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    A Thursday Taydrenalin shot: E3 predictions/dreams?

    Never gonna happen but

    Sony/Microsoft conference

    end of conference, we've seen lots of wow exciting games

    head of company wraps up

    Lights dim

    Voice over: one more thing

    Lights up on a desolate prairie

    soft guitars in background

    Man rides in away from camera on a horse at a gallop


    4 men ride after him in pursuit

    Smash to title card



      -Retro is revealed to be working on a new F-Zero
      -Nintendo is putting that clay tech from Kirby to use by making a new Stunt Race game
      -There's also a new Unirally
      -The Wii U is finally getting Battalion Wars 3
      -The Wonderful 102 is a launch title for NX
      -Elite Beat Agents 2 is finally going to happen
      -Oculus reveals the first 3rd party headset to be supported by their SDK will be the PSVR (totally not going to happen til after it releases if it ever does at all, but I would dearly love for it to come to pass)

        Man I'd love some new Battalion Wars. Such a shame that the first flew under the radar and the second was on the Wii.

          Hey the second was pretty great! Though yeah, the first was still better.

          I just can't believe they never did it. After how well Pikmin did the whole RTS thing with the touch screen, it seemed obvious that a BW3 would be perfect for it.

            The second wasn't bad or anything, it was just for the Wii at a time when that wasn't a good thing. It was hurt by the lack of HD, the lack of precision in the motion controls and the mountain of garbage making it hard to pluck out any of the gems that weren't major name Nintendo brands.
            I still dream of making a Syndicate game based on how Battalion Wars plays...

              Also hurt by Nintendo pulling out the LAN play option imo.

      My E3 dream is that anything announced will also be available within 3-6 months of its announcement.

      No more 1yr+ hype trains!

        Red Dead Revolution, available (Looks at watch), any minute.... now!

      My E3 dream is that E3 will be closed down this year. The event is a whole lot of pomp and hand waving with very little punch.

      Bioware announce a HD-remake of KotoR 1 & 2 and then they go on to release a KotoR 3. SHUT UP IT WILL HAPPEN! *runs off crying*

      I actually think a new Red Dead is quite possible and E3 would be the right timing for it too.

      I'm half expecting that we'll see something Crash Bandicoot related at the Sony conference as their 'fan pleaser' a la Shenmue 3, Grim Fandago etc. at previous conferences.

      I don't know which it will be, but I am fairly certain one of them (or maybe EA's) will show off the new Star Wars game that they bought Amy Hennig on to work on.

      Last edited 10/06/16 7:34 am

        I'd buy a Crash Team Racing remaster. Great game.

    Heh. Ran into the co-worker who no one likes when I was at Coles today, calls me a traitor for shopping there, yet he was.. Where is the logic in that? God he's weird. I just laughed and walked off.

      The logic is right under your nose: it takes one to know one.

        Haha. He's just a dick to be honest. He's like my manager, tries to be funny & just fails.

    Been getting into homebrew of late cause it's cheap & there's a variety that me & dad like. We did a ginger beer the other week & it's just reached drinking point, it's pretty awesome.

      I thought I was living in Ginger Beer purgatory and would need to make my own but turns out that you can pick up imported Bundaberg for like $6/4-pack at the bottle shop near work.

        You must take me to this run of the mill Seattle bottle shop which sells the nectar of the gods.

          Do you know where you'll be staying for PAX?

            Nah, didn't want to commit to anything if I didn't get tickets. I'm only now figuring out what days to take off work and where to stay. Aiming for somewhere in the city I guess, just so I can wander around late at night and grab gross American food if I want to.

              There are times I wish I lived in Seattle and times I'm glad I don't. The inability to walk to food from my place in Redmond sucks. The fact I pay a lot less rent for a bigger, nicer place definitely does not.

        Hoorah \o/ Also that's $6 USD?

          Yeah. Well, it's $7.50 if you don't have their membership card. Still good value.

            Yeah, I honestly thought they'd be up around the $10 a 4 pack kinda deal.

        Do they only have ginger ale over there or something?

        It's all people seem to mention in VR circles when discussing motion sickness cures. And I'm just like come on ginger beer is a million times better.

    Who's going to enjoy E3 by being snarky on Teamspeak?
    Being snarky on TS is probably my favourite thing about watching the conferences.

      I intend to watch the E3 conferences in the best way possible, which is watching them while the Giant Bomb crew provide snarky commentary.

