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    "Hey, Saturday, I saw your ex."

    "Wow, I don't really give a fuck. Where?"

    "Moving into the apartment building next to you."


      I genuinely feel like your escapades should be source material for a Deadpool comic. I'd subscribe the shit out of that.

      It's funny, because while seemingly contrary, both responses are totally valid.

      Guys, from what I have learned from observations in this country, the screeching is actually one of the Canadians' typical mating calls.
      I believe what comes next is an offering from their god Tim Hortons, typically a rich maple syrup based dessert. Sometime Maple syrup literally thrown into snow and eaten like a popsicle.

        I now want to eat maple syrup popsicles.

          funny that's mentioned. Maple taffy, a.. thing.. in Quebec/Ontario, is simply boiled maple sap poured into snow until cooled and eaten upon a stick. So, for all intents and purposes; maple syrup popsicles.

          I understand none of it. It confuses me. I blame the french.

            French-Canadian, thank you very much. Vive la société distincte!


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        It's only a Canadian mating call when it ends in an apology.

    Last song played game!

    Night Shift by Overwerk

    What was YOUR last song played?

    Why was your weekend wet (if residing in NSW)

      Within the Silence of the Sunlight Filtering through the Trees - Ao No Kiseki OST

        Also, it rained crazy heavy in QLD too. Some minor* flooding.

        *when compared to THE flood

          (I forgot about QLD) That rain man!

            We stayed in & enjoyed the warmth of blankets.

              I mostly played Blood and Wine, it was glorious

                Yeah, I was Elder Scrolls Onlining via remote play

      Marina and the Diamonds- Blue

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      Last album played: Mike Oldfield - The Songs of Distant Earth.

      Technically the last song I played is the last track on the album, but composers like Oldfield, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre aren't really about "songs". :) I hope my technicality is acceptable.

        Definitely acceptable, it's music and that's all that counts

      Mama Said - Metallica

      I dunno man, the gold coast got smashed over the weekend 400mm of rain in 48 hours with major flooding in places. Was just really fucking wet at my place, but surrounding parts of where I live flooded. There was also flooding again last night with high tide almost 24 hours after the rains subsided.

      Hadal Maw - Dissent

      Woke up to a bunch of texts on Saturday evening asking if I was okay, because the national news was saying my city was getting proper buggered by the storm. I slept through the whole thing.
      3/10 storm, could have been better.

    Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

    I started on the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC. Loving it so far, the intro and tourney quest were really cool, even though i got one of the sadder endings for the tourney. Some awesome new gear, can't wait to get my new GTX 1070 so that i can stop playing on Medium graphics @ 30fps with a GTX 750! Also played a bit more Fallout 4, i really need to finish that game and get started on the DLC.
    I've heard all good things about it so far. What do you guys thing of it?

    What did you guys play on the weekend? Or what was your highlight?

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      I did Blood and Wine most of the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

      I loved the Far Harbor DLC (and being I am on console) am loving the mods so far.

        Wow i wish i got to play all weekend. Haha. How are you finding the performance in Far Harbour? I have heard some reports of large framerate drops on console.

          On my Xbox I am not noticing many issues in Far Harbor.

          In regards to all weekend, my girlfriend is loving, nothing is ever on TV during the day on a weekend and the weather was abysmal

          Besides would I rather be drenched in rain or hang out in Toussaint

            Oh cool. My wife likes to hang out and watch Netflix and go out for coffee on the weekend. We're currently watching through Suits.
            We also had a few social gatherings, best friends birthday and whatnot.

    So a dad drove his teenage daughter all the way up to my place in Brisbane north from Ipswich at 8am on Saturday morning, in the torrential rain to buy Deadpool & X-23's first ever appearances.

    Nice to make cash, even nicer to sell to a dedicated fan of a new generation.

    Went to a loving home & not an ebayer. Nice :-)

    Didn't play Overwatch at all over the weekend surprisingly, just Blood & Wine DLC still not done either -.- so probably be another day or two on the DLC until I'm done.

      Nuu, teammate down D= Revives appear ineffective!

    Played Total Warhammer a shit ton this weekend after deciding to start a Chaos campaign. Lost within the first 50 turns on my first two tries before I got used to the idea of not having bases and realizing I need to run away from a lot of battles before I built up enough momentum and cash to bring out my toughest units. And just as I wiped out the northern tribes and fielded 3 hordes with legendary generals The fucking Tzeentch rebellion happens almost wiping out all my progress. After 2 20 minute long battles I routed their armies and picked them off with my main general's forces. Spoilered for story event.

