Government continues to jam fingers in ears about the environment, hoping it will all go away. They may soon get their wish, according to scientists. But the government would still prefer scientists stop being noisy about it in the meantime. They put as many of the blighters out of a job as they could, what else can they do to make the complaining stop? According to latest decisions, 'kill it faster', apparently. Rip it off like a band-aid.

    Holy crap, just about everywhere godamn else in the world is so much more horrifying than here. Seriously! You wouldn't believe what those foreigners are getting up to! And it's like, everywhere! Poor Aussies... We have nowhere to threaten to move to when things we don't like happen. Hm. Maybe Switzerland?

      Note on the debate. It seems the ratings remained unmoved . ie Not many people watched it.

        It could also be that neither speaker bothered to try and bring undecideds over but spoke strongly to their comfortable support base. An excellent use of everyone's time! On account of journalists getting tired of picking apart media releases - debates are kind of a holiday in that regard.

        ...At least, this is what the journalists say.

        Last edited 30/05/16 11:07 am

      Matt Leblanc was alright on top gear. Just alright, though.

      Holy crap, just about everywhere godamn else in the world is so much more horrifying than here.And considering that our government seem to be determined for us to become the perfect fusion of the worst parts of both America & Britain with a sprinkling of early 1940s Germany, our only real comfort comes from the fact that there's venomous monsters everywhere in the dark that might kill us while we still have a shred of humanity...

        I feel like I'm living in a Philip K Dick novel.

      I liked the bit in the sportsball when the right team put the projectile into the left team's area and got points.

    Woo, the NDA for the GTX 1070 reviews has lifted \o/

      But was it an NDA or an embargo?

        Both? It seemed no one was allowed to discuss their 1070's until today, so idk :P

        But either way the video from LinusTechTips was cool, looks like a good solid 1440P card.

    Morning, everyone! Because I opted out of Iron Banner this time round due to prolific lag, I actually managed to finish two games this weekend! Two! Uncharted was about what I expected, overall pretty fun, and a good conclusion to the ex-trilogy. Doom was... well, bloody fantastic. The boss fights! \o/ Debating whether to do one more run to find everything - only found one lever, which was mostly because it was in a main room silhouetted by flames, and kinda hard to miss, and missed a whole bunch of secrets in the earlier levels.

      I found two levers, I went back and 100%'d the first level and found the hidden level almost out of desperation. The first one I found, which was in the second level, was actually kind of obvious. I pulled a switch that made some boxes drop, so of course I climbed them. Then when I was up there there didn't seem to be anything else around, so I looked up. And I think that's the trick to me not missing secrets in Doom. Always check above you.

        Yea, only really started actively looking for secrets about halfway through. Annoyingly, I have no problem finding the entrance to the old levels, but could never find the levers.

    I think I spent most of the weekend in VR. That, and sleeping. As much as I say I should stop doing so, I keep staying up til 5 or 6 in the morning. Bleh.

    After the Reggie Watts show on Friday, I ended up returning to Altspace several times and just hung out there, particularly after everyone had gone to bed so I felt less uncomfortable speaking. Though still pretty uncomfortable :P Spent a good while trying to get a good score in the frisbee golf course, managed to crack the top 100 so that was nice. And as cool as it is to have hands there with the Leap Motion, that little fucker is damn heavy after a while, hanging off the front of the Rift there. Really goes to show just how much went into balancing the headset on your head. I feel like I'm having more trouble finding the sweet spot for it now though. Also somewhat paranoid about making permanent dents to my head, I can't tell if I actually have a flat ridge running down the middle of my scalp at the moment or I'm just imagining it. Maybe I should start wearing a beanie or something while playing, to disperse the weight a bit more.

