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    Next year looks to be as good as last, sorry 2016 guys but your year isn't my cup of tea!

      Give it a few months, I hear Spring is going to be amazing.

        Other than Tomb Raider 2 coming to PS4 & Pokemon Moon, there's not a lot of really high level stuff on my list.

        Last year had Fallout 4 & The Evil Within & Dragon Age Inquisition.

          Sony's still saying we'll get The Last Guardian this year...

            Although the art in all those games is super amazing, I didn't find Shadoew fun. Great concept & all but I still haven't finished it.

            Love Ico though. So I'm undecided at this point. Will be keeping an eye on it, but it's not got me super excited.

              I tried so hard to delete that e

      What is coming next year that has you excited
      Horizon: Zero dawn has been pushed till early next year but that is the only one on my radar

    Last night for the first time in a while I stayed up late to play games (Overwatch if you must know!), and played for about an hour.

    It was a fun time, However I couldn't sleep for around an hour afterwards; I had the sounds of the game still running through my thoughts, and I just couldn't get to sleep.

    Has this happened to anyone else, and if so what are your remedies? I like playing games but I'm not sure if I can do it so much that it impacts my sleep lol.

      Clearly you're not impacting your sleep hard enough. Stay up later so you're too tired to stay awake once you lie down :P

      Yeah this happens to me when I play fast paced or competitive games before play; they jack up my adrenaline too much. I'd recommend stopping playing games like that at least an hour or two before you sleep. I usually stop playing Overwatch by about 9.30 and then mess around on Total War or watch something on Netflix or Twitch.

      Edit: Also worth noting too much blue light just before you sleep can make it harder for you to nod off and also stops you from feeling rested the next day. Ideally you shouldn't be staring at a screen just before you sleep. Case in point @mrtaco 's never ending horrible sleep stories =P

      Last edited 08/06/16 10:56 am

        Who needs quality sleep when you can supplement it with naps instead? :P

        I use f.lux on my computers for this, and Twilight on my (android) tablet. Makes the light warmer and redder at night.

        I believe Apple stuff does this natively now.

      I call it gamerhead. Happens when I spend too much in a game - takes a while to get my mind out of gaming mode.
      Best plan is yeah, don't game right before bed. Watch an episode of something or read a book to unwind first.

      I've been up playing Bloodborne - a cup of tea is always a good thing before bed (herbal if you can't tolerate the caffiene). If I'm having a restless night getting to sleep (sometimes just a busy head, sometimes anxiety overloading) then having a shower is also a good reset button.

        That's a great idea, I had a day off earlier this week and tossed and turned from 11-5, I eventually got up, had a shower and then slept until 8.45am. I'll try this next time!!

    Friend linked this to me just before. "Demonically clever" indeed.

      I wonder if I'm going to get random emails from clients or prospects about this
      It is rather interesting

      Similar to the proposal for government agencies introducing backdoors into encryption algorithms - only way to be safe at that point is to use another product... which relies on detecting it, by which point the company that was compromised would be bankrupted by public backlash. As ever, it all comes down to how much you trust the person/company [and affiliates thereof] telling you their product is secure?

    Okay, so in light of what I wrote yesterday, I have been thinking about the visual novel more and I think it'll have to be a hybrid of wacky situations and serious moments. The only problem is that it needs to be natural and balanced. Is this a zombie didn't balance it too well and it was disjointed.
    I'm also thinking of playing on some stereotypes like the wallflower and tsundere. I have a vague idea of what their issues should be.
    Wallflower I'm thinking that she's trying hard to change herself, but she needs to learn to accept herself.
    The Tsundere I'm thinking has abandonment issues and needs to learn to accept people again.

      Also, what if after they make out one of them says "no homo"? Does that un-yaoi them?

        Too late. Natural disaster is already in progress.

      So, I was thinking, instead of having a character that is cursed you could start the game off as a normal dating sim. The character moves to a new school, meets all the possible date candidates, etc... After the player has met all the people they can date they find out that they are in a school for natural disasters and the player is accidentally sent there because on their previous report card the teacher describes their grades as a "natural disaster". If the player dates one, a natural disaster occurs but if the player lets one down too harshly / is a jerk to one a natural disaster also occurs.

