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    So, I actually liked the way Bethesda kicked off E3 last year.
    Can't say the same for EA this year. My expectations were set to low, and they didn't reach that high.

    Morning everyone!
    @sernobulus @shane @lucifer9785
    So I'm hoping to keep my motivation up for the visual novel. I need your help =P (I'm tagging people that have shown interest)
    I have the the Tsundere character, the shrinking violet and the gay male, as well as main character and his gay best friend. I'm thinking 3 more characters, but I just don't have it in my head.
    I'm also thinking that the structure of the vn will be half your stereotypical harem stuff and if you survive that, then you get to decide to help the characters out.
    For example, let's say the MC ends up locked in a cold room with the Tsundere, at first it's about survivng, using excuses to avoid the usual obvious conclusion. Then the MC turns the conversation back on the Tsundere, asking why she is the way she is. Then it's about helping that character.
    I would like opinions.

      Not sure what advice I can offer here - I had to Google 'Tsundere'!

      There's always a risk with a game/book/movie/story that suddenly changes its tone halfway through that: a) you're going to alienate audiences that just wanted more of the first half; and b)turn away audiences that wanted the second half but couldn't make it through the first. For me personally, I don't know for sure how VNs are typically structured, but I find that kind of thing quite jarring.

      Recommend a structure where each encounter contains the entirety of the character's arc.

      Good luck! You can do it.

        I just each chapter is a characters arc. One will hopefully, smoothly move into the other bit, so a natural progression as opposed to just changing abruptly

    Leaked promotional art for the next Zelda game:
    Link is rock climbing. That's one more Serrels article in the bag.

      He's already complaining about the idea of climbing with a shield on your back. :D

      Multiple articles, looks like. First the announce, then the implementation!

        It's comforting how reliable and entertaining some things are.

    Played my free copy of fallout 4 for a few hours across the weekend. Ran into all sorts of bugs like missing subtitles, classic Bethesda.

    Had the game wrenched away from me on Sunday, went into the store to see the damage, and laughed so hard at the 180 asking price for the full version.

    Decided to replay dark souls 1 instead, for a less janky experience.

      Well regarding the bugs, you get what you pay for...

        It's been six months since release. My brother noted that the same bugs are on the pc version he bought at launch. He had to tell me what the characters were saying because I need subtitles.

        So everyone who bought the game gets the same experience I "paid" for. That's fine?

        I'm not outraged that the free copy went away, I was expecting that. I'm annoyed that such a successful title can be so rife with such obvious problems. I considered buying it and pushing ahead with help when I needed it, but I'm not going to put up with feeling like a child for that kind of money.

        Fix your basic accessibility, Bethesda.

        Last edited 13/06/16 9:56 am

      I had literally no bugs in the base game, the expansion I ran into a couple though.

        I've had a few, nothing game breaking though.

        No subs once, a npc frozen in place with black marks across it's face & settlers standing on each other.

        Was funny.

        My first run was on the PS4. Only bug I encountered was Preston not being available as a follower. Kinda sucked, and could've been fixed if they'd only allowed access to the dev console.

      $180? That include season pass?

      Mine was $60 vanilla. Pass was cheap too, before the price raise, but I dunno how much.

      What platform were you playing on. I was on PC and no real bugs, a few glitches and the standard brahmin stuck in walls thing

        This was on xbone, but apparently the broken subtitles is a problem across all platforms.

        There's a character in the minutemen who doesn't have a single working line of subtitle throughout the game. For people with hearing difficulties it's a real problem.

      No more buggy than usual Bethesda releases? To be fair they make some of the largest and fully fleshed game worlds out there; I'm more than happy to ignore some clipping issues and some systems not interacting perfectly in exchange for that.

    Too cold to sleep. Curse ye foul winter goddess.

      ISN'T IT GREAT?! The skies are so dark and grey outside... the air so brisk and fresh. Smatterings of rain! I'm basically in heaven.

        My hands and ears are so cold they hurt :(

        Thermometer next to me says 17 so I'm basically dying. Although I'm sure I could go outside and it would actually be much warmer, it looks much nicer out there. But I don't have internets out there. Dilemma!