    Spent a bunch of time in Elite, trekking out to get some of those damn meta-alloys for Farseer. Then dreading having to bring a Sidewinder all the way over from my home system (or take one back), I remembered the Hauler takes a class 2 thruster​​ as well. So the super taxi doubled as a module transport too, just took it to my home system and sold it, only to rebuy on my Sidewinder. Awesome. Although it would appear that doing so strips the module of engineer modifications, not sure if that's a bug or not. Oh yeah, and I was playing using an Aura Interactor that got delivered on Friday. Took a bit of fiddling to get the setting just right so that it'll still fire off for gunfire but won't also spit out the ship's voice in a few places, but once it's there it goes pretty well. Though I'm not sure it necessarily works quite as well as a backpack. I tried just putting it down on the chair and sitting on it, which was great for muffling the sound more and made it feel a bit better, though it was pretty uncomfortable after a while given its shape. May have to look into modifying it, maybe pull it apart and mount it to some kind of shaped seat or at the very least a flat board and some kind of cushion on top.

    Also finally got around to trying the caramel sugar thing​​ I saw on lifehacker the other week, did five little bowls of sugar and took one out at each hour. Seems to be more of a toffee flavour than caramel, but it's neat enough I guess :P

    Last edited 30/05/16 11:42 am

      Yeah - slightly gutted that I hadn't spoken to you while I was at Maia with the Anaconda, I'd have hauled a ton of meta-alloys and dropped them for you at Farseer. It wasn't many jumps at all for me.

      And then Saturday night I was flying. Getting tired, thought "ah, I'll just go the 3 jumps to Wyrd and pay this other engineer his money". Exited glide a bit steep and fast, tried to pull up and boost too late, hit the deck. Bits of Anaconda everywhere. Fucking rookie error.

      Did have rebuy, but have stashed the 'conda and tooling around in an A-spec Viper Mk IV for now while I try out some of the new content in the bubble.

      Have also bookmarked lots of points of interest around the Galaxy so will head out to visit those and hit Elite. At 20% Pioneer now.

        I've ditched the Diamondback for now and am back in my Sidewinder to see how the new thrusters fare outside of canyon running. Just need to find myself a damn assassination mission already and see if I can keep on the arse of an Anaconda. Only tested in nav beacons so far, and there's lots of system authorities and bounty hunters that lend a hand and make most of the bigger ships pretty trivial. Dunno what all these people are complaining about impossible AI for, just need to go where the security is :P

        I did end up checking out a barnacle though. Those things are damn creepy. Just a shame it was dead, but at least it was quiet and nobody was lying in wait to slaughter.

          Yeah, security has been beefed. Some of the high sec systems, I've seen a wing of 3 elite anacondas. This is a good thing.

          I've not had any problems so far. It's harder than it was, but that's ok - it seems to scale well.

    It's a brand new TAY! and the sun is high!

    I'm great, it's a new week so it can only be better than last week!
    Also DOOM is still rad, continues to be better and better.
    And played waaaay too much of the new Elite:Dangerous update on the weekend.

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      YOu should get overwatch and die horribly with the rest of us

        I would, except PVP :P
        A PVP only focused game is not something i want to pay full retail for :|

          But ... D=

            I know, i hat fun apparently... I gravitate towards Co op stuff, rather than straight on PVP... sorry /o\

              There is a players vs AI mode... but it's not really considered 'the main event'.
              (Even though 'hard' is hard as balls and I lost more against hard AI than players ever.)

                Ah, so the famous "Blizzard Difficulty Scale" is still a thing huh?
                I still haven't ventured above "Very Easy" in Starcraft II :P

                  Yeah. Easy is kinda easy, Hard is holy crapnuts hard. Pro players are probably harder, but it was open beta weekend, so I guess most everyone was still learning.

                  Give it a few months and PVP will be utterly impenetrable. :D

                  Funny you mentioned Starcraft 2. I only JUST found out a couple weeks ago that there's a co-op mode in the latest expansion. I really want to reinstall it for that alone sometime.

      E:D is gooooood.

        Very very good!
        Started chipping away at reputation with one of the Engineers, it gives me an actual goal to work towards which is awesome! Also nice to fly my Clipper again after a long time of it gathering dust!
        On my way back from Maia with Meta-alloys at the moment.

          Just the one ton, or did you load the ship so you can sell the rest at another station in the Farseer system? :)

          I'm really enjoying hooning around in the Viper IV. Was doing some low level on approach to engineers base. Nice.

