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    Good morning tAY

    Last song played game!!

    Episode 7, History Week - Welcome to Nightvale

    How was your weekend?

    A year ago today my nan lost her battle with emphysema and her pain was finally over.

    Fuck cigarettes

      That's entertainment - The Jam

      Weekend was good, fairly casual and laid back. Brunch at cafe and and shopping.

      Although we did work out what Tiglet was saying when she was saying what sounded like Sausage. She was after my Pop Viynl figures and was actually saying Colossus. Epic taste

      Beneath the Mire - Opeth.

      Weekend was pretty relaxed - played a bunch of Diablo while listening to the rain. Very zen.

        Yo, we dove back into Destiny, mostly doing POE (260 light level) to get gear to drop to infuse stuff.

        I'm still only pushing like 309 light.

        But god is it good to be back in hahaha

          Glad to hear you're enjoying it! I played a bit last night - helped a friend get the last 15k points he needed for his Challenge card; but mostly just waiting for the new week to reset the modifiers.

            Like I said last week I'm old guard, loot cave, beta, all the sexy stuff

            I'm still salty about Gjhallahorn and my mythoclast being left behind.

            We got to the point we were playing weekly but then somewhere we just....stopped.


      My mom died 1st July last year of breast cancer. Not really looking forward to that anniversary so my thoughts are with you.

        Had my mother in law pass away 29 March this year 1 month after finding out she had cancer.

        It has been a shit fuck of a year

        My condolences on your loss, it's a horrible loss.

          Ah man, I'm sorry for your double loss. Cancer truly is a monster. My mom had recovered 8 years earlier but it came back stronger than ever with breast, bone and brain in the mix. I got to say goodbye and we were close, so at least there's no regrets.

          I was thinking this weekend, with the steam sale approaching, that Steam sort of helped me find some escape this time last year. It was the first time I'd discovered the Steam Summer Sale. Kinda gave me something else to think about so every morning I'd check what crazy sales there were and feel a pocket of joy when I bought a great game for $2 or whatever.

          It's the little things, isn't it?

            It is the little things :)

            Even before my MIL passed away I was playing Dying Light and just pretending the zombies were cancer, also did the same when destroying furniture

              Great idea! I went the opposite and played That Dragon, Cancer and made myself really sad.

                I don't own that nor was I near my PC, but I was near my Xbox One and I do own Dying Light, and god damn was it good

        My mam died from breast cancer in September of last year.
        Much thoughts, hugs and well wishes coming your way, I know the feeling.
        Last year can go eat a dick.

      Garbage - Empty
      I bought the new Garbage album on my phone while sitting by my wife's hospital bed following her gall bladder surgery (she's recovering nicely) and because I worked from home last week didn't really get around to listening to it except while driving to run short errands, so I really only heard a song or two here and there. This morning I listened to the album in it's entirety while commuting to work and it looped back around to track 2 (Empty) as I arrived at work this morning. I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Preliminary opinion so far, I would rank it squarely in the middle of Garbage's discography.
      Version 2.0 > Garbage > Beautiful Garbage > Strange Little Birds > Not Your Kind of People > Bleed Like Me

      It may creep its way past Beautiful Garbage on repeat listens, but at the moment I'd be pitting the combined strength of Empty, Night Drive Loneliness and Even Though Our Love is Doomed versus Shut Your Mouth, Androgyny, Cup of Coffee, Silence is Golden, Cherry Lips and Breaking Up the Girl. That's a tough call.

        Interesting, I haven't actually had a good listen to that yet. But your ranking looks similar to mine album wise so I might need to check it out today

          I'd say have a listen to Empty and Even Though Our Love is Doomed (both are on youtube) and see if those do anything for you. I actually think my favourite song on the album is Night Drive Loneliness but again, it's early days. Even Though Our Love is Doomed seems to be the song that the band is pushing as the track's signature (I think the album title comes from a line in this song), but it never really takes off compared to the previous album, Not Your Kind of People. The album overall is slower and darker than previous efforts and not necessarily in a bad way, but it may not be to every Garbage fan's taste.

        Bought Strange Little Birds this afternoon.
        Keen to listen to it.

    TAY everyone.

    This is more for @weresmurf and those still following the FNAF franchise.