        You should come live here it's like that 70% of the year.

          But... but it's America. c.c

            Only at the moment.

            And once Trump starts a nuclear war I guess you won't want to live here anyway.

        As someone who grew up in Scandinavia... NO THANKS! :P
        bring on summer, sun, heat... Rain should feel like Fire and Brimstone falling from the skies!
        I HATE THE COLD! :P

          Your personal opinion is, in this case, objectively wrong.
          The cold is the best and that's all there is to it. Q.E.D. Etc.

            Your point is well noted, and i fully respect your rights to be wrong :P
            Pokemon has taught me that fire > ice
            You would not disagree with pokemon, would you? WOULD YOU?
            As i tend to be terrible at sarcasm over text, i hope you know it's all in jest \<3

      I shaved my head bald on Saturday morning. Sunday morning, we had frost on the grass until 11am. #FML

        I put my beanie in to be washed last night. Mistake :(

    Hey, TAY. I’m back again. This time I’m here to rave about an anime I just watched. ERASED is amazing. It just is. I just binged almost the entire series in one sitting. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s a murder-mystery anime with time travel. It kept me hooked for the entire time. The twists keep coming.

    I’m writing this at 12:30 at night. I only intended to watch a few episodes, but now I’m here. I’m not sure how to talk about it without spoilers, but that’s what spoiler tags are for, right? I’m tagging @negativezero because, I don’t know, maybe he’s seen it.

    Where to begin? The villain, once he’s finally revealed, is great. He actually has proper motivations for kidnapping and murdering children, which is rare for a lot of murder-mystery novels/shows and the like. They just say ‘Yeah he’s crazy or something.’

    I wasn’t super-sold on the ending at first, but now I realise it’s perfect. Although it means the ‘I never saw Airi again’ monologue not technically true, it rounds out the story, whilst also raises some new talking points. I mean, Satoru had a history with Airi Katagiri in the first two timelines, he’s supposed to be meeting her for the first time in 2010 in that timeline. That would be the oddest feeling. It’s a slightly melancholy note to end on. And I just realised this is the first time he’s seen her for 29 years, 14 if you don’t count the coma. And what was the deal with the Revival Butterfly showing up in the end? I suppose it’s to symbolise that he was given the choice of going back again and it didn’t. It’s a nice touch.

    As with a lot of murder-mysteries, it opens itself up to a lot of plot holes. Like how did Satoru survive drowning, suffering only a coma? It’s implied Yoshira went back and saved him, but I don’t know how that would work. The seatbelt was jammed. I suppose he cut through the seatbelt with a knife or something. The second unexplained happenstance in the plot is when Satoru threw himself off the roof and survived because there was a convenient balloon or something there. How did his buddies set that up? Did he tell them he planned to fall off the roof? How did he plan that thing so perfectly?

    The third thing that really bothered me is how the murder of Hiromi wasn’t really brought up that much. I know that Kayo’s murder is more important in a way because she was the first to die and Satoru felt somewhat responsible, but Kayo Hinazuki was barely an acquaintance and Hiromi was one of his closest friends. Shouldn’t that have affected his psyche a bit more? He felt guilty about Kayo’s murder for years but the anime never showed him grieving for Hiromi in the original timeline. Maybe the writers were trying to keep it a surprise.

    And holy crap, another plot hole just occurred to me. The anime stated Hiromi was murdered because he was mistaken for a girl. But Yashiro knew Hiromi was male. So wait, how does that work? Is it a misconception that Yashiro only targets girls, but rather he targets anyone he thinks is linked to the spider’s thread? Maybe not a plot hole, but a bit of a quirk in the story.

    Okay, I just wrote about an anime for 45 minutes; Time to rethink where my life has taken me.

      I actually stopped halfway in because someone spoilered the identity of the killer for me. :(

      Have you seen Another? I feel like you might like it if you liked Erased.

        Oh, that sucks? How many episodes in were you? I'm sure there's still enough mystery in there even if you know the identity of the killer, there's still a big mystery thingamajig after the killer is revealed. I don't want to spoil it, but it's amazing.