      You could probably work in the "help the residents with their problems" too. Like, each of them doesn't want to do what they do and you can try to convince them to do something else which will cause the natural disaster to not occur again in the world.

      Last edited 08/06/16 1:15 pm

        basically it would work exactly as you were thinking before (an anti-dating sim) but the framing of the narrative is different. Depends how wacky you want to go I suppose. =P

        Last edited 08/06/16 1:17 pm

          It could work either way. I'll consider both. It just might be a bit hard to come to a conclusion.

      "Only guy at a girl's school" isn't that uncommon a Visual Novel genre (though usually it involves the guy being super-feminine and posing as a girl). Maybe you could crib some ideas from one of those? Or perhaps the formerly-girls-school-goes-coed trope. A few of them have been animated too - Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru was the big one for the first setup, and I want to say Mashiro-iro Symphony was one of the second? I can't remember if I finished that, I think it was a bit boring. Otoboku was pretty fun though might be a bit outside what you're looking for since it's largely a parody of classic yuri stuff (especially Maria-sama ga Miteru)

      Last edited 08/06/16 2:51 pm

        It's not an all girls school, it's an unfortunate coincidence, which makes the protag suspect that the gods are maybe messing with them


      Not for a few months, unless you're up late at night watching foxtel. ;)

      Good news though, WBBL has prime-time games next season! :)

        It's about time that Women's cricket got the attention it deserves. Especially with the Men's cricket having been a bit of a snore-fest recently (though I didn't get to watch much last season, maybe it was good in early 2016?)

          I was at Boxing Day. It was awful. 15 degree day after 41 on 25th didn't help, but the match just wasn't much cop.

          BBL was pretty fantastic for both comps, the women in particular had some great matches and the men's final was nuts. World Cup I enjoyed, brilliant to see the Windies do the double even though it was at the expense of both my nationalities... Test cricket not so good in the last year, other than Jimmy Anderson's recent 10 for 45 against Sri Lanka which I did enjoy...

            While I didn't watch any of the WBBL, my sister said the best part of it was that it was clear they didn't have nearly the same media training that the men had, so what they'd say in interviews or on the ground was wonderful.

    Random thought - should guest posting on Kotaku be binned? I don't see how allowing guest posts enhances debate. I'm pretty sure that there's a fair bit of sock puppetry going on whenever there's a social issue article (as well as the same 4 or 5 posters who only seem to post in those articles, usually derisorally).

    Or is it all about the clicks? Sigh.

      Yeah, it's pretty awful at times, but most of these systems are prone to sock puppetry anyway

        Yeah. Ah well. Just feeling angry with the world and people who don't treat other people like people.

      As someone who despises having to make a new account for any and every little thing regardless of how unnecessary it is, I say nay :P

      There are times when you may want to post anonymously though and I don't know if requiring an account makes much of a diff in terms of cutting down trolling and shitposts.

      I think it's just that due to the majority of comments being gut reactions without much proper thought behind them there are a lot of people who feel almost exactly the same way, who only comment when issues drag them into the comments. They pass their simple stances back and forth in a way that makes it look like they're using multiple accounts. It happens on both sides.
      You've also got to keep in mind that there are a lot more people reading Kotaku than the comments would indicate. There are a lot of people coming in via social media shares too.

    If you have a spare 20 minutes -

    Absolutely amazing read and actually captures more of the culture in the financial world than you would want to believe. Definitely worth a read =]

      Well that did amazing things to my blood pressure.

        What's funny is looking at that article from the inside of the industry I'm just nodding my head thinking yeah I can see how all those things could/would happen. Which is scary. Accounting/taxation/finance are in my opinion so long overdue for proper regulation it's not funny. The 3 regulatory bodies forming the corporations act have little to no teeth and barely carry out the function they were once intended for.

          This is why I should never be given any kind of super-power. I'd basically just start murdering a terrified conscience into the corporate world.

    Selling my N64

    I have a whole week of having the TV all to myself. I've been bingeing on Falling Skies on netflix and playing Bloodborne.


        Of course, this is after bedtime. Before then I've had to put up with Go-Jetters and Hey Duggee episodes on repeat on iview...