    Since then I've retreated to the north with my 2 vassals and am now rebuilding my forces for a final sweep across all of Azeroth! I mean Albion! I mean.... what's the Warhammer world called again?

      I'm 200 turns in and only just getting around to conquering the Empire with the Vampire Counts. Between Chaos, Dwarfs, Greenskins, and the other human factions I've been a little pre-occupied.

      Still, I find it hilarious that the Empire is continually trying to sue for peace and I just keep saying no. Altdorf will be mine (soon).

        My vampire count campaign has kind of stalled due to the enemy factions fielding like 20 agents which is causing the corruption and subsequently the public order in my regions to drop. I've just hired like 6 banshees to go around killing all these assholes but in the meantime my armies are having to run around keeping order in my provinces (aside from the 2 core ones being drakenhof and templehof). Also the Dwarves appear to have consolidated into a giant force rivalling me in military strength which really sucks if I want to finish the campaign because they're probably the faction I'm weakest against.... Might have to make custom cavalry/monster based armies to take them down.

          Two things work really well against Dwarfs: flying units and cavalry. Also always try and outflank the Dwarfs and hit them from all angles as the undead have enough minions to surround them. The only ways that I've consistently broken Dwarf morale are cavalry charges and hitting them in the back. Flying units are a must to tie up their ranged units because they put out a tonne of damage.

          If Dwarf Slayers are a problem, mob them with flesh ghouls. Being unarmoured makes them oh so weak to the poison attacks. I never really bother with monstrous units against Dwarfs because they just weather the attacks.

      Mounted ranged are the most OP units in the game (damn near nothing can chase them down, and they can fire while running away), and most of my 'starter' lords are basically 6+ mounted marauders, 6+ dogs, and whatever I want to have left of marauders on foot.

      If you really run into trouble with early fights you can pretty much have your infantry rout and flee, and just keep speedy horsemen around in skirmish mode, harrassing forever. The only time they run into trouble is if there's something fast enough to catch them in melee... and the spoiler there is that practically nothing is faster than mounted archers. Chaos Hounds are about it.

      It's kind of bullshit, and is probably why the AI over-relies on mounted archers. I hate it. They're faster than my knights, which made an 'all warrior' army an exercise in pointless frustration. Now I bring some dogs and six hell-cannons. Shell the fuck out of them as they approach so they break and rout before they even have a chance to get a shot off. Cheap bitches.

        Yeah this was kind of why 80% of my battles against the north tribes were auto-completes. I actually had fewer losses doing auto-completes because the AI just uses numbers to determine losses. But if i fought the battles against the horse archers I'd just lose half my army to them running away. Pretty retarded balance given there's no way to actually lock them down. Even the dogs take decent casualties in just trying to chase them down.

        The only trick I managed to find was have 2 units chase one down, have the unit they're firing on run away and have the other unit smash into melee with them. Which is kind of ridiculous.

          Hide dogs in the forest. Dogs fuck 'em up good. Otherwise, make sure your shielded warriors just keep them busy, soaking up the fire (have to be facing them). They're very resilient and can keep multiple archer units busy while your dogs hunt. Bonus points if you flank charge. Poison dogs are a worthy upgrade because poison actually has a slowing/snaring effect.

            Whats kind of really cool is as Chaos you really do get the feeling of mustering this colossal force of destruction however it can be so easily derailed if the humies rally together early on and try to shut you down. I actually spent the last 15 odd turns winning the various quest battles for Kholek, Sigvald and Archaon making all three of them the equivalent of 3 enemy units now.

            Now its time to sack and raze some outpost towns and start growing the horde =D Only just managed to unlock dragon ogres on my main force.

              I like to roll with a base unit of 4-6 hell-cannons (who do ungodly damage with veterancy and the aura-buff from Archaon, and just plain old unfathomable morale damage), surround the cannons with 4+'ish warrior squads, and let the enemy come to me. One or two forsaken/spawn as the hammer to drop on the anvil if the warriors get engaged. The rest is in cavalry/heroes.

              If stuff looks like it's going to get too close or be a pain in the ass, they get chased by the manticore-riding exalted champions. Heroes get assassinated by the same (which can often break an entire army). Knights get put on artillery/archer-unit hunting duty, and if they're not lancers, they can actually hold their own against... literally anything else.