    I don't know how long this has been there but Cawthon has updated his site showing a new animatronic that I can only describe as a lazy rip off from the end of The Matrix: Revolutions.

    And on a related note, someone found the Puppet in the Sister Location video. Look at the Foxy style animatronic and you can see the Puppet's reflection on the plating.

      Looks interesting but I can't help feel I'll be less interested in this than the main series tbh. I loved the lore of the original, but this does feel like a 'me too' kinda project.

        I also think that his choice to not open the box will have some coming to Sister Location thinking he'll have a change of hear and explain the main franchise there and then show hatred when he doesn't.

        Cawthon is going to have a challenge here as in theory it looks like a spin off but lore wise, I think it will fit in.

        A while ago, I made a thesis for FNAF 2 being real (in lore) and the rest the fevered dreams as the bite of '87 victim dies.

        But Scott's use of the term Sister Location already has me thinking of alternatives. Just humor me for a second.

        In the whole lore, once you take the hints away was there anything solid that confirmed the locations we were in had anything to do with the Bite of '87?

        I'm starting to think 'no'; what we are seeing is damage to the company brand and Sister Location might take us to the location of the event.

        I even think Cawthon planned this form the get go. In FNAF 4 one of the tapes clearly identifies a spring lock failure at a sister location.

        What if the spring lock failure was not a staff member dying in the suit? What if the actual failure was when a party at a sister location went horridly wrong when a crying child's head was put into the mouth of Golden Freddy?

        But I will admit, due to me being easily stressed and having high blood pressure I won't be playing Sister Location (or any of the FNAF games) and will only see it in action from Markiplier and MatPat's theories.

        --- EDIT: ---

        The Guys at 8-Bit gaming just covered how someone took a long line of characters in the page's source code and has deduced a week long time table supposedly for the animatronics.

        Last edited 20/06/16 9:18 am

          I'll admit that I've watched a lot of lore videos without actually playing the games but I think the franchise is kind of chugging along without a clear direction at this point. Scott tried to branch out into a different style of game and got slapped down pretty hard by the community.

          I wonder if he still has the passion to make more FNAF games or if he's just cashing in on the franchise he's built. Either way, I can't imagine he's having an easy time of continuing the lore as I kinda felt it ended quite nicely after 3. 4 was a nice epilogue to the series that expanded on a number of things but I don't think it was entirely necessary. I'll reserve my judgement for Sister Location once it comes out but I don't think too many outstanding plot points will be resolved.

    You'll never believe this, I'm sick!

    What a suprise.

      In the head or in the body?

      If the latter, best of health to you.

      If the former, don't worry; I'm like that all the time and I turned out alright, :-P

    I put in some solid dark soulsing, and died like 30 times or so around the cathedral to the random knights.

    My number of souls would climb in a zig zag until eventually I died to some unfortunate circumstance on my way.

    Then start over again...



      (I also spent yesterday fighting them)

        The silver knights run the gamut from easy to "holy God what just happened".

        That one golden knight near the start just rolled me so hard, i've been avoiding his friends ever since.

          Yeah, I can own the knights on the steps up to the cathedral a dozen times, but then one time I'll get my ass utterly handed to me, use up most of my estus and be trying to figure out what the hell just happened to me.

    First day back to work after 3 weeks, 900 emails to read through. It's been 45 minutes since I first logged in and only now I can click around inside Outlook. Try to open the first email... "Outlook is no longer responding" and had to be restarted. Still waiting for it to be usable again, this is going to be a long day...

      I dread to think what mine will be like when I get back to work. 6 months + away... hopefully I won't get a flood that long :0

        It's the weirdest thing, I love technology but technology seems to want to disobey me every step of the way by crashing, having weird errors like this or inexplicably break (Which I think a witch is screwing with me at this point...). Almost 4 hours after turning this on this morning and I can now use my email... geez!
        My graphics card at home seems to actually be okay now and not broken afterall. Apparently my chipset drivers that I got from the ASRock vendor site were the cause as that came bundled with HD Graphics Drivers from Intel (Onboard) and was conflicting with my NVIDIA ones. Been able to play XCOM 2 again which is great, already Tech Knight Alpha has bit the dust (Bloody Vipers!), but never fear, there's still another 7 models of the Tech Knight soldier-bot! XD
        So long story short, I'm trusting Windows 10 picked drivers over vendor drivers right now :P