    PSA: Big W has this Sherpa Fleece lined hoodie available at the moment, on sale even.
    Best clothing related $15 I've ever spent.

      Is it one of the thicker hoodies? All the ones I've seen recently are incredibly flimsy. Winter is going to suck.

        It's lightweight but very warm for it's weight.
        Dunno if I'd wear it out, probs won't help against wind much. But as a bum-around-the-house garment it fit's the bill perfectly.

          Sweet, I've also been looking for that exact type of thing. Cheers.

    Can't sleep...
    Did you know that the last person over 58kg to ride a Melbourne Cup winner was Chris Munce's cellmate?

    Probably Unpopular Opinion Time:
    I don't want a Red Dead Redemption sequel. I just want to play the first one again in HD with refined systems. Remake, Reboot, whatever you wanna call it.

    John Marston - the character - was a huge part of the appeal of that game, to me.

    Marston had that Malcolm Reynolds quality of civil if not downright gentlemanly badassery. Humble and understated, at that. One of his defining character traits was restraint; not out of fear or prudence, but honour and the illusion of decency. John was a character trying to atone for his reckless ways, trying to make it as a family man, while dealing with the sinking, disappointing possibility that this awful shit is the only thing he's actually any good at and he may not be able to - or deserve to - live the kind of life he dreams of.

    That character, and that story, was a huge part of what I loved about Red Dead Redemption. Not just 'GTA Wild West'. Anyone can be the protagonist of that game. John Marston made Red Dead Redemption what it was.

      I feel like there's a good chance they could make another compelling character, but I kind of agree. I never finished RDR (I got pissed off because the game glitched and killed my horse :( ) but I'd love to re-play it. Alas, I no longer have a 360 to do that with. Give me a Director's Cut remaster. And give it to me on PC.

      I figure there's more than one narrative that can be told in the west. Marston was a great character, but I reckon Rockstar can come up with another compelling one.

        I'm sure they can, but that's not necessarily the character or narrative that I'll find myself as drawn to as John's.

      I think that they'd be best to do a completely new and separate thing just under the Red Dead banner as opposed to a straight sequel.
      You are right in that Marsden made RDR but "open world wild west game" is a setting with plenty of possibilities.
      Not one for Remasters personally, and definitely not from just the last console generation. Save that kinda thing for older games that really need it and have faded to distant memory.

      Last edited 10/06/16 9:44 am

      I'd play it again if it remastered.

      Might just go back and finish the epilogue though... :)

      I'd entertain a HD remake, especially if it came to PC. I tried to play it originally on PS3 but wasn't that fussed with it.

      I'd also argue that not having many other Wild West games out there helped make it special. Part of the appeal was that it was different and it's hard to capture that with a sequel.

      For another Red Dead game, it'd do well to be a completely discrete game in itself with no connection to the previous one, Marston's story is closed and should remain so.

      I think an essential part of the appeal for me was the fact that it was set at the end of the wild west era. Marston was a guy who wasn't good but was trying to be and the world he knew was changing around him rendering him increasingly obsolete. The sense of oppressive futility hung over the whole thing and really coloured the narrative, the ending was just a perfect denouement to the end of his story.

      It's the first time I've seen anything quite like it since the C64 days, playing Pirates! in the 1680s "Pirate's Sunset" era. Official naval forces were all over the place, pirate hunters were abundant, everything was heavily guarded, a letter of marque was as rare as hens teeth and even wars were uncommon so there was a serious struggle to find something to do. You could try trading but it was never quite profitable enough, the crew wanted a fight as much as they wanted coin and it was a challenge just keeping them close to content. It really got me thinking how futile it all was but at the same time how important it was to keep going.

      I should really dust off the 360 and get around to playing that one day.

    @jocon @pupp3tmast3r @anyone else who plays overwatch
    What character should I design a shirt around next? If you want one, I'm hoping to eventually get a bunch printed up for taybies. (I want a Mercy one myself =P)

    Last edited 10/06/16 9:58 am

      Genji or Hanzo themed one!

        Just write Ryuu ga waga teki wo f**k you! on the front and watch passer's by flinch like PTSD sufferers.

          I'd buy this by the way.

            Here here. I'd wear the shit out of this; also wouldn't mind one with just Hanzo's tattoo on the shoulder of a t-shirt =O

              I'll have to find a place that does sleeve printing

        I was going to make one that's just the dragons with one saying fuck and the other saying you.