            Stocked up as much as i could... which was only 9t but you know :P...
            And yeah i've been keeping the Cobra MKIV as my main mission runner and she is a lot of fun! I have way more fun in the smaller ships then the big juggernauts :P

              The only way to play :P

                I don't get me wrong, there's something novel and might about slogging a T9 through the mail slot in a slow lumbering manner that means "business"... But I always look forward to my time in the Cobra or FDL just for the pure joy of flying them.
                FDL handles SOOOO WELLL... love that thing!

              Love the big ships for mining, loving the 'conda for exploring, and it was just hilarious at close air support for ground missions pre-missile-nerf.

              But little ships are great for low level runs, dog-fights, escort duty. So many ways to play. Love it.

                Contemplating swapping the T9 for a trade-aconda, but think I need at least twice the amount of credits I currently have :P

    Last song played time!!!

    smoke and Mirrors by Jamiroquai

    What was YOUR last song played?

      Spin Doctors - Two Princes.

      Damn that radio.
      I like some nostalgia blasts, but I've heard this entirely too often lately and it's overstaying its welcome as much as it did when it first started getting air-time. :P

        Marry him, or marry me, I'm the one who loves you baby cantchyou see.

        No, I didn't have to look up the lyrics for that. No, the song isn't playing. Why are you all looking at me like that?

      Ben Folds Five - Army
      "Grew a moustache and a mullet, got a job at Chick-fil-A."

        Well I thought about the army, Dad said "son, you're fucking high"...

        Love Ben Folds and the other two that made Five. Some amazing stuff. Probably my most listened not-electronica of the last few years.

        Seen him 5 or 6 times. Got tix to see his next Melbourne gig.

      Silverchair - Across the Night.

      I put the album Diorama on my phone because my wife loves it and when I first heard it back in 2002 or 2003 I hated it. I was working security at the time and while I had a pretty cushy job and could more or less listen to whatever radio station I wanted, I pretty much always listened to Triple M. At one stage they had a segment in the early morning where they would play a full album starting around 2am or something and for awhile they played Diorama almost constantly (mixing it up occasionally with Californication for some reason).
      Now I never liked RHCP, sorry, I just really don't like them very much at all. But Silverchair I did love as a teenager, up until Diorama which bored me to tears. I told my wife this (well she was my girlfriend at the time) and she was incredulous.
      So, after years of avoiding the album I was putting new music on my phone since I have a 64gig model now and can spare some space for music other than the bare minimum, and decided to put Diorama on there, determined to listen to it and find out if I actually hate it, or if I just didn't give it a real chance. I started listening to it on the train and fell asleep after a few songs. I woke up at my station as it had looped back around to the start.

      It seems alright.

    Welp. Just got a proper talk about what's going on with my spot here. Looks like I'll only be around to the end of June, maybe July depending how things go. But probably June.

    Not exactly news or anything, but confirmation of suspicions I guess. Ugh I don't want to have to look for something again...

      Also we discussed facial hair care. And tattoos. And board games.

        Maybe if you did something about facial hair, or got more tattoos, or brought board games into work, they'd keep you on. Seems like a fairly clear message to me.

          Well I've got two out of three covered. Guess I gotta get a tattoo!

          Wait no I think I am ok with not sticking around :P

    Described my weekend to the elderly receptionist at work by saying I yelled at video games a bunch.

    She was understanding of my ludicrous levels of salt, saying that basketball often made her feel the same way (though she didn't yell so much).

    I really need to find a hobby that relaxes me, instead of one that makes me describe things on a scale of "cancer to worse cancer".

      And this is why i stopped playing PVP centric games! :P makes me waaaaay too angry...
      I've started savouring the slower paced games where i can lean back with a cup of coffee and just enjoy it... Also Stardew Valley is awesome!

        Half my anger was directed at Total Warhammer, because I should really turn it down to normal difficulty (while I'm doing that I should drop Doom to hard), but my immense ego is stopping that.

