Team Fortress 2 Game Fills With Streamers, Descends Into Chaos

Team Fortress 2 Game Fills With Streamers, Descends Into Chaos

Video: These days, it’s not all that uncommon to run into somebody who’s streaming and commentating while you’re playing a multiplayer game. If they’re not A Tool Of The Actual Devil, they might mute their mic. But in a team-based game you can’t always afford to do that.

Dapper Dog managed to put together a Team Fortress 2 match composed entirely of streamers and video-makers. The short version? Imagine, if you will a porcupine, only its quills are