          Heh yeah Intel drivers and nvidia are a weird mish mash. Especially when it comes to the new cpu's with gpu's built in. When it comes to desktops, it's always better to disable the intel ones to avoid conflicts, but when it comes to those laptops with hybrid display, you actually NEED to have the Intel driver installed before you can even successfully install the nvidia driver! So stupid. Glad you got it figured out though :)
          I just made the jump to win 10 myself last week via full format method. I don't have a choice but to let Win10 handle my mobo drivers, cos my board is so old, the manufacturer isn't updating the drivers themselves.

    Hope everyone on the east coast is going alright with the wild weather

    Morning everybody, how was your weekend?

    I managed to play a bit of Witcher 3 - starting over on PC now in preparation for getting a 1070 whenever they make an appearance in Aus (the rumour is this week). Managed to get the physical copy of the expansions with the gwent set so look forward to teaching the SO how to play.

    How did you all go?

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      Watched Le Mans on my computer whilst sick in bed.

        Was really crook the other weekend so I sympathise. Feeling better now?

    Actually managed a couple of solid sessions of Overwatch. Man that game is rapidly taking over...

    Hobby 1 - Adult responsibilties 0. Rematch sometime this week....

      It's good stuff ey?
      What you playing on? =D

        PS4. I've been encountering some frustrating connection issues. it's quite intermittent - some days its sweet and I can pull a long session with no disconnects. Other times, I cant even get a single game in. So the fact I could go for several hours on Saturday night was just bliss.

      Join us

        Scree I think it's time to admit you have a problem......

          The only problem is we're not playing overwatch.

          In all seriousness, Distant is prestige and you say I have a problem

            Yeah but red's always been elitist/completionist in any game he plays. You should see him in Destiny and WoW. Dude used to min/max faster than anyone else I played with.

    Morning everyone.
    So, I had my wisdom tooth out almost 3 weeks ago. I caught a cold, and now my gum is inflamed and so are my lymph nodes. This make sit hard for me to eat. I so sick of this and I just want it to end!

    In other news, I was supposed to make some overwatch posters for you people, but instead I just played Overwatch. Sorry

      How dare you try to relax and have fun when you are sick.

      Ouch. Wisdom teeth extractions are nasty if done later in life. I had mine out a few years ago, but they were really impacted and already quite developed. So what on paper was fairly straight forward, ended up leaving me pretty bruised up.

      Incidentally, one of my stitched came out early, so i got a infection in the wound. Had a void space even after it healed that would occasionally get inflamed when crap would get stuck in it.

        I'd already had one infected one, so when the gum became inflamed initially, I knew it had to be removed. I didn't want it to get infected. It's just really annoying when I try to eat, or bring up phlegm.

          Damn. Are you at least taking time off work? If so, I recommend large doses of Overwatch!

            I'm a full time carer for my Mum. I don't get time off work =P
            I do get afternoon naps though so, it's pretty cool

      Overwatch posters?! :O

        Yup. Overwatch posters. Had an idea for a Mercy one and was going to make the "it came from the moon" Winston one

          I can't wait to see them!!

            It'll probably be a week, simply because by the time it gets to 3 o'clock, I'm in a quite a bit of pain.

    Had a pretty lazy weekend. Cleaned up after the builders on Saturday - they have a skip out the front but left 2 wheel barrows of busted concrete just sitting on my lawn. Plus a few soft drink bottles, tuna tins and chip packets. Then hit Bunnings and Ikea to try and figure out if what, if any, furniture we can squeeze onto the little deck space we got built.

    Also, builders left a shit load of screws and nails around the carport where they were doing a lot of cutting. Thought we got most of them... but the car found one we missed. Now a hex head screw has made it's home in our front right tyre. Those tyres are about 8 months old. Fingers crossed it's only a cheap repair job and the tyre isn't shot. :(

    So wife and I have finally caught up on GoT. Watching last weeks episode last night;

    Then the girl with no name is chasing Arya I got these massive Terminator vibes. No name is the T1000 just ruthlessly pursuing Arya. And when she ran along the sea wall and jumped down, it was like the truck/bike chase in the storm water canals.