      Falling Skies is good. I think I still need to finish the most recent season, though. Noah Wyle really holds the whole thing together.

    Selling MGS HD Limited Ed.

    Also No No Kuni

    Last song played game time!

    Disposition by Etherwood

    Brilliant drum and bass on this Thursday morning, the nurofen took the edge off the headache and today is my last day of the week (praise be to flex days)

    What was YOUR last song played?

      The Nameless One by Volbeat

      While zipping on my morning coffee.
      Only issue with this picture is that i'm at work and not at home :\

        My issue is that you are at work as well

        Still, long weekend :D

      Cloud Connected - In Flames.

      Ugh, so tired. Overcast and slightly rainy winter morning - the perfect antidote to waking up. If I had my way, I'd still be curled under a large pile of blankets.

        I reckon I'll hit the sack when I get home, afternoon nap :D

    I made a thing, again

      I'm thinking of doing D.Va next. Anyone interested in a D.Va shirt?

      I like it

        Nob has requested a change

          Isn't something I personally would wear, but conceptually I like it

            SO i changed it, but apparently it wasn't the change Nob wanted.
   This is the changed version

              Some people are just never happy

                He still wasn't happy. Have to change it again

    Holy god, blast from the past.
    No wonder i like Elite Dangerous so much.
    Does anyone remember a little game from the late 90's called Sub Culture?
    A game where you played as a tiny little submarine in a vast ocean.
    You could undertake missions, trade between settlements, do bounties and mine material... Sound familiar much? :P
    Listening to the soundtrack at the moment, and having a massive nostalgia trip.

    Now there's a game i'd love to be remastered!

      Should've sub(:P)mitted it for a Scribbletaku!

      Also my brain refuses to not read that title on the box as "stub".

        Oh man, if only i could draw and hadn't dropped a massive clue, that would have been a great idea! :P
        Still, now i really want to replay that game! so damn good!

    Bloody kids these days. Trying to get into the station and they're all spread across the whole width of the stairs. Then one of them walks straight into me, not just brushing shoulders or anything but full shoulder-into-chest, didn't even stop or say anything.


      "Uh, it's hard for us to leave when you're standing there, Mom."
      "Push her down, son!"

        You're right, I should have pushed her down :P

      I catch the train daily, have done for the last 5 years.

      At this point in time I walk THROUGH people (when I believe it is deserved)

      You are in my way? I will bump into you

      Be prepared for 130 kilos of fuck you

        I can literally only do half that at best :P

        Sadly even the beard doesn't seem to be imposing enough to make people clear out of the way until the last moment. At which point they seem to be surprised that they have to do anything at all. Still, not quite as bad as the idiots that stand in front of the doors when the train stops. Yet to actually yell at any of them like I want to, but I usually spread my arms out a bit and intentionally push past them out of annoyance. Dicks.

          I'll spread my arms out like I'm pretending I am a plane to push through those train door people.

          I'm only five five so my 130 kilos is fat.

          The beard doesn't help, I think it is just my weight/I just don't care/have earphones in so they can't try to talk back to me.

          Like I said, you are in my way and I will move you if I have to.

          It's not just train doors - I see it every day at lifts, too. It's like people forget that these devices are used for travel routes other than their own, or that entering first will make the thing start moving earlier. "I need to go up one floor; I shall make sure to get on first so that I get there faster", with the result being they still have to wait for everyone else to squeeze in, then cause the maximum possible annoyance when they try to leave cos they ended up at the back of the press.

          tl;dr: In general, people don't think about people around them.

            The lifts in my building are a little smart and tend to stop people being stupid.

            Swipe access card on gate to get to lifts, panel on gate tells you which lift to get into, also then queues up your floor number from access card swiped at the gate. It lumps together a few floors, so most lifts I get in stop only at 21/22/23 - I presume people who work on 18/19/20 generally have lifts that only goto that floor. (we have 6 floors and our own set of lifts)

            Also, if you get in the wrong lift you're in for a walk. There are no floor buttons in the inside of the lift... So if you're an idiot/oblivous prick you soon learn to get in the right lift. Otherwise you're the guy who gets out and pushes the panel for the right floor instead of heading into a desk.

            Strangely, I don't think I've been in a lift with more than 6 other people.