        I've never heard of Another, I might check that out. No promises, I've got a bit of a backlog. I need to get around to the last two episodes of Charlotte, and the last four or so episodes of Death Parade. That's another show I want to rant a rave about, but it's such an emotionally taxing anime that it can be hard to get up the courage to watch it. Not in that its sad or anything, but it keeps you on your seat so much and raises a lot of psychologically-charged questions. What does it mean to be human? What is the meaning of life etc etc.

          6-7 episodes I think. The chick in the future world just got her house burned down.

          Another is a supernatural thriller / mystery and it's fucking brilliant. Do not read up on it, because the twist might get spoiled for you. Instead just trust me and watch it.

    Man, E3 is doing nothing for me this year.
    There's just so little to be hyped about. :(

      Dishonored 2 looks okay and Mass Effect Andromeda looks like they're going back to the explorey Star Trek tone of the first game which was what I missed, so excited for that. But generally, not too excited either. Hoping to be surprised by something though. Sony's delivered pretty well at their conferences the last few years.

    Wanted to start working on my stupid backlog but didn't know what to start so I began Nights of Azure. Man, what a weird game. They're not really alike but what it reminded me of strongly was Nier. That sort of mid-budget action RPG feel that has a certain something about it which hints at something more. Doesn't really do a lot to explain things as well, just throws you into it. I don't think it'll hit the same level as Nier by a long shot but I'm finding it pretty intriguing. But I also may be predisposed toward liking it since I like Gust's other games (though by the same token, this doesn't have anywhere near the whimsical tone of an Atelier game).

    Going to stick with it a bit and see how it goes. If it loses me, then the other stuff on my list right now is Odin Sphere, Atelier Sophie and the rest of Senran Kagura EV.

    This seems to have kind of sneaked out and no one's reported it yet, but Tecmo Koei announced that the new game from Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors etc) that they've been teasing for a while is a Berserk game.

      I am so getting that.

      There's only one character that I'll actually play (the same one as everyone else), which is a little unusual for a Warriors game, but will probably give me what I'm looking for from the title.

        I'm worried it's going to be a tie-in with the new anime starting in a few weeks. That thing's horrible stiff 3DCG anime :( Also no Susumu Hirasawa. It was the big thing that ruined the films for me too. It's just not Berserk without Forces. Miura is a big fan of Hirasawa and wrote chunks of the manga listening to his music and specifically asked for him to be involved with the original anime, which is why he meshes so well.

        As a side note, for some reason the world and tone of the Souls games have always reminded me strongly of Berserk. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some cross-pollination there.

          The fact that Guts is kind of invincible and an kill a hundred people at once leans more toward Warriors than Souls, but all his other stuff and the demon-slaying being giant bosses... Also, yeah, that 'ruined world' aesthetic is very soulsy. Souls with tonnes of easy trash? Hrrrrrm.

            The world itself is very Berserk. That dark, broken down medieval setting. Stuff like Qelaag or the Capra Demon could have stepped straight out of Berserk too.

    Couple of details about the new Prey game have surfaced after the press conference:
    - Apparently you don't have to play as Redeye McBearderson from the trailer. There's a gender selection.
    - Chris Avellone is working on it, presumably as a writer. For those who don't instantly know the name: former Black Isle / Obsidian writer, worked on stuff like Planescape: Torment, KotOR II, Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, etc. Presumably this is what he left Obsidian to work on.

    Oh God damn it Dark Souls, why you gotta be like this?

    I started yet another character in Dark Souls, because I wanted to try a fist weapons, only run. It hard going, but I was doing well. I got up to where I was by exploiting shortcuts I'd realise. i.e. skipping Taurus Demon by running through Valley of Drakes and Darkroot Forest. Because of this, I never freed Lautrec, and he never freed himself. So I picked up the Fire Keeper Soul in Blighttown, and Lautrec bloody kills the Fire Keeper again, even though I never talked to him. I assumed that if I never rescued him or defeated the Bell Gargoyles, I could do what I wanted without fear of Lautrec runing my shit.

    And it was such a hard run, too. I need Firelink Shrine to be working and the precious extra Estus Flasks it provides, too. God damn it why do I always put off killing Lautrec? This character I've built obviously isn't going to last until Anor Londo.