      Could do a Junkrat one: his grenade bandoliers over the chest and a riptire on the back.
      Just remember that whole copy-write infringement thing.

        These are only for Taybies. I'm not selling them on Redbubble. I'll print them up and get them delivered.

        Btw, the ryuu ga teki one, japanese characters?

          I reckon it'd be better in english so that people reading that would actually get the reference =P Also don't put yourself through too much trouble for a shoulder/sleeve printed one scree, if its easily organized go for it but don't do it if its too much trouble.

            It looks like it'd be hard. Most places do A4 sized places, front and/or back

      What about a shirt with McCree staring at a clock and it says 11:59

        It's that time again...

      If it's not too complex, maybe do one of Winston with one of those old timey 50s movie fonts saying "It came from the Moon".

        Silhouetted against a moon?!

          That would look pretty cool, for sure.

            That might be my next one then.

    Wife vertical fail.

    "Hi Trike... did you know your wife has fainted?"
    "I didn't. Where has she fainted?"
    "Near her desk."
    "I'll come up..."
    *lift to appropriate floor*
    "Hello wife on floor. What happened?"
    "I fainted"

    She's in sick bay. They'll send her home in a bit. :-/

      Sounds beautifully awkward and mundane, like reading a Raymond Carver short story.

        Haha! That's high praise indeed and put a big smile on my face. Thank you.

        She's all ok now; it seems she was doing filing on a low shelf, stood up too fast and blacked out. Oops.

          If you black out from standing up too fast, there's still something worth getting looked at, I think.

            If it's not happened before, absolutely. We know what's causing this, it's being managed by a specialist. She unfortunately was concentrating too much on the filing and not enough on the "getting up carefully"... :)

              Oh. Right. Yeah. Sorry. I forgot about that.

                No apology required! Wasn't even sure how much I've mentioned here. What a dick move.

      Have you seen his twitter? That kid is loaded. Probably didn't even feel the 50k

        He used his parents credit card. I don't imagine they'll be too happy

          Lol scree he seems to fly around the country hitting up casinos. I don't rightly think they even care =P

            To quote the late, great fictional John Marston: "Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair. You know that."

      A Tech YouTuber I sub to who is based in Sydney looked into it and did a video about what he found, he couldn't really see the kid being that much of a dick & there was no real proof to claim it was all true.

      I dunno. Sure the kid might've donated some large sums & then maybe did do a charge back, but i'd like to see proof from those claiming this. There's 2 sides to every story & there's only one side there & it's bullying this kid & for all we know these might be false claims.

        Yeah this too, after doing some digging around a lot of these so called articles provided little to no proof that there were any charge backs. Quite a few streamers also came out with statements saying the same.

          ugh, fact checking? Who does that these days?

            Someone who knows that companies constantly spin the truth in financial statements? Worth unwinding that spin when you might put a few million dollars for clients in a stock =P

            Even outside that you'll be surprised how much of what get's published as news is either outright false/wordplay. When I try to follow finance/business news I spend more time filtering through opinion pieces and rubbish than I do reading actual facts.

              Well, if it's not true (I'm not going to go out of my well to hassle the guy or anything), hopefully it'll serve as a warning for anyone who may try it. I know if someone gave me $10,000 and then said "ha ha, jk" I would feel awful.


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      Last edited 10/06/16 10:25 pm

        Both at the same place, yes. Also I don't have a keyboard shortcut for 14, so it'll have to stick with the standard :P

    @red_artifice, @alisalpha et al. sorry guys, my game crashed and I haven't bee able to log back in to Steam lol. Enjoy the game!

    Had lunch here today: with some people from the office and played a few rounds of Codewords. That's a fun game. Also I think that Vlaada Chvatil may be legitimately insane.

      As long as his insanity keeps making people joyful, I wholly endorse it.

    So Gawker lost their lawsuit against Hulk Hogan and have filed for bankruptcy and are looking to be bought out.

    I know that Allure are a completely separate organization, but where does this leave Kotaku AU? I mean, I assume Kotaku is one of gawker's bigger blogs and is probably safe but since AU relies heavily on syndicated Gawker content, seems a bit troubling.

      Next in Lifehacker: How to destroy your business while seeking ad revenue.