    Also, happy that Clegane is back. He is good fun. Taking the boots off that guy hanging from the tree before he'd even stopped twitching - quintessential Clegane.

    Hope everyone stayed dry through yesterdays down pour!

    How was your weekend?

    Played some solid chunk of strategy games this weekend with Total Warhammer and Hearts of Iron IV. Good times all around but goddamn dwarfs feel really cheap in Warhammer. Their basic unit seems to be the best out of all of the races and their morale is stupidly high. My greenskins really struggle to smash them aside but I'm slowly making progress.

      Yeah I felt that as well, it's really annoying to win against them cos you're bound to take high casualties due to the lack of routing.

        Combine that with the fact that almost all of their units are armoured and even their ranged units being quite good in melee and they are a very solid army. The only thing that I've found that manages to make them rout consistently are repeated cavalry charges, siege weapons, and units that cause terror. You have to kick the absolute crap out of them before their units even think about fleeing. Heck, I've taken more cities by capturing the flag than bothering to rout all of their units.

        My other problem at the moment is goddamn slayers. Stupid stunties just refuse to die and even without any armour they're quite good at tying down my units. Thankfully my night goblin fanatics have a good time smashing into them with their poison.

          Yeah Cavalry and monster units seem to be the most effective against Dwarves, probably the odd flyer or two to harass and lock down their artillery.

          That said from a morale perspective even Vampire armies can be really annoying if the enemy general decides to run off and hide.

        FOR CHAOS

        Eldritch Abominations who happen to be really, really good at killing runts do an excellent job of routing them. Also, 6x hellcannon bombardment. Very effective.

    Been playing Fire Emblem Birthright. Got the 10% off voucher for Nintendo eshop so I'll get Revelations stayed this week. Haven't been able to play the PS4 because Netflix now has Korean Dramas which are basically like crack for my Malaysian wife...

      Ha ha! My Taiwanese wife loves the Korean dramas too XD

    I don't know if you guys recall but a few weeks ago I mentioned my partner's visa got rejected so we're reapplying again. She leaves the country in 2 days and needless to say it's wearing me down like crazy. So much shits gone wrong in the past month that at this point even if a flying bus where to be hit by lightning before it crashing into my face I'd probably just shrug and be like "yep bring on the next disaster".

      I had to bring my wife over on a visa, was fucking ridiculous.

      I ended up working a lot of overtime & saving up the cash so I could pay someone to decipher all the paperwork & shit.
      There were all these little touches they told me to do that helped smooth the whole process.

      After lots of money she was allowed here temporarily. Now she's a citizen.

      Fuck I miss overtime now. :-/

        I wouldn't even mind the re-application that much if the bloody wait time wasn't 9-12 months and still costs a small fortune to apply for. It's literally wiping out all our savings to put another application through and to hire someone to put it together.

    I've just found out that there was an Alone in the Dark movie that was made a few years ago.

    From wikipedia, I'm glad I never saw it. But I am curious as to why i'd never heard of it before.

      Eugh, can we please never talk of that movie again. It was directed by Uwe Boll, so it was guaranteed to be absolutely fucking godawful.... which it was. It's a shame - I'm kind of partial to Christian Slater, but even he couldn't save that trainwreck.

      I mean, at least the Boll is consistent in that every single movie he's made has been a steaming turd.

        Yeah, I've heard he's an absolute crock of a film maker. Thankfully, I don't think I've actually ever seen any of his movies, so I can't say from experience how bad they are.

          Oh god you're lucky! I have seen a few of them, and every single time I'm like 'oh, this one can't POSSIBLY be as bad as the last one!' And each single time, my expectations of clusterfuckery are surpassed.

          Apparently there's some loophole in German law where you get massive tax writeoffs if your movie bombs, so people go to him to make a movie knowing it will fail so they can reduce their tax bills. At least that's the word on the street, ya dig?

    Mornin' all.

    Weekend was busy. Worked 2 shifts Saturday one in liquor the other in nightfill & also helped a mate of dads dispose of some palm trees at his sons place since the local council was giving out free entry to the tip due to the flooding & horrendous winds we had a few weeks back, which left me feeling knackered come Sunday when I was working again \o/ at least I got a bit more than 3 hours sleep last night so I feel mostly refreshed now ready for work this afternoon. One more day until my weekend starts so that's nice.