    That last run on Bloodborne was quite satisfactory. I got my bloodsouls back, bought a bunch of supplies, went back and killed everyone again, cleared out all the dudes around the burning werewolf, some with nicely lobbed molotov cocktails, and then a dog got me on the shortcut back to the first lantern. 4 stars, will Bloodborne again.

    No, I haven't seen the first boss yet.

    Gah, I need NBN! 3 videos done & ready to upload, the first one is 24% of the way done and was started about 6 hours ago...

    MS Conference notes, late to the party because I had to go grab lunch with the team right before the Halo Wars bit.

    - Xbones is pretty. Might replace mine if it wasn't for the Scorpio coming out.
    - Gears 4 looks okay (and it's crazy to think they had Laura Bailey on stage to show it)
    - Forza Horizon Australia doesn't look too bad.
    - Re:Core seems interesting but I'm not sold on it.
    - FFXV still looks pretty but absolutely horrible to play. Terrible demo. Dub seems bad too. Really bad way to show the game off.
    - Don't give a snit about The Division. I guess if that's something you're into it might be interesting.
    - Battlefield 1 is definitely not my sort of thing. It looks very pretty for a WW1 setting.
    - I guess someone will make a Kotaku AU 'club'? Not going to use the Casual Encounters feature to group with randos and I don't care much about tournaments.
    - Dedicated Minecraft servers from Microsoft? Also that part of the conference was weird as fuck.
    - That controller customization stuff looks rad.
    - The new thing from the Limbo guys looks intriguing.
    - ID & Xbox: Cuphead still looks rad. Outlast not for me. Deliver us the Moon looks interesting. Still really excited to try Below. Bloodstained looks great. Everspace looks like my sort of thing.
    - We Happy Few still looks like the Bioshock sequel we should have gotten. Looks rad.
    - I'd prefer to play Gwent with physical cards. Gwent is the coolest card game in an RPG since Triple Triad though. I wonder if Cyberpunk 2077 will have Cyber Gwent?
    - I haven't really enjoyed Tekken since Tekken 3 on PS1 so not interested in Tekken 7 at all. I'd go for another Soul Calibur if they hadn't torpedoed the series with the last one by replacing the whole cast with shitty knockoffs. Harada is a nutbag by the way.
    - Dead Snoring 4. I can't understand how this became a franchise when all the games in it are so mediocre. Must just be one of those games that never clicked for me.
    - Scalebound looks cool. Definitely a Kamiya game too, strong Devil May Cry vibes. The co-op element seems cool too. Not sure if it'll be something I buy or not though.
    - Sea of Thieves still looks really rad. Excited to get a brand new Rare game too. Goonies T-shirt probably sold me on the game. The actual gameplay looks fucking hilarious if you've got a good group to play with.
    - State of Decay 2 is definitely a skipper for me.
    - Halo Wars 2 is still a thing. I may or may not have access to the closed beta but can't tell you about it. :)
    - Scorpio being announced this early is pretty interesting. The pitch video really sold it well too. I wonder if this forces Sony's hand. I'll definitely be jumping in on it.

      Things I'm interested in from Microsoft E3
      - ReCore - ROBOT.PUPPY.
      - New Limbo game - we saw basically nothing but I will keep my eye on it.
      - We Happy Few - Looks like it will be amazing
      - Gwent - Gweeeeeeeeeeeent
      - Scalebound - Looks promising, although I hope you can change/turn off the main character's voice
      - Sea of Thieves - Probably the best thing Microsoft had to show off.
      - State of Decay 2 - Keeping an eye on this, I really enjoyed the first and will pick this up if it has multiplayer coop.

      EDIT: Oh and yes, that Final Fantasy XV demo was awful, like REALLY awful. How did they think that would be something that would get people excited?

      Last edited 14/06/16 10:26 am

    Good morning TAY

    Last song played game time!

    Innocence by Keeno

    I played a lot of Witcher 3 this weekend and salivated over the announcements at E3

    Titanfall 2 (hype engaged) Watch_Dogs2 (hype engaged)


      The Idea of North - Windmills Of My Mind

      Australian acappella group. If you like acappella, check them out.