        And my problem with Stardew Valley was that I just hit the point of trying to maximise efficiency, and there was no sense of fun, just infinite turnips.

          Haha yeeeaaah i remember that mindset, which is something i'm trying to stop myself from doing every time i play as well...
          Although with any 4x or RTS, i am perfectly happy to admit that i'm as good as a wet sock and drop difficulty riiiiight down... Then still rage when i lose :P

            I loaded up some normal mode bots in Endless Space. I made the mistake of not commencing an arms race as soon as I made contact with another race. As a result, I got roflstomped into oblivion as an enemy's implacable juggernaut of war steamrolled effortlessly over every scrap of resistance I tried to muster.

          Any time I find myself trapped into doing un-fun bullshit for optimal efficiency these days, I consider getting a trainer or using a cheat. It's basically me telling the game, "OK, so I'm doing this tedious bullshit, let's pretend I kept doing that instead of having fun, and skip the resultant simmering resentment for the sake of going straight to the fun, OK?"

          I'm thirty-fucking-four, I don't have enough years left to grind bullshit.

          Last edited 30/05/16 2:56 pm

      You need to learn from me bro

      I'm straight zen whenever I play video games

        My favourite part of playing with you is when you get excited/frustrated enough to yell "Nigger!"

          there is no way to make that sentence sound remotely sane.

          so.. uh...


      Have you considered ritualistic killings of drifters? 9/10 TAYbies swear by it.


      I played quite a bit of World of Warships over the long weekend here and I played like absolute shit for two of the three days and then just played average on the third, but got super salty at some of the utterly moronic things I was seeing teammates do as well. Nothing quite like spearheading a push on one flank in a battleship with four or five cruiser escorts, and then suddenly finding myself completely alone and focus-fired by three cruisers, because my cruiser escorts got scared because something shot at them. Or watching people drive right into enemy destroyer torpedo salvos.

        Actually started installing last night.

          US or Asia?

          i.e. the server that Wargaming doesn't seem to give a shit about (though we are finally getting the Arpeggio of Blue Steel missions next week!) or the server where half the people speak in squares (english client can't display Japanese / Chinese characters) and most matches start with people yelling POI! at each other? :P

          Jingles' How To Not Suck is 30 minutes well spent. He gives an overview of what you're meant to be doing, the ship classes, general tactics etc plus some sage advice like NEVER EVER EVER SHOOT TORPEDOES AHEAD OF A FRIENDLY SHIP.

          iChase has a series of useful tutorial videos on various topics too:

          Good viewing for areas you're not sure about.

            Asia. I think it was linked to my existing Wargaming account from WoT.

              We can't division up and take your tier 1 patrol ship into a tier 7 match then. :(

              EDIT: I play on US. I do have an Asia account but I haven't done anything on it.

              Last edited 02/06/16 12:14 pm

                Hm. Well, I guess I can look into grabbing the US client... maybe I'd need to set up an entirely new US account? Is lag much of a factor, btw?

                  I never had a lot of lag from AU to US. Or at least I don't think I did. The game's one which is much less affected by latency than, say, Quake. Stuff moves on fairly static courses and doesn't jump around heaps or anything. Movement's smoothed out. Aiming involves a lot of leading anyway. The technology underlying the game handles it pretty well (ask @batguy)

                  With a mod you can use the one client on all servers but you need a US login.

                  @negativezero The technology underlying the game is AWESOME (tm)!

                  Though a large part of the lag being a non-issue is the very nature of the game. It's more strategic and tolerant of delays, vs a twitch shooter.

          Oh and for some amusing WoWS videos, I've been really digging atsf's stuff and keep watching them.

          His 'How to Furutaka' is pretty brilliant.

    Well last week was horrible. The weekend went better.

    Friday night, had an Emergency Pint with a colleague to discuss the week, and that helped. Went home to the wife who had "cooked dinner" by picking up kebabs on the way home. Result. Played some Elite. Chatted to @mrtaco . Ordered a GTX 1080...