              Our lifts use a similar system, without the cards - punch in which floor you want to go to and it'll direct you to a lift, and likewise no buttons inside. Only issue is a group might only have one person select the floor, so while the lift thinks there are only a few people, there are actually a few groups.

      The most annoying one I found was office drones that stop if someone in front of them stopped moving. So all it would take is one person stopping to read the timetable at the bottom of the escalators during peak time and almost the entire platform's worth of people would end up crammed into the tiny little bit of space at the bottom of the escalator. Almost the entire platform would be free yet they'd just stand there forming a wall of stupid rather than moving forward.

        People who meander down the middle of the stairs so that there's only *just* not enough room to move past them on either side...

          I often wonder what's going through people's heads. I mean I can understand being oblivious or being with someone else and being too engaged to realise you're blocking the path, but a lot of the time it's people who look like they do this every day. How many times can you use an escalator without noticing that people stand to one side and some people walk up them? How many times can you not realise a line has formed behind you?

    Ugh. May have gone too hard at the gym yesterday.
    Legs and arms are sore.
    Also got MLB 2k11 and Armored Core V: Verdict Day for $19 each.
    So... Yay?

    So, @jimu, re: Shin Megami Tensei IV:

    I'm digging the art and voicing. Ruined Tokyo is compelling, and that dream-desert is pretty. There's a lot more voice than I expected and it's a bit more comprehensive than FE:Fates' re-purposed canned stuff. I haven't really got too far into the story beyond the new Samurai engaging in a rush to beat each other on the challenges in some class-based pissing match. (I'm still confused as to why no-one's yet pointed out to Navarre that ALL samurai are Luxurors, that's how Luxurors become Luxurors...). I beat them on the one prior to that, rushing through it madly, but now I'm taking my time on the suspicion that it doesn't actually matter how long I take, that I'm fated by plot-writing to win the challenge anyway.

    The pokemon-collecting is more frustrating than fun. It's the same apparent randomness of pokeballs, but about thirty times as long, infinitely lower catch chance, more likely to wipe your party in the process, and there's nothing you seem to be able to do to increase your odds of success. After realizing there was absolutely no way to tell from textual cues and responses whether or not a demon was likely to take all your shit then just fuck off anyway, I've simply stopped giving them anything and just refuse all requests. Maybe cheat once or twice (seems to be luck stat dependent - that's been succeeding more that I pumped more into luck; could also be level-disparity) or end talks. Because fuck giving those assholes anything ever again (even life stones. I need hundreds of those damn things for the DLC!). So now I'm basically just in the business of recruiting scottish zombies, bubblegum faeries and chinese bird-men for fusion-fuel.

    I've died once, and holy shit I'm never doing THAT again. Who the hell approved a five fucking minute unskippable/fast-forwardable game-over cut-scene? Hopefully future deaths go faster than that, but for fuck's sake... (Seriously, it's literally faster and less expensive to close the application and re-load it than it is to sit through that game-over sequence.) Fortunately you can save anywhere, so the new tactic is no more letting demons wipe my party while I continue trying to recruit them over and over. If the first couple attempts don't succeed, I murder then retry. Or re-load if it cost too much in resources (MP for heals etc), or just make sure I'm not too far from the barracks. It's efficient, but seems like a result of bad design. Need to grind up more AP to get enough slots to have all the starter demons nearly-permanently in the stock, just to keep doing the 'talk' option on ones I already have for free loot/heals. Grinding's pretty time-consuming, though. That AP's hard to come by, so I'm really having to limit my fusions and re-catches. If the max level is 99 and each slot upgrade costs 5AP, and you only get 10AP per level... I don't know if it'll actually be possible to 'catch 'em all'. I may need to research this on a wiki or something before I invest too much time on it. Especially in case I accidentally miss any chances to acquire must-have skills owing to not having the slots free. :P So much grinding ahead. Such potential to dig myself into an inescapable hole.

    The UI concept is pretty sweet. Gauntlet + Burroughs etc. 'Ancient' future tech with a medieval cult around it. I dig that. Those message-window overlays look really sweet in 3D, too.

      I've never looked at it in 3D, probably should.

      Those game over screens get shorter & that's where is mode is hidden, if you die twice without a reset, he'll offer you access to easy mode.