      Sara Bareilles - When He Sees Me

      Potent shit someone sent me that made me feel bad about past, present and future relationship experiences and ruminate on the vulnerability that people experience in dating.

        She's been coming up a lot on one of my Pandora stations. Don't know if that particular one has come up. Will check it out.

        Oh man why did I have to go and look that up :P


          Although, to clarify, I feel sympathy for the singer and anyone who relates to the sentiment, without particularly relating to it, myself.


    E3 is weird this year. nothings got me super-ultra hype.
    though Deus Ex is looking good. & the new amd 4xx cards are interesting. & i'll definitely be playing through Skyrim again, mainly coz i'll be getting it for free.

    saw a mention of Dawn of War 3 & Tyranny, but havent seen details yet, so i'm reserving hype.
    Mass Effect i'm pretty keen on, but at this point i dont think much of a game exists, so i'm cautious. Also, i'm always suspicious of any game series which seems to wrap up nicely after a trilogy but then suddenly gets a 4th installment... they generally come across as slightly crappy cash-ins. (lookin' at you God of War & Halo).

    pretty keen on Ghost Recon Wildlands though. wish there was a bit more info.

      I haven't had a chance to look at it in depth but mostly just a re hyping of the things I was already aware of. We happy few, scalebound

      Last edited 14/06/16 10:52 am

    Any thoughts on this year's E3 so far friends? I'm mostly under-whelmed. Aside from Dishonored 2 and Titanfall 2 nothing that paticularly peaked my interest. Starting to look like a slow year....

      Stuff that I'll only start getting interested in 1-2yrs from now. Man, FUCK the multi-year hype cycle, I have zero patience for it. I was really hoping everyone would've taken Bethesda's lead on the FO4 announce-then-release schedule.

        This so much. Imagine if we were only hearing about No Man's Sky now, just months (hahaha) out from launch. The hype would be strong enough to crack the world open.

        Whereas if I hear anyone talk about it now, it's with a resigned shrug. Hype cannot be sustained over years, especially in an industry that moves and reinvents itself so rapidly and consistently.

        Edit: I honestly don't understand the point of it, unless the dev was relying on the initial hype to secure development funds from Sony. All it does it let the reception cool down, disappointment over delays to cool hype further, and allow copycats enough time to beat you to release with their own inferior offerings.

        Last edited 14/06/16 10:29 am

          Well the point from the big 3 is that they want that hype to sell hardware. If microsoft has a list of 6 games with hype (2 years away) and Sony have 1 (1 year away) then it gives the perception that xbone is a better bet than PS.
          For the devs, we awareness at E3 is one thing and if you turn down the chance you might not get next year. Likely also what you sign when you get that sweet publisher money.

        Yeah I'm definitely feeling some marketing fatigue. Nothing announced so far has even gotten a "oh cool" out of me yet and we're already 4 companies in?

        I was kind of disappointed to realise that South Park was being brought up again when it already looked cool and awesome at last year's E3 but still hasn't arrived yet. Not that this year's trailer wasn't enjoyable too, but y'know.

      There's been a couple of things that's kept me interested but nothing has got me into the "ALL ABOARD THE ROCKET POWERED HYPE TRAIN" that was Fallout 4 last year.

      Actually, funnily enough, the thing that I am probably most interested in right now is South Park: The Fractured but whole.

      I figured it was going to be a pretty nothing year this year, so I guess it's living up to expectations quite nicely.

      Dishonored 2! Fe! Mass Effect! An Xbox that can play games at 4K (I'll believe it when I see it, and when said game involves more than 2D sprites on a static background). Keen to see what Sony presents, tho - still looking forward to Destiny: Return on Investment Rise of Iron in September, too.

        Huh... no Bungie in the Sony conference. Looks like there wasn't any room, tho - holy crap. Game after game after game... there's the hype I was looking for.

      It's been pretty shit honestly. AAA is so goddamn bland. There's quite a few things I'll probably buy but it's all so one-note.