    Saturday, the wife followed through with her plan to force me to play Elite all day. Unfortunately, my PC didn't agree, and turning it on made a horrible noise. :-o

    Pulled it out from under the desk, discovered one of the cats had sprayed it too. FFS. Spent ages clearing up crystallised pee with Urine Off and cotton wool buds. Then fixed the horrible noise (was a fan that had bust a bearing, I think - swapped out that fan for a spare) and did some general maintenance. Rubbed the PC case and the whole area under the desk with Urine Off and hopefully that'll be the end of that little ritual from the cat.

    Made it into Elite in the end. Good session. Lots going on. Expensive when I stacked the Anaconda into the deck though. Whoops.

    Yesterday, watched Carlton beat Cats and went to AAMI Park to watch the Rebels beat the Western Force. The PA did a slip and called them the Western Farce at one point. Snicker.

    Hopefully 1080 will arrive this week!

      My 1080 still didn't ship so I think the bastards I ordered it from were taking backorders when they said it was in stock, or oversold. :( Thinking about cancelling, waiting 2-3 weeks and getting the cheaper factory overclocked one instead of the stupid overpriced founders edition.

        Apparently places here don't get stock 'til today. Mine will hopefully ship today...

          Well I ordered Friday, and it was a long weekend, and I haven't seen any progress today (Tuesday) so going to send them an email and ask what's up. If the ETA is any later than end of this week I'm cancelling. Can wait. Save myself $50 and get a better card.

            Mine's in transit. Shipping with Umart was half what PCCG wanted, and it's coming nearly 2000km from Brisbane, not 10km from the Melbourne 'burbs.

            Next job, scope out my machine and see if I can expand the water cooling to the GPUs. *rubs hands and cackles maniacally*

              Well mine's still on fucking backorder despite it being listed as in stock when I ordered with them :(

                Hmmm. Cancel then, that'll teach the bastards.

                  Wait and see approach. If they ship before EVGA has their overclocked one available then I'll keep it, otherwise will order the better, cheaper card and cancel with the retailer I ordered the Founders from.

    My weekend was good.
    Included dumplings for dinner on friday.
    Also Stellaris - I think I need to get more used to it before I play it again with other people.
    A dumpling feast and Boardgames on saturday
    And a lot of walking on friday and sunday.
    My feet are killing me from the walking in new shoes.

    And this week I see my favourite band of all time :D

    Last edited 30/05/16 5:48 pm

      Boardgames was fun. Would definitely boardgames again.

      Which is your favourite band of all time that you are seeing twice?

        New Order. Band show on Wednesday and Chamber Orchestra Show on Thursday.

        I saw this tweet earlier today and became extremely Excited

      I think Techie said the same thing? But I actually think playing with others is just as good a way to learn, if not better, because the same tutorial is available in MP as in SP, and if you get stuck with it at any point your federation-mates can help you recover from any colossal fuck-ups, talk to you over teamspeak with a much better fuzzy logic help engine than the computer's, and - depending on how badly screwed they are at the time (like, say, if they're getting involved in a losing war against a fallen empire of such technological and naval superiority that it doesn't register on the scale), provide some resources to help speed things along. Also, you can pretty much just jump in to an AI position that's already got its shit somewhat together. ;)

      But y'know. Being comfortable should be top priority.

      Last edited 31/05/16 10:27 am

        I think the biggest problem for me is understanding what I want to do in any situation.
        In Master of orion, I pick my victory condition and go. In this I haven't seen anything yet to tell me what the victory condition is. other than expand or do what your race wants to do I don't know what to do. which is overwhelming.

          I read that the win condition is fixed at 'own 40% of planets in the galaxy'.
          I'm not sure if that can be achieved as a federation. If not... things might get a bit cut-throat down the track. Quick check of Internet says it can't be, but that there's nothing stopping a federation from deciding, "OK gang, we've achieved what we wanted to as a team, let's start a new game."

          That, or triggering one of the catastrophic end-game events and trying to survive it.

          Last edited 31/05/16 10:26 am

            Thats good to know, But it's a little disappointing that its only the one. but I can understand that.