              At the time of the story spoiler event, I only had my Archaon warband. Won that handily in the first engagement and didn't have to do too much to recover, thankfully. It wasn't until I was tired of chasing contentious Northern tribes around that I hired 2nd and 3rd warbands. Just to prevent the enemies from having so many escape routes. They were so weak by comparison at that point, still using only starter units, which is when I started really cheesing it with horse-archers and dogs.

              Last edited 06/06/16 12:55 pm

                Yeah it's really a challenge getting new war bands up and running given so much of their growth is from engaging in combat. It's kind of a tight balance of making sure you create them early enough so that the enemies aren't too OP but making sure you make them late enough that you have the resources to grow them into a decent force.

    Ouch, that hoarder letter to transientmind Dr nerdlove is a bit close to home.
    Had a very similar argument with Mrs Tigs over the weekend.

      It sure made me feel a lot better about my hoarding. At least the only "filth" there is a healthy layer of dust :P

        Yeah, my issue isn't so much of filth but just clutter. If there is a empty flt space in the house it gets filled and because there is then stuff all over it more stuff just gets dumped on it.
        I get frustrated and say I'm going to throw it all out, she gets upset and the pile just grows.
        Harder because she knows it needs to be done but because her brain is all messed up from chemo/tumor she has trouble sorting and discarding things.
        So I feel bad about making her feel bad and then ignore for a while until I get overly frustrated and crack the poosies again

          That's pretty much where I am. Piles appear, and then they grow. And then they hit their limit so a new one grows next to it. Though I don't have any contributing health issues I'm aware of to take any of the blame >_>

    Bloody freezing this morning.
    Been over-sleeping the last few days, because I tend to wake up at 4:30am and go back to sleep, causing me to wake up around 10am.
    What's the best way to get myself out of bed earlier, say 7:30-8am?

      Wake up at 4.30 or 5 one of the days and stay up until bedtime, that should knock you out until 7.30 to 8 the following day :)

      If I can't sleep (because, say, I've only been sleeping one out of every two days and mainlining caffeine to survive), I go to the gym. Work out til exhausted. Guaranteed to sleep as soon as head hits the pillow.

    Get to work to learn that a RedHat update broke Virtualbox. *checks VB's bugtracker, finds that there's a fix waiting to be published* *makes changes to Virtualbox code on my machine and rebuilds* Problem solved in about 15 minutes. If only I could solve issues on Windows this easily...

      *defenestrates Windows machine*
      ...time passes...

      Solved. Much faster than the 15 minutes it took to solve your Linux issue. ;)

        "Leave Windows to its own devices... time passes... *crash*"
        The defenestration is entirely superfluous, imo, tho admittedly it does achieve the result much faster. :P

        Last edited 06/06/16 2:20 pm

    I am probably going to end up killing myself via awful sleep patterns.​​ Although I guess once this job finishes it'll be better, since the poor sleep patterns will be constant rather than switching up every weekend...

    Decided on Friday to test out just how well the Leap Motion works​​, by seeing whether I could still play piano while in VR. The verdict: not really :P It seemed to particularly dislike picking up my left hand, save for a couple of songs where it was doing a lot of bass+chord patterns with big movements. It was also interesting to see just how varying some pieces are in how much they rely on sight compared to others. For the most part I ended up just using the nose gap to keep an eye on my actual hands, while the virtual ones spazzed out.

    Later Friday night, ​​started poking around seeing what's going on in the land of homebrew since I'd dug out my 3DS the other day. Found out there was a BootMii equivalent though with a far more involved method to implement it, so I figured I'd do a practise run on my XL since it has a hardmod to be able to undo if anything went wrong. And damn it was involved alright. Ended up staying up til 7:30 running through it, and still had Part 5 left to do. All worked without a hitch though, so Saturday I went to do my n3DS. Annoyingly it failed during the downgrade to 9.2, though luckily it was possible to recover from that by updating. Which meant that it was no longer possible to downgrade and implement the thing any more, so after that I figured I may as well transfer my 3DS stuff over to it. Which also took a bit of forever, since I needed a microSD larger than 4GB, and the only ones I had available were a 32GB in my phone and a 64GB that I got intending to replace the one in my phone but hadn't gotten around to using (might've had it sitting there for a year, year and a half). So a whole load of waiting around for files to be moved there. That kept me up til 6:30 :P

    Dug out Shovel Knight on Sunday, since I never got around to finishing that and was right at the final level. Died nearly 30 times trying to finish it. Major suckitude. Though then that unlocked Challenge Mode, and spent most of the night bitching about the bullshit of the bosses in that. Got through it eventually though, and am now a decent way into Plague of Shadows. Might keep trying to chip away through that on the morning train trips, not sure whether I'll give up the afternoon train naps for it though.

    It has ​​​​​​brought to light some minor grievances with the n3DS though. For one, the volume slider. It's exactly where I want to rest my index finger when using the d-pad. I'm like the anti @negativezero :P I also really hate that you can't switch off the Super Stable 3D without closing what you're doing and going into the System Settings, rather that just being able to flip it in the menu with brightness settings and such. Also I really really hate the lack of a physical wireless button, especially when on the other units I can just reach into my back and turn off wireless for both of them in the space of a second when I get to my desk, save some battery life throughout the day. Now I have to dig this one out and open it up, run through the menus, etc. Also annoying having to jump out to the Home menu when you're about to do something in-game that requires it. Gdi Nintendo always stepping forward with one foot and back with the other.

      I have the exact same issues with the volume slider though? When I'm using the d-pad, the first knuckle of my index finger constantly bumps it. Did they move it to somewhere even more dumb on the new model?

      Also why the fuck is there a knob at all? What's wrong with a pair of face buttons and doing it in software?

        The slider on the new models is up on the left side of the top section, mirroring the 3D slider. That one's out of the way for me since I always have it on max though. I never understood your problem with the XL's slider position since I never touch that spot at all, but I find myself constantly bumping this one (at least while playing Shovel Knight) and it makes me think of our conversations every time :P

        Software based controls are awful and you are a bad person. Worst part of the Micro. I demand continuous volume levels, and the ability to predetermine them at any time before sounds start happening :P
        Also really hate having to try and pre-empt what volume level my phone may or may not be at whenever I'm about to do something that has sound, though at least that only has the one speaker so I can plug that with my thumb fairly easily. So long as I remember to do so, anyway.

    @shane Other writers

    I'm having an issue. I have an idea for a visual novel and I think it'd be a fun idea to play, but unfortunately, I feel a bit like I have pigeon holed myself.
    The main story/aim of the game is to avoid dates. So it's an anti-dating sim. The main character can't date anyone as he has been cursed by the gods. If he dates someone, a natural disaster will occur. The gods cursed him as they decided he was too beautiful and should not be allowed to have kids.
    I have no idea how to finish this.

      The obvious answer is that he builds up an army of prospective wannabe dates and sends them on a dangerous mission to destroy the gods and overcome the curse. The dialogue choices made along the way determine both the size of this army, and the success of their endeavour. Then, after they kill the gods, and send the world into a mad chaotic spiral, they enter into a Battle Royale to determine which one actually gets to date him. (Haha, don't do this, though - it's a terrible ending)

      Honestly, though, I don't know. It seems that the anti-dating sim might end up having mechanics functionally identical to a dating sim, or it just becomes three hours of the player selecting "No" in dialogue wheels, over and over.

      Out of interest, what constitutes a date? A coffee? A conversation? Why don't the gods just kill his sperm? Surely that would be easier than sending down tsunamis every time he winks at someone?

      Last edited 06/06/16 11:08 am

        I was thinking more like flirting, physical contact in a romantic way. It's supposed to be tossing up between placating the girls, not hurting their feelings, and trying to keep the death toll down.

            There's also a gay guy, so that doesn't work =P

        Plus, I'm sure some people will try to get as high a death toll as possible.

      Does this mean he's allowed to have one night stands? I mean you wouldn't technically count that as a date....

      Also would you be able to use your powers as a WMD? Go to a country - date a person there - wipe the country out?

      Edit: Actually the more I think about it I would just want to steer into the skid and go about wiping out the human race. Suck on that gods! muahahahah!

      Last edited 06/06/16 11:32 am

        The disaster happens in a radom location. It would be too easy otherwise

      More seriously, in terms of the ending, you need to think about what the main character's arc is. What single thing does he want more than anything else?

      Does he want to break the curse?
      Does he want true love?
      Does he want a kid?

      Even if he wants all of them, you should pick one as the dominant need.

      The direction of the writing will obviously be determined by your answer to this question. The narrative will either be focused upon breaking his curse, or finding a true love that transcends (or ignores) the curse, or giving him a child.

      * If breaking the curse, the narrative will probably have to focus upon some sort of challenge to the gods, or some sort of a quest to overcome the curse.

      * If finding true love, you as the MC will probably have to engage in very flat unemotional conversations with a range of NPCs to determine the ideal match. Maybe true love's kiss can break the curse (but only from a predetermined soul mate).

      * If having children, it'll be a matter of finding a woman willing to bear a child for him without making her fall in love with him, or getting arrested for harassment.

      If something else, the focus will be different.

      You might also want to build in an additional mechanic where the natural disaster claims the life (or has other devastating ramifications) for the specific woman involved. Raises the stakes beyond an abstract distant event affecting people who don't know. Of course, this approach WILL (probably quite rightly) get you strung up by the anti-violence-against-women activists.

      Hope this helps.

      Last edited 06/06/16 11:32 am

        Maybe true love's kiss can break the curse (but only from a predetermined soul mate).Ooh, that could be interesting. Like, if that person was randomly determined at the start of a new game and you had to try and sleuth it out somehow. I have no idea how feasible that may or may not actually be, but it seems like a neat idea :P

        But there's also a gay guy.
        I think the aim would be to break the curse so that he can have a normal life.
        Maybe by helping the people in the school through their issues, he can maybe be freed?
        Or a mass murderer, depending on the person playing

          Sounds good! Go with it, see if you can make it work on the page! Good luck :)

            Thanks. I have a feeling that I'll do the base work and then give up like all my other game ideas

      I feel like there's a manga or something that has a similar premise to this.

        So I should just stop this then?

          Probably not. Most ideas already exist in one form or another, that doesn't stop anyone else :P

          No, I can't remember the exact details but I think it was a bit different. Was more meaning you might be able to crib some ideas. :P

    Welp, Stellarus' AI just crushed my bigoted miltaristic space tortoises of the Snappa Imperium, last time I use the hyperdrive cuz I was really darn limited on where I can go once there were AI on every possible lane to go. One of the larger AIs declared war on me, had a 6.6k armada ready to roll, so I start moving in, in comes a 9k fleet with the higher class ships in tow... crap. Welp, time for the Rugroach Collective to have their chance to shine

    Last edited 06/06/16 11:10 am

      Yeah hyperlanes can be tricky. In our Tay game I've taken out like a half dozen empires just for blocking me.
      However if you make a game where everyone uses hyperlanes, things get interesting. Can set up choke points and such, especially in a spiral galaxy.

        Yeah problem was this AI empire completely took over two other AIs before coming to me so I was grossly outmatched in the end. My next game I've set the aggressiveness to low to see how I go this time, cuz so far I obviously haven't gotten the right groove yet in terms of what to do. Still really enjoying the game though playing with the races I created. Even seeing them as AI races is really awesome. I also did see a mod to have a playable synthetic race but it doesn't look like it's properly put together yet, where it's all using robots to grow planets.

          There's a setting in the setup for how many ai's get a starting advantage - maybe set that low or none cause it sounds like it's one of those that did you in.
          If you set aggressiveness to low everyone will probably be a wet paper bag for you to tear through.

            That must be what it was yeah, I was leaving defaults on in normal difficulty, and I got smashed :P

    Heh. Got a mate sharing those "on this day" thing on Facebook & posts one of them with the comment;

    Facebook just stahp! I do not care... If I cared about such things I dont think Id need you to prompt me to post about it.

    and then comments again after he shared it

    Where is the "I dont give a shit about this" button?

    Personally I think ignoring it, or deleting it would be best rather than sharing it & complaining, but hey, that's just me & what I do..

      Wow, look at these stats, people really love the share previous button, we are getting 1 30% action rate on it

    Turns out my contract ended on May 30.


    Last edited 06/06/16 12:11 pm

    TAY Pathfinder tonight at the usual times. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    We're still going to use Google Hangout with Roll20 as that appears to be fairly stable for communication. I just won't be able to see anyone's video due to my bandwidth being extremely poor. Let me know if you guys are able to make it.

      I'm going ot plug my comp directly in via Ethernet cable, that seemed to stabilise me playing Stellaris the other week.

      It actually fired up fine after multiple attempts about an hour after we'd finished playing last week, but I don't trust it

    Oh, speaking of Stellaris.
    @os42 I was thinking about what happened last game and I think one of my vassals must have been flagged as still in the federation you declared war on and thus dragged me into it.
    If you want, you could temporarily leave your federation and ally with me, we can then war on those guys to your north, grab their territory for you then both jump back into the Tay federation.
    Might take a few wars tho as the latest patch increased the warscore cost significantly.

    Last edited 06/06/16 12:52 pm

      I'm very tempted to load my MP save up in SP mode and try to figure out what to do about that fucking invader swarm that annihilated my northern expansion.

      I'm going to flatter myself into coping by choosing to believe that they invaded me specifically because I was the best-positioned to handle it.

      Last edited 06/06/16 1:41 pm

        The western flank of the galaxy seems to be a favourite for horrifying end game enemies, I've seen 4 sets of endgame enemies thus far and 3 of them invaded on the western edge

          So I take it things went well in my absence?

            There was much exploding.

              Wait we invaded you? Whyever did we do that?

                AI controlled Blags had the presidency and a grudge for some reason. :/

                We are not sure tbh. os42 attacked some guys up my way and for some reason that dragged me into it on the opposing side. Then the AI members of the federation including you, Blaghs, Techy and that powerful mob to the east immediately sent everything they had into Fun-gi space to lay waste to anything they could find before I chased them off and os42 managed to hit enough buttons to make them stop (at unfortunate accidental cost to him).
                Didn't loose any planets thankfully but several maxed spaceports, numerous resource stations and much military hardware was lost.
                But alas, such is the space-faring life.

                Last edited 06/06/16 3:08 pm

                  But my guys are pacifists, that's grossly out of character! The insults against my leader's mother must've been most unpleasant :/

            I'd just established a chain of L6 stations in a new sector of maybe a dozen fledgling systems in the extreme northwest which got steam-rolled by an extra-galactic invading alien hive fleet. Because it's not a formal 'war' as such, all my vassals are standing around holding their dicks, but the federation sent me the energy credits I needed to establish a stable front. Kinda got the invaders corralled in that far northwest segment, smashing them every time they venture south. It's keeping them sandwiched between me in the south and a fallen empire in the north-eastish, leaving them with the only real option being to spill into the greatly-diminished Hux to the East (I think Jo fought them into submission a few times when they attacked his protectorates). Seems the AI would rather push the aliens into my border than the Hux though, for some reason. Probably an anti-player bias.

            It's a shame, because up until that point I was feeling pretty good about economic/military strength, getting ready to tackle the Hux and start claiming all their planets until able to intimidate the southern AI into alliance/vassalization and securing a solo stealth win. Not gonna happen now! Probably.

        Yeah, that looked like a kick in the teeth but I gotta say, you're one of the few non fallen empires I'm not sure I could take in a 1v1.
        I'm done dicking about and my war embargo with the hux expired so can lend you military aid now.
        Well, once I rebuild half my mining stations from the Tay invasion and get back that 160 energy credits a month I'm sending you. Can't afford to undock my second fleet as it stands.

          I have a whole tonne of unused naval capacity so could build much bigger than 60k strength fleets, but one I get to that point the maintenance costs sends me into the red, making them hard to re-build. I'm currently settling on about 50k and letting that smash up the 20'ish sized fleets the invaders send my way, usually only have to replace 1-3k in losses. I'm probably going to be able to hold the front that I have, but advancing in there and rooting it out? That's going to be harder.

          Harder, but we'll see if it's impossible. I'm going to try some SP tests to see if I can actually take and hold some stuff back.

            Cool Cool. After the Tay war and two back to back wars with the Hux while also fighting my neighbors I'm down to one active high 20's BS fleet, a new similar sized one I can't undock and a 18ish light fleet. And the infrastructure lost in the Tay war is hampering rebuilds.
            But I'll send what I can your way once I carve a path through the Hux.

      Sounds like a plan - but I need to fix my economy first. The combo of losing half my northern territory in that war, with losing my entire southern reaches because the Fallen Empire in the south are insecure bastards, absolutely gutted my economy - dropped me from (credits/minerals) +150/+240 to -150/-30. Managed to get it back to kinda breaking even, but it'll take a long time to fully recover. Even if I fix my economy, at this point the only thing stopping everyone to my north from cornering me in a dark alley and beating me senseless me is my charisma.

      When I declared war on them, they were just an alliance of four - no members of the alliance had any vassals, nor were any vassals of anyone, and they weren't in a federation. I checked that before I started anything with them. They all joined the federation a little after the Eldritch Space-Lice showed up. Speaking of, the Huxganiga and the Theq'laq are in that federation now, along with my rebel states, so... I don't see me getting those territories back any time soon.

      I hope they buff diplomacy at some point - it feels like it's impossible to expand lategame through anything but force of arms.

        Oh I can do the military heavy lifting, don't stress on ship building.
        Only issue is if the Hux have joined forces it will delay matters as I need to take systems off them to get to Transient and you can only demand so much in one war, then have to wait 10 years before you can go again.
        Actually, if we give the Hux systems to you that would be better. Can probably manage that and some of your rebels in the first go.
        Shall see on friday.

          I keep forgetting how powerful some of you guys are now. @transientmind's fighting off an endgame crisis (admittedly with not-inconsiderable financial support), and you're confidently talking about taking on nearly every other warfaring race in the game. Meanwhile, my fleets peaked at about 15-20k, and that was purely to intimidate my rebels into coming back (which nearly worked, dag nabbit).

            Eh, you've had a hard time of it by the sounds.
            Transient and I had the advantage of starting on the edges of the TAY cluster of empires which meant we had AI targets to take over and expand past. Whereas you guys in the middle had limited options. But as a federation you guys are probably more powerful.
            I honestly feel a little bad about it, so feel free to enlist my help getting more territory.

            Yeah, the financial support on energy credits was really useful because it meant my mines could keep functioning, which allowed me to replace fleets really fast. I've probably lost a total of 40k fleet strength those invaders and replaced it in time to prevent losing more, just fending off their advances and hunting down some of their apparent 'seed' fleets to try keep them getting too out-of-hand. Things have actually calmed down a bit now, but my economy's pretty fucked, and the only solution looks like devoting quite a bit of micromanagement and time to fixing up what planets I have left, all while keeping a very watchful eye on that border I've set up.

    For those of you interested in the story behind Overwatch -

    Really interesting read!

    Hello all!

    So, turns out Italy is pretty nice. Apparently it's a great time of year to travel there - not too cold, but it hasn't become stinking hot yet! Wine there is stupidly cheap, and I didn't think it was possible to eat too much pizza (but I sure gave that theory a hell of a test!).

    Then came back to the cold and the wet and the work and the... why did I come back again???

    Went to Robowars yesterday - found out about it last minute and all the seating tickets were sold out, so we just went for standing at the back, meaning the view was pretty crappy... but the matches were still awesome. Robot deathmatches are excellent.

      Which Session did you go to? I was there for the last two!

        Just the first one - I was tempted to stick around for another, but ended up going to the pub instead.

        How fun was Citizen Flips to watch!

          So much fun. Brutus was prrtty cool too. Ive got video of the battle royale they did at the very end. Every robot in the cage!

            Holy shit, that would have been amazing! Can you pop it on youtube or something?

      The weather in Canberra right now reminds me of what I had in Italy. :/

      Good news was that the rain helped wash away the smell of Venice!

      And turned the rubbish piles of Naples into sludge...

    So after almost two weeks of constant Overwatch I went back in to a game I just started right before it came out, Wild Arms 3.

    I bought this 14 year old game again because despite hiring it back then I never finished the game. I also forgot most of everything that happened, all I know is that the last thing I did involved walking through a laboratory. I think now I've just past that point, since I bought a sandcraft and I don't remember ever doing that before.

    Man, I miss JRPGs. During the PS1 and PS2 era, nobody gave two shits that Final Fantasy was the reigning champ, they just went and did their own thing. Had their own themes and own mechanics. The only thing I can think of that JRPGs stole from Final Fantasy was making their main antagonist an emo with long white hair, but even that only lasted several years.

    Wild Arms 3 seems to be fairly advanced for its time. The pacing is decent, the combat has some depth and despite being turn based it doesn't feel slow at all. They even give you coins which allow you to save the game anywhere and can be used at a game over to restart the battle, avoiding losing hours of progress.
    Only problem I have found is that you can equip items to summons to get new abilities, which is fine by itself but I once made a mistake and tried to remove it to give it to another summon. Removing it involves either replacing it, or deleting it. As in, fully deleting, remove from the game. I was so pissed off I actually redid an entire hour of gameplay just to get an item back (it was a really good item).

    In a time where people are constantly raging about feminism clothing or black representation, it's easy to forget that videogames just used to do this without thinking about it. The main character is female, she's on the front cover, she decides to create the main group and nobody says anything about it. Nobody disagrees with her and nobody draws attention of how good it is that a woman is taking charge. It just is.

    They even included some humour, like a rival who stores a heavy machine gun in her dress. She even comes back later in a skimpy mage outfit that the other characters laugh at. In battle when you hit her, she stumbles back, remembers she's now wearing heels, and has an animation of herself trying to balance her feet to avoid falling it over.

    Today JRPGs just don't exist, the only series that even wants to continue the genre is Final Fantasy and ever since FF13 it seems like nobody in the industry has the passion anymore.

      Have you tried any of Falcom's games? Ys, Trails etc. A lot of their stuff is older than FF and has gone its own way. They're also the only ones outside Namco's Tales guys that still seem to be interested in making JRPGs that don't have the FF / DQ name slapped on and aren't just vehicles for fanservice. And with DQ stuck perpetually in 1997 and FF having crawled up its own asshole, it's pretty slim pickings. :(

    Looking at next season's anime lineup and it looks really shit. :( I guess no one wanted to run something same season as the new Love Live assuming that it'll be a juggernaut like the previous series. Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars S2 & Amanchu are the only shows I can unreservedly get excited for. Second season of Seven Deadly Sins might be good except it's Netflix licensed so no one can stream it in English because Netflix are fuckheads. Oh and we're finally getting a new Berserk anime! Except it's shitty ps2-era 3DCG :(

      Wait... Shokugeki no Soma has a second season coming!?

      How did I not know this?!

        Yes. July 2nd for the JP premiere. Presumably it'll hit Crunchyroll within a day or two of that.


    Your parcel is onboard with your local courier franchisee and will be delivered today.



    We apologise but your parcel couldn't be delivered today. It will be delivered on the next available cycle.

    You bastards. You utter bastards. I want my GTX1080.

      Is this Aus Post? because if so... you can only blame yourself =P

        No. A courier company who I will not mention but sounds a lot like Blast-hay. No option, that's who the supplier use.

      Parcel Locker.

      Skip the delivery man. Pick it up yourself.

    Was getting tired of my old X360 wired controller for PC use, was looking at replacements because it's old and worn. I was really tempted to pick up a Xbone controller because I used one at a mate's place once and it was such an improvement on the 360. While shopping around I stumbled onto a wireless usb adaptor for Wii U Pro controllers for about $20 so I decided to give that a go. It arrived today and it works great. Has a switch for Dinput or Xinput and there's a controller shortcut to switch between the standard and proper button layouts(So Xbox ABXY and Nintendo BAYX).

    I bought a house.
    In Geelong.
    I'm going to have a house-warming.
    Oh, it's also a belated 30th since I was in dental surgery on my 30th.
    Let's say... August 20th.
    It's two days after my 31st.
    We can play Rock Band and board games and I have a spa outside (it's undercover, chill).
    And four bedrooms. So plenty of space.
    So... tweet me @seshakey or something for address?
    I also have a new number so don't use my old one that ended in 344.

    Can someone please tag... everyone? At least the Melbourne people but you interstate folk are MORE THAN WELCOME (also I'm sick of flying/driving/bussing to Canberra etc)

    Last edited 06/06/16 5:23 pm

      This is a pretty big deal for me since in the last few years I've had two mental breakdowns and been unemployed for a long time. BUT NOW THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER.

        If you play that D'Ream song, things will stop getting better rapidly.

        But congrats on the giant uptick in fortune, this is a good good thing. ^5

        Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiings can only get beeeettttteeeeerrrrrrrr
        Can only get bettteeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      oh dang that's rad. I'm up for a house warming

      Nice. Where are you (roughly? Suburb/Metasuburb/general compass direction from the CBD).

      I'll send you a PM on the tweets if I/we can make it. Otherwise, feel free to tag me if you're in the CBD. Been too long since I've seen... anyone.

        Oh yeah! I'm in Geelong. Corio, of all places. Mere metres from the Gull Bus drop-off point for the interstaters :P

        Last edited 06/06/16 5:59 pm

      I'm not sure. I've never driven to Geelong and I'm a bit worried I may need to work on Techie's cosplay. We're a lot behind, due to illness and other things. I hope you understand.

      Keen but I'm not sure you have given me enough notice ;)
      Would need to check what is on as that is getting into birthday season for us, but should be plenty of time to save up my brownie points for a night off.

      Out of town that weekend. Congrats on housey goodness though.

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