    Oh god... way too much Diablo on the weekend. On the upside, I created a monk on Thursday (? I think) who's now smashing his way through T9 rifts. Super squishy (just need a couple more gear pieces to fix that), but super fast, and can reliably crit for 1.5 billion on a dash, and work up to 5.5 billion. Super fun to play - can absolutely race through rifts. Downside is having to wander back through it slowly and try to remember where everything dropped :P

    Well that is interesting, it seems that my safe, puts the blue ribbon in blue ribbon liberal seat might not be as safe as it seems. O'dwyer is apparently losing huge amount of ground partly due to the whole $6,000 toaster thing. The greens are planning on throwing all a big chunk of their resources at our seat. Which is a good thing, politicians who think they need to actually do something to keep their seat are good.
    Although that does mean I can expect a huge number of door knockers in the next few weeks

    Last edited 14/06/16 10:48 am

      I'm still in Kyooyong electorate. I hope that yours slips because if it does, it'll mean more pressure on mine as well. But Kooyong I believe is the safest liberal seat in the country - it was Robert Menzies' electorate. Last election it was around 61% liberal, 2PP. :(

        That name throws me because I live 3 minutes walk from the Kooyonga golf club.

        Mine has never even gone to preferences in the history of the electorate.
        Latest poll had liberal primary vote down to 45% which if that was the final result would be a fair victory in itself, but they are estimating maybe a required 10% swing and the greens would liekly win the seat based on preferences.
        Don't see if happening but I guess the we will see what a focused campaign can do

      I missed doorknockers on Sunday, I saw them coming down the street as I left on a grocery run. I'm in a marginal seat, so I'm expecting more through at some point.

      Yeah, it's very interesting.

      I'm in an absurdly safe Labor seat, but it's still Labor-Greens, the Libs have no chance.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Had a quiet long weekend. Went and got a new monitor and keyboard from my PC along with a new desk, I'm now one of THOSE people with a standing desk. So far, it's working well, still getting used to it but I think my posture is a lot better. Was fun playing Stellaris to test it out, I felt like a proper star admiral standing at the screen.

    Also went to a housewarming on Saturday night, finally got the game Spyfall properly to the table, it's a lot of fun.

    Tonight, I start sewing classes, so I can soon get on to my second PAX costume. My N7 armour has been sitting on a table for weeks waiting for me to do the last couple pieces of foam, but foam work can be tedious.

    E3? Dishonored 2 is so much my jam it's almost my theme tune, beyond that nothing has really caught my eye (though the Sony conference may change that).

    A Monday Morning Question: There's been a lot of VR stuff at E3, but what gaming tech are you really holding out for?

      Those Touch controllers man. Cannot wait to get my hands on them, and bring my hands properly into VR. Leap Motion is cool and all but just not particularly useful or reliable.

      VR is the tech I'm waiting to get into my price range

      Hololens. AR is going to be a paradigm shift.

        I need to see something solid on the hololens to sell me on it.
        Just haven't had the ahaha moment to switch it from gimmick to real tech

          I've used one.

          Even if Hololens isn't the shape of the final tech, AR will be huge.

    Had a VR weekend. Tried to play through Dreadhalls and just... ugh. My superpower of cement shoes was in full play, all the creepy sounds and looming dread had me locked in place before I had to just give up. Tried again the next day but nope, it's not happening :P

    Went to do a quick run through all the tables in Pinball FX again, ended up on a monster run of the Mars table and bumped my score from something like 5-8mil to 41mil.​​ Rad.

    Otherwise ended up dicking around in Elite for a bit, actually got to take on the "new and improved AI" and see what they mean about endless turning battles. It was impossible to kill an Eagle from my Sidey, even with the enhanced engines. And a Python couldn't get a single shot on me as we endlessly looped ​​and I pummelled his roof with laser fire. Might need some tweaking there :P

    Also jumped into Altspace again for a bit, it's still weird to even consider talking to other people though even with the house totally empty and quiet.

    Hmm... new God of War based on the norse mythology? YES PLEASE!.
    BUT! if you're going to depict Thor, for the love of god make him the Red haired fury machine he's meant to be... not the germanic fancy-dancy blonde super model that seems to be the popular choice!
    ... Please?

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