            Also conquer all other players. Don't know if federations can do that one tho.

    So I'd just started climbing for the night, still warming up. On the second climb I notice the lady doing the panel next to me is just sitting on the mat, watching me. Once I've finished downclimbing, she says "if there were music to your climbing, it would be classical", in kind of a French-ish accent I think? "Very pretty."

    That's a new one :P

      You should have asked which composer. Depending on the answer you were either elegant, pretty, all over the place or slow and dramatic

        I can't remember if there was some mention of Beethoven or Mozart in there or not.

        Either way, thankfully she was gone before I did a climb that would have sounded more like Florence Foster Jenkins.

    Last song played game time!!!!!

    Territory by Shiv-R

    What was YOUR last song played?

      Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

      As popularised in the opening of the original Borderlands. Not a bad album either.

        THAT'S what's missing from my Spotify. *taptaptap phone*

          If you're adding "music that's been in Borderlands games" you should probably add The Heavy's 'How You Like Me Now?' and 'Short Change Hero' as well. Both from 'The House That Dirt Built' which is a great album.

      Häxprocess - Opeth.

        Completely forgot Heritage was a thing. Good reminder.

          Looked them up on Spotify last week after stumbling across The Drapery Falls in my song lists, and put their entire repertoire on shuffle. Still working through it, but have yet to find something I don't enjoy.

    I think a lot of people will enjoy this link

      Yes. I did lol.

        As a Bastion player, I assume this is exactly how it goes down. =P

    Any Elder Scrolls Online knowledge holders here?

    I've hit L35 & the lowest quests available to me are 38. Getting smooished.

    I went into Cyrodill to do some of those scaling quests but the map is so huge & enemies 10 levels lower than me are kicking my behind.

    What have I done wrong?!

      Have you tried gitting gud?

      Sorry, I've never played the game.

      PVP and dungeons were something the devs were pretty publicly keen on, up to release... maybe their intention was that you'd gain some levels in repeating PVP/dungeons while playing?

        Yeah, you seem to gain levels far quicker by questing.

        Cyrodill is the PvP area but it's so flippin huge & if you die, you seem to respawn back in your corner of the map.

        Maybe I need to try a different group.
        PvP had zero tutorial, I had to look up a guide to even join.

          If it's anything like other MMOs, there may be some dungeon-specific quests (possibly only available once you're in there? Or still sitting in your log?) which yield a huge one-off reward, and the levelling flow may have taken for granted that you'd done it.

          It's not ideal flow if you have to hunt for exp gains just to survive, though. Maybe check out a guide and see if you've hit all the exploration points? I remember when I was playing that exploration of landmarks and those... star shard thingeys(?) yielded some huge boosts - both in exp and in stats/power.

          Last edited 31/05/16 10:13 am

            Oh yeah, I could wander about some maps spotting landmarks.

            I'm kind of wondering if they aren't pushing me to subscribe, since you get that exp boost.

            There is shit to do I guess, just not particularly fun or hard to organise.

              ...I forgot about the subscription thing. That's probably a factor, too.

                I wish it scaled like Skyrim so I could do what I want .

                That's one of my favourite features of Elder Scrolls. Not having fun? Do something else.

                  Yeah. One of the reasons I couldn't really get into it was all the ways it departs from the strengths of the 'real' Elder Scrolls games. There's a decent MMO there, but it made a lot of sacrificies (probably unnecessary ones, too) because it thought that you had to, to be an MMO.

                  I was especially sour on the shithouse archery; blocking only working for the special, telegraphed attacks; fixed, rigid classes and abilities; the complete nerfing into uselessness of stealth/stealth-crits.

                  If you can't take three hours to traverse a minor dungeon, single-head-shot-stealth-critting enemies and hiding from their companions til they return to their patrols, until you've looted everything that isn't nailed down and stored it for fast-travel collection-and-return, then what's the point?


                  Was this early around launch?

                  The general mmo feel is still there & it levels traditionally, but I think some of the other stuff has been amended. Although that's subjective.
                  You can definitely just hold block now & it works. There's even passives that gain you health or mana from it now.