    Also turns out our new neighbours that moved in Friday last are not nice people, which is not something I wanted to be. They've already abused one neighbours 15 year old daughter for walking on their nature strip by saying "Get the fuck off our grass" which they have no right to because that's the local council's property. Also my mate who used to live next door his mum was telling me that he knows them & that a few of them there are known thieves, just what we don't need. God damn it.

      Just call the police 'advice' line (not the 000 one) whenever shit happens. House 2 doors down from us, we could often hear the husband verbally abusing his wife and kids. Torrents of profanity and threats. Several times a week. Sometimes multiple times a day.

      Every time it happened we'd call Police Link (as it is known in QLD) and let them know we could hear what sounded like domestic violence directed at spouse and kids from 2 houses away. Did it half a dozen times. One time I called, police said they were aware of it and had visited the house earlier in the week.

      Do what you can, which may include chaining anything mobile to the house.

        Funny you should say that. The troublesome neighbours have the cops here every 1-2 months for exactly that, last time (3 or so weeks back) they arrested him (again) for normally fighting & all that. But he always manages to be let off with a warning or released the same day on some sort of bail, which never changes anything.

        We have a 6 foot fence around the property with a locking gate, we took that stance almost 10 years ago to prevent other thieves in the neighbourhood who had been caught trying to steal before from whatever in the yard.

          Damn mate, that sounds far from fun.

          From my experience (fyi, I'm 5-0/bacon/the filth) we generally don't have too many avenues to deal with people that do what they're doing. I'll preface this by saying my advice differs depending on where you're from. I generally get people to get an personal safety intervention order from court outlining the behaviour of the neighbours, with some fairly basic restrictions in place. This gives the police some legal footing to be able to start doing some more once breaches occur.

          If the breaches are persistent, it becomes more serious. If the bloke is on bail and it's considered persistent, it becomes a breach of bail due to committing an indictable offence while on bail.

          Which screws him in his oopity-pooper.

          I've also had neighbours from hell and in the end I just had to move.. but I was renting to it really didn't seem so bad.

          Good luck mate :-/

            Long story short. He's a repeat offender had a criminal record since the age of 8. He's now 35 or whatever... His mother is no better nor is his girlfriend or children. They're dept of housing, yet dept of housing what nothing to do with the problems they cause for the neighbourhood despite them breaking a lot of their rules which would end in termination of the lease, we've had 2 avo's out against him/the family. Also the local state member wants nothing to do with the issue, not even the police here care enough to do something that will fix the problem.

        I've called in reports to the local station a few times, and nearly every time they were already en route. Flashing lights within minutes. Seems like more sensitive/less-oblivious neighbours were already on it. Either that, or the actual participants. ...That or they take domestic violence fucking seriously and get there in a couple minutes.

    Morning TAY,

    I purchased Dragon Age: Inquisition from the Playstation store for $15. I've always wanted to play that game but was too scared of epicness of it. I played and finished The Witcher 3 in January and it helped me to face my fears of huuuuuuuge games. I have a 2 year old boy and another baby on the way... so I thought why not get a game that'll keep me company on those long sleepless nights. I've created my character; a Qunari Mage who doesn't give a shit, and I'm ready to play this game till I'm in a financial position to buy VR (2023?)

    Also watched a fantastic film this weekend called Midnight Express. One of those movies that are best watched without any prior knowledge to what it's about.

    Mad love to you all, TAY.

      I am pumped for that movie - all the trailers have been great.

      The 1978 Alan Parker film written by Oliver Stone?

      Or do you mean Midnight Special?

        Haha. Special! Definitely Special. Express is also awesome though.

          It was a very well crafted and well made film...

          ...and I didn't know anything about Midnight Special until this post, and it looks like I need to see it.

      Similar position, my wife thoroughly enjoyed DA:I with small child in tow. I had a shot as a Qunari Mage and was so friggen OP, never finished it though because she kicked me off her computer. Enjoy it man!