      I'd assume it'll ultimately be business as usual.
      A bunch of high up card shuffling, mostly on the US side of things but I think the Kotaku name is too big to just disappear.

    Warcraft is actually quite a decent film. Ignore all the media nonsense and make up your own mind. I for one hope we get a number 2 and 3.

    Michael J Fox for president!

    So apparently the Hulk Hogan case bankrupted Gawker Media (who runs this, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Business Insider)

    I wonder if we'll see any articles about that.....
    Lifehacker: How not to destroy your business while doing your job.

    Last edited 11/06/16 10:30 am

      Nope, Business Insider and PopSugar are both not Gawker. Also they don't 'run this', Allure does (part of Fairfax IIRC?) and they just use the name and syndicate some of the content.

      Last edited 11/06/16 11:21 am

    So, the GTX1070 is out, and the price gouging has begun.

    Newegg Australia has it at AUD$599, everyone else has it at $779 or $799.

    Unfortunately Newegg won't ship that card to Australia despite featuring it on their Australia page...

      NewEgg just finally shipped my EVGA 1080 SC. I only had to order one sixteen fucking times today for the order to actually go through correctly.

      At least, they say 'shipped' but haven't given me a tracking number so I dunno.

      When you convert the Aaustralian price to USD it comes out at $130 more than the base price that Newegg has which imo isn't bad when you consider a) there's no sales tax on the US pricing & b) the cost of shipping one of those things here from Newegg is gonna be between $70 & $100 AUD. So eh. We just have to deal with it that our dollar is really fucked.

        Yeah, people forget that the US has sales tax in a lot of states. The tax laws are esoteric too. So like NewEgg is preferred by Washington residents like me because we don't pay sales tax as they're not a Washington-based company. The big issue is that a lot of tech companies that sell stuff online eg Amazon, Valve, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all are headquartered in Washington so everything games-related has tax. And obviously anything in stores. Meanwhile Oregon has no tax, so people often make trips down to Portland to buy bigger-ticket items and save 10%.

        In some other states, you have to pay sales tax at tax time on anything you bought outside of the state too.

        I still buy a ton of stuff off Amazon but it's been great in other cases. Plus for new games, it comes out in the wash - I have Amazon Prime so get 20% off on physical preorders & new releases. And obviously for MS-published stuff I can buy for 50% off at the company store. Downside is I'm buying lots of physical copies since it costs more to be digital.

        I'm happy with the newegg price, the AUD $599 is fine ,it is the local $799 which is the rort. I'm usually okay with things costing more here, but an extra $200, which is 33% more is a bit rich, and that is $200 more than newegg's Australian price...

        Last edited 11/06/16 5:04 pm

        The shipping is AU$49 from newegg on graphics cards typically.

          Never has been for me when i've looked. I've always been quoted around $70 for standard shipping or around $100 for express shipping. For example on the GTX 1080 There's a $77 AUD option & a $112 AUD option.

    So question... Will Gawkers going bankrupt affect Australian Kotaku at all?

    Last edited 11/06/16 4:54 pm

      I was asking that too, just up the page.

      It sounds like Gawker has a firm offer from Ziff-Davis to buy them out, so assuming that goes through, things could be quite interesting. ZD owns IGN. Would they still want to have Kotaku around too?

      Assuming it sticks around, I imagine that it'll be business as usual. Otherwise, Kotaku AU might need a rebranding and have to syndicate a different blog which would be a challenging branding exercise. But of course, this is speculating and who knows what their agreement with Gawker's terms are.

        Indeed, that will be interesting. If that does happen it'll be quite the sight to behold. But, honestly I've little sympathy for Gawker over what happened as a company. The individual staff members of course I sympathise with who may lose their jobs :( that sucks...

    I feel like I need to knock something off my backlog, but not sure what to play. Want to do something on console so looking at Quantum Break, Odin Sphere, Senran Kagura EV, Nights of Azure or Atelier Sophie. I stopped chipping away at Doom on PC because I wasn't really enjoying it and because I started hitting areas where I was dropping to 20fps average, waiting on my 1080 to fix that issue. I could work on my Vita backlog but I kind of stressed myself out in Cold Steel trying to optimize the character links for my first playthrough and haven't gone back to it yet, and I don't think I should be pulling out the Vita for anything else.

    Damn the new Arma 3 addon is looking gorgeous:

    Situational awareness will be a hell of a challenge but a damned fun one...

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