                  The classes, although rigid compared to Skyrim, are still fairly customisable compared to most RPGs. I think they need the classes to promote teamwork, so I wasn't suprised.

                  What was it about archery you didn't enjoy?

                  Archery? The damage is very weak, and it's very MMO'y. By which I mean it doesn't follow a ballistic trajectory but instead auto-aims based on tab-targeting/highlighting. No headshots, either.

                  Yeah, last time I really played TESO for any length of time was after the big 'crime and punishment' patch came out that actually allowed you to steal things. Probably... I dunno, a year after launch? Launch was Apr 2014, I think the crime patch was March or May 2015. They did some 'welcome back try out our new shit' free fortnight or something. Kind of fun to explore? And the quests were a tad frustrating compared to TES games (either waiting on respawns to count for quest credit, or frustrating fighting your way back through now-unnecessary respawns, mostly; neither of which you have to put up with in TES V or earlier).

                  I didn't quite make it a week. The class system, shitty archery, and shitty blocking was bugging me too much. The stealing/fencing system needed a hell of a lot more work, too.

                  But yeah... I know WHY they felt they had to do these generic MMO-things that robbed them of TES staples. I just don't agree that they had to, or that it improved the game. Decent MMO game, not a great 'TES' game.
                  (Which - ironically, given my stance - is probably what other people will be saying about FF15.)

        But yes, I will keep at it then.

    Watched the premiere of the new Top Gear with Chris Evans & Matt LeBlanc last night. Not awful, but Chris is a bit on the annoying side trying to be Jeremy Clarkson 2.0 with the banter and how he tried to present, now that could be pushed on him from the BBC, if so then fuck them. But Matt LeBlanc was great, he was a pretty natural fit.

    Also the audience wasn't feeling it a lot of the time by the looks on their faces..

      Rewatch the first couple of reboot eps from Clarkson, Hammond and Jason Dawe. It took a season and Dawe's replacement with James May to really get the chemistry working. The studio was almost empty.

      Chris Evans has always been annoying, by the way, right back to his Radio One and TFI Friday days. Used to see him and the TFI production team down the pub in Hammersmith.

        Yeah that's a good point it was, wasn't it. I tried to rewatch the first series of the reboot a little while back but got a bit bored of it cause it wasn't that capturing, haha.

        Oh I know he's always been annoying. I kinda wish he'd tone it down a bit though, the shouting/yelling when presenting was off putting. I think he could do rather well if he wasn't yelling at the camera lol.

      I definitely didn't think it was awful but I have two notes on it:
      1. It needs to find its own identity. There's too much of the past in it and Chris Evans tried WAY too hard to act similar to Jeremy Clarkson. I really don't think driving around in Reliant Robins (or whatever it was, same thing really) is the best way to say 'hey this is a new generation of Top Gear', considering it's probably one of old Top Gear's finest moments.
      2. Apparently he's from Friends and I know that was popular and I never watched it, but god damn the American guy annoyed me. He has no personality :S He's not interesting and he seemed bored for half of it. I think I'd enjoy it more if they got rid of him. Replace him with Sabine Schmitz (if I spelled that wrong... close enough :P). Her bit was my favourite bit of the show.

      Personally I refuse to watch it while Chris Evans is involved. Hate that guy. I think LeBlanc is a great choice and the rest of the cast while too big are all okay fits, but Evans can fuck right off.

        Yeah, I thought LeBlanc did a pretty good job, he was a nice change. But yeah Evans can fuck right off. He's already gotten super defensive over the criticism the show has received on social media.

    Man, they're sure pushing this Cleverman show. Got e-mails the other day about an advanced screening that was going to show, and now I keep getting popups on my computer spruiking it and offering a trailer every few hours. How obnoxious :P

    Also got a call from the Svefg Qngrf lady on the train this morning, to confirm availability and stuff. Apparently gotta wait another two weeks for a call back to set a time and day. So it's happening I guess. Eek.

    Last edited 10/06/16 5:54 pm

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