      The idea is not to catch em all for reasons other than fusion, you just wanna keep catching new demons to fuse more powerful demons.

      It's a different take than Pokemon & a bit more free feeling because missing one doesn't really matter.

      Each demon is saved to a bank that you can pay macca to remove & fuse.

    I came into work because my new airbrush is being delivered today, but Australia Post is taking forever to get here. I know other couriers take time too, but it's always worth with Australia Post because they're so absurdly unreliable. There's every chance that six hours from now the tracking page will update with '10:30 Unable to deliver' because the driver saw the front door was closed and drove past.

    Think I've plugged it on Twitter but not on here, but I'm part of the organising committee for the 2017 Australian Discworld Convention, that's going to be held here in Adelaide next August. We're starting to put stuff together about what's actually happening at the con, but you can find out info (and buy tickets at early bird pricing, if you're that organised) here:

    s'gonna be fun. c'mooooooon, you'll get to hang out with me

      Still keen for the family holiday as part of this

    Trying to find a replacement phone for mum is difficult, since Telstra are turning off their 2G network December 1st this year i've gotta get her a 3G/Next G compatible phone, all she does is make phone calls, nothing special & her current phone (Samsung flip phone) is perfect, I wanted to get her the same model as dad's Samsung flip phone but Telstra & Samsung stopped selling it, which sucks. I've found a 2nd hand one on eBay, but that's about it.

    So, Mum and I forgot to display our disabled card. It's in the glovebox because it doesn't stick to the provided sticker. This means it moves around and is very distracting. The council fined us a while ago for it, We appealed and they sent back a letter that pretty much said "too bad. We're not looking at it again. Pay up, or go to court."
    To make matters worse, we forgot again today and were fined again. It's not a cheap fine either. It's $152. But Mum is with me and is disabled, it's not like we're parking where we are not meant to. I'm considering bringing this to my local mp as I think it's unfair to fine us for a silly mistake which is partially their fault anyway.

    I should fight this right? Whether it's the MP or the court, I should fight it.

    Last edited 09/06/16 1:30 pm


      You need to work out whether you're fighting this because you have a case, or because you're pissed off.

      Because if you have a case, fight it. If you're just angry, it isn't worth it. Assuming this is fine #2, is fighting it going to cost more than $304? Are you going to improve?

        I'm fighting it because I feel a have a case. The council next to us has cards on hooks. Ours uses a Velcro dot that is useless. Because it is a distraction, having the permit sliding all over the dashboard, we put it in the glovebox. We forgot to display it, because we're fucking human and we forget shit. I thought they would throw it out because apparently, it happens all the time.
        It would be a different story if we didn't have the permit.

          Ok, but what's stopping you getting your own hook to hang the card from if you've identified the velcro dot doesn't work for you? By all means, talk to your local council about changing the method of affixing, but in the meantime it's still your responsibility to display the permit.

            I meant to, but kept forgetting. I have spoken to the council but they just want the money. It's not like we did this on purpose and now having two fines, it might be easier to just start dropping mum off and picking her up while parking in a normal spot. It's a hassle but it's getting too expensive

              I meant to, but kept forgetting

              ...Ok, but that's the council's issue, why? I'm sorry I can't give you the answer you want to hear, all I'm seeing is that you're aware there's an issue and haven't done anything to mitigate it. I'd probably waive the first fine if I was the council, though after that you've already been notified.

      Hold on hold on @redartifice @beeawwb I feel like you guys are missing the point of a law that fines people who park in disabled spots. In principal it's to keep the spots free for people who need it the most, if scree and her mom have a disability card but forget to display it then that shouldn't justify a fine. If anything they should get fined but have a reasonable method of recourse to prove they were justified in parking in that spot.

      If there isn't the law places unreasonable burden on the very people it's meant to serve.

        I understand what the point of the law is, but there also needs to be a balance of enforcement. I tend to work on a "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" - first instance, yep, waive it. After that though, once you know there's an issue, it's your responsibility to mitigate it.

          But with that mentality aren't people who aren't the laws intended target also being penalized?

          Couldn't you then argue that if a shop owner gets robbed twice in a week they should provide the second thief a lesser sentence? Clearly the shop owner should have taken steps after the first theft to mitigate future damage.