    Well, my sinuses are playing up, and I've been in bed since Saturday night, also I have a bad cough. :(

    Started a Demon Hunter and a Witch Doctor on a whim on Saturday morning... Sunday night they were running through T9 with 2-3 full gear sets each. My DH in particular had ridiculous luck - first Manticore and Bombardier's Rucksack that dropped were both ancient. Meanwhile my crusader is still trying to find the other half of the damn Invoker set for my "don't touch me" build.

    Blargh. Still hurting from the weekend. Ended up hanging out at Supanova on Saturday, Wingman had a table there with Sketchbook and another friend so went to visit them and see how they were doing. Took the opportunity to take Zangief out for another spin, what with the beard still being around and all, sorta hoped to try my luck at getting a spot in the comp but ended up way too late for that. Oh well :P Also generally hoped to kinda get into a good social/confident headspace in prep for Thursday. Which maybe kinda worked. Sorta.

    Sunday was screwed though. Woke up after only four hours sleep, despite spending the previous day running on just two and then staying up way too late reading stuff. Couldn't get back to sleep, so tried doing stuff for a couple of hours before feeling too shitty to continue so had another shot at sleeping. That time managed about five hours :P Then this morning went and woke up an hour early for no reason... also still super sore. Legs, from stomping ​​around all day (thankfully didn't get myself any more toenail bruises like last time) and arms from carrying around the bag. And back kind of... just because. Climbing gonna suuuuuuck tonight :P

    But yeah. Time to stress out about Thursday now. Afdwhefosfiolkefdsduibakjd.

      What is happening Thursday? Do I need to pre-order popcorn?
      Either way good luck

        Blind date D:
        And yes, probably.
        And thanks, I'll need it.

          Just make sure you don't step on her guide dogs tail and you will do fine

    Morning TAY! So I continued my on-again/off-again love affair with Witcher 3 over the weekend, didn't really feel like killing anyone (!!) so just decided to get some gwent action going, won a few of the unique hero cards which was nice. Then got a bit bored and downloaded Rebel Galaxy.

    Holy shit, you guys, Rebel Galaxy! It's fantastic!. Just don't go into it thinking it's a full 3D space sim a la Elite/Freelancer/NMS/etc. Rather, think of it as naval capital ship battles, but IN SPACE! So you have turrets to take out fighters, but fighting bigger dudes is done via broadsides, and you fly around on a 2D plane. It's insanely satisfying knocking out the fighter escorts, then putting your burners on to get up close with the enemy capital ships and unleashing hell with your broadsides.

    Also, the soundtrack is another level. When you get knocked out of warp speed by an enemy ambush, and the guitars start strumming as the fighters close in on you...

    Guys, I think I am in love.

    Last edited 20/06/16 11:35 am

      I know somebody else has been smashing out a lot of Rebel Galaxy, maybe @rize

        Yup, finished* it on the weekend! It's a hell of a lot of fun, and considering I got it for $10 and got something like 35 hours out of it it was a pretty damned good investment.

        *Purchased and fully upgraded a Dreadnought and finished the story

      Soon as I watched the Rebel Galaxy trailer I immediately looked up the soundtrack on Spotify. There's like... apparently whole genres of that stuff. 'Dark Country' and 'Garage Blues'? Right up my alley.

        I didn't even know it was a separate genre. I normally can't stand country music, but this stuff is my jam.

        Also Swamp Rock/Blues. Seriously, the music is amazing throughout the game.

        I know! I've been checking it out on google play and it's so my jam.
        I just wish music streaming didn't destroy phone data caps so I could listen to it in my car which is the only time I really music :(

      Oh yeah, Rebel Galaxy is the bomb. Possibly my game of last? year.
      Early on I discovered Corvettes and spent most of the game in a tricked out Barracuda interceptor, speed tanking overwhelming odds while I ducked and weaved, delivering devastating point blank laser blasts beneath their fields of fire. Paid for by running blockades deep in deadly dangerous sectors delivering millions in illegal goods.
      Good times.

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    My weekend adventures in Games With Gold
    The Crew
    This is a rolling billboard for the Wild Run DLC. Presumably it launched as a full game but now that it's free on XBL you get reminded every five minutes that unless you buy th Wild Run DLC you're not getting the complete The Crew experience.
    It's a cool enough game and I enjoyed playing it for awhile but I quickly got tired of it as it reminded me why I don't really like racing games. You can lead the whole race but the second you screw up even a little bit, you drop back to 7th place and have to start over. It's reasonable, that's what racing games are, but it gets tiresome repeating shit over and over.

    Sunset Overdrive
    I didn't give this game any attention when it came out, it just didn't look like my type of game at all. I was pretty wrong about that as I've really been enjoying it. The humour is a bit "obvious", like lots of 4th wall breaks and snarky commentary. The thing is, it makes 4th wall jokes about how silly game tropes are, but still has you doing those things, like escort missions, fetch quests, etc. It's lazy writing in some ways. That said, I'm having fun with it. I want to blaze through it but the sidequests are surprisingly worthwhile so it's taking longer to progress than I thought (that's a good thing from a value perspective). Movement is fantastic, once you get your rhythm really going. Combat takes awhile to get the hang of, there are some weird difficulty spikes as well, but no major quibbles as the game is pretty forgiving with the checkpointing. There are a plethora of respawn animations to keep you amused but sometimes I do get frustrated with how long I have to watch my character do something amusing (like a Bela Lugosi rising-from-the-grave impersonation) before I'm given control again.
    The only problem I have is obviously that it was going to be this multi-media experience, meaning that when the game was new you'd be receiving regular updates about the world via in-game billboards yuou could interact with to watch the latest "episode" of some update program. Now these in gmae billboards have a video basically saying "yeah, so we're not really updating this anymore, you missed out" which I feel slightly bad about.
    Anyway, if they make a Sunset Overdrive 2 I'll definitely jump in straight away.

    Last edited 20/06/16 11:57 am

    Noticed of late Rammstein has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst friends who never seemed to show an interest in them or such music & the internet in general is also getting excited over them, it's weird..

      Did they suddenly get a soundtrack on Game of Thrones or something?

        Maybe they got used in a tv ad or something for a game or an iphone or whatever. :) That always seems to blow up a band's popularity.

        No idea. Can't even speculate what might be the cause lol. Maybe some celeb wore a Rammstein shirt & people got excited over them. Like when one of the Kardashian or Jenner girls wore a Slayer shirt & people got excited over that..

          I got more excited over the 'Kill the Kardashians' response.

            Meh. Sure it's annoying when people who don't listen to the music wear that bands merchandise, but responding like that wasn't a good idea. All it does is drive & reinforce the negative stereotype that is associated with the music I like with those who have never taken their time to listen to any of it.

              I see your point, but I doubt that having Gary Holt treat the Kardashians with a bit of respect is going to encourage non-thrash people to listen to Reign in Blood

                It's more about the reinforcing negative stereotype. I get enough shit for liking what I like. Which makes me think people just suck.

                  Which makes me think people just suck

                  Pretty much bang-on. When I tell people I listen to metal I get that 'oh, so you worship Satan too, right?' look at least half the time.

    Sooooo tiiiiiiired! but no regrets!
    Watched (most of) the Le Mans 24hr race + F1 Quali and race... that's almost 30 hours of motor racing over the course of the weekend :P

    Nice little tradition I have with the missus and brother in law... Good fun!

    Now excuse me while i go dose off WORK VERY HARD at work.

      Oh Le Mans... so so cruel. So cruel.

      Haven't seen the whole F1 yet, went to sleep around half way.

        Yeeeaaah I barely remember the results from F1 for that reason XD...
        And yes, poor poor Toyota, that was absolutely gut-wrenching! and the look of the team manager... That's what you call poor luck!
        Still very good event, highly enjoyed watching it and looking forward to next year!

    Been a nice steady day here today, although I'm stuck inside for the next month or so on light duties -_- I think I'll go stir crazy.


        Umbilical hernia. Not fun, still got healing to do and can't wear operational gear on top of it due to the pressure on the stomach.

          ouch, sounds nasty.

          But you might go stir crazy but one of those have to behave now or it is going to be an ongoing problem which you certainly don't want

    TAY Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    You now hold a verdant green orb in your hands, however there is a rather disgruntled halfling and a giant enemy crab just outside the room. We shall see what happens next.

    Let me know if you guys are unable to make it tonight.

      Pick up the halfling and chuck him at the crab and let him deal with it while you saunter past. Problem solved.

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