          Legal enforcement that targets the wrong people is parallel to extortion. If the accused parties have a disability card they shouldn't be the target of the law. Not when most disabled families/people aren't exactly rolling around in the top 5% of wealth.

            But if the permit isn't displayed at the time of the offence, how is the council to know if someone is legit?

              If the council doesn't know then they shouldn't be allowed to assume guilt. There should be an affordable system in place for families to contest a fine, I mean christ all it should take is scree going to court/council with the disability card and the fine should be waived.

              A government is meant to be afraid of it's people, not the other way around.

            That's specious reasoning; breaking in to a shop is a criminal offence. Failing to display a parking permit is a civil offence.

            In this case it's not legal enforcement, it's civil (council) - they employ the parking inspectors who issue the notices, and those notices cost money to enforce. When you apply for a permit you're applying for an exemption and those exemptions come with regulations behind them. I'm all for leniency in the case of genuine need / forgetting - begging the question: at what point does simply forgetting become wilful negligence?

              From the sounds of things it doesn't sound like scree has been afforded any leniency? Providing no grounds for the question - at what point does forgetting become negligence.

              However lets assume the council in your argument has done exactly that; provided leniency in a hypothetical situation. I don't see a situation where the existence of a system for a disabled person to argue wrongly provided fines is not justified. In your hypothetical situation with leniency, scree's only recourse is to be financially worse off than if she just shut up and paid the fine. How is that not extortion? When you create a situation where the only choice for an individual is to be slightly worse off or more worse off even if the government was wrong? How is this not extortion? With your argument you believe forgetting a piece of plastic at home is equivalent to $154.00 . With that kind of pricing I can tell you I should stop looking at stocks and get into the extortion I mean government business myself.

              But let's take this further because I genuinely believe these things are connected and the problem is systemic. We're happy to charge people who park in disabled parking spots $152 per fault, and happily toss in disabled people who forgot their permit in there as well and provide no reasonable opportunity to argue their defense. However the very same legal system has little to no protection afforded to women if they're victimized sexually/physically? Where is the same fervor and fanaticism with which the legal system charges fines when protecting a vulnerable part of it's population? Where is this fervor when it comes to white collar crimes (of which I can safely say I have witnessed quite a few)? The system serves to punish those who can't defend themselves and shirks away from battles that are too large to fight. But god forbid a family forgets their disability pass, we can't afford to be lenient with them. That's insane. Bring the hammer down! That's not a legal system, that's a bully.

              I'm not arguing the legal framework behind the system but rather the ethical origins it should be derived from. As a starting point I have 0 faith in any of the existing systems in most countries; legal, finance and government. From a finance perspective I know of plenty of ways to screw lots of clients over that is completely legal. Also know plenty of ways to screw the government over financially speaking that's completely legal. Doesn't make it right.

              Just like in this situation where an assumption of guilt with no reasonable form of recourse to argue this verdict creates an undue burden on a portion of the population that should not have to carry it.

              I appreciate my argument was specious but I merely took the ethical concept behind yours to a larger/more sinister scale.

              Last edited 09/06/16 4:27 pm

          They did not waive the first one. We have finally remedied it. It's not really something we can afford anyway, both of us being pensioners

            I know they didn't waive the first one; I feel they probably should have.

              So the council have covered their arses and made it a law so we have to pay both fines. Mum and i were saving up for a kitchen to make her life easier. Whelp that's not happening now.

              We may as well not park in disabled spots. Not worth the cost

                And this is the intended result for the system. You would've been better off not utilizing the disability spot which you have plenty of justification to use in the first place.

                Freaking bullshit.

                  It is, but the council cares more about money then people's rights. It's always been that way.
                  They pretty much said and they've only changed the law in 2009 (council law only, btw) that not displaying the card is the same as parking in a disabled spot, while not being disabled. I think it should be a lesser fine for forgetting, but they won't do that. We'll just have to scrimp and save the $304. I just want to add, I get $1000 a fortnight. $300 is a sizeable chunk out of that.

        I'm not talking about the ethics of it, I'm talking about why you'd try and challenge it to little avail.

        Presumably there's a document you sign when you get the permit issued that lays out the Ts & Cs, council will just say "You agreed to it here." Challenging that with an MP isn't gonna go far, and with the time and effort it takes you'll probably spend more than the value of the fines.

          I suppose you could make a pretty strong argument for not talking about ethics when talking about the law but that's not how it should be.

          The fact you believe there would be little to no avail means the law diverges from what should be an ethical origin. It shouldn't cost people more in time/money to contest a fine that they shouldn't have gotten in the first place. That's basically extortion/protection money. You should not have to be worse off because the legal system made a mistake.

          @scree I don't know if you can or can't contest this successfully. What I do know is that it's wrong for the system to fine you when you have a disability card but forgot to place it. Even if you forgot it at home that justification doesn't hold. If you have the card you should have the right to park in a disability spot and if the system mistakenly fines you, YOU shouldn't be worse off for trying to fight it.

          And people wonder how we create situations that cause GFC's and create companies like Valeant. Seriously.

            But the fine is for not displaying a permit in a parking spot where a permit should be displayed? I don't think it's a particularly big expectation that, if you're going to park in a disabled spot, you display a proper permit. How is a parking inspector supposed to know if someone is or isn't parked appropriately?

            Now, we can discuss the magnitude of the fine- $152 is a lot, I agree, and it would suck especially on a lower income. I just don't think that arguing it in a court when you're likely to accrue much more than $152 in costs (not even lawyer costs, but the stress and opportunity cost that that would take) when you're not likely to win is particularly productive.

              Because they had that the permit is invalid if not displayed in writing, then we know there's no way to win, so we'll just pay the fine. Somehow.

            Sure but Law and ethics diverged long ago.
            There is no right or wrong these days, just the letter and how much you can afford to pay a lawyer to interpret it to your benefit.

      Not passing judgement either way, just wanted to say that my experience suggests almost all the people involved in local council are officious, fascist dickwads with zero empathy who are using it as a stepping stone for 'big boy' politics and/or a way to line their own pockets.

        Oh our council is useless. They have been found out to be corrupt, using public money for holidays and such, but no one did anything about it. We get charged a ridiculous amount for where we live.

          I know, my sister lived really close to you for a year or so in Maidstone and was pretty scathing about them too.

            Oh, no one is happy about the maribyrnong council. They've had one of the lowest approval ratings for 10 years. They charge too much and do next to nothing.

    DC & Vertigo comics I'm selling, if anyone's keen:




    Apparently all y'all started wars without me?

    Tomorrow 7:30 SA time!

    TS Server deets have changed, hit me up on Steam tomorrow night and I can send you the new deets

    cc @aliasalpha @blaghman @os42 @transientmind @gingerchris86 @tech_knight @pupp3tmast3r @spadge @highperformance

      Hopefully I can make it to be Pacifistic again. I've gotten the "building an empire" down pat now, but I haven't learned about the "bringing tha dakka" part in wars, and of course capturing planets, which I'm going to guess is "Bring assault troops in transport ships > Clear the planet's orbit > land your troops on the planet > lotsa dakka ensues > take the planet" or am I way off?

      I now have Stellaris, and have not ever played it. This may be relevant to my interests. Is it possible to spectate in-game so I can get a feel for what's happening? Or should I just jump in?
      I have a quiz thing at work so won't be getting home until about 5.30ish WA time, so may miss the start.

        You could just jump in, there's a tutorial voice dude who's quite good. we'll pick you out one of the aliens that doesn't ahve a player yet

        If anything, I feel that it's probably going to be easier if we can tell you who's who, what's where, and what to expect, filling in the gaps and giving tips for whatever tutorial-bot doesn't.

          Shame we can't give Cracks the Prethoryn Swarm, that'd solve most of our immediate problems...

        I'd say at least do a few hours of single player with the tutorial-bot first so you get an idea what everything is and what you can/should do. That worked for me.

        It'll be pretty overwhelming but there's no pressure to succeed or anything so a click all the buttons and ask all the questions approach while chatting on TS is pretty much what it's all about.

      I am hoping I'm still invited to these things... :?

        Um, well, y'see, we were gonna tell you but...

        Space is big and I copied and pasted a bunch, sorry for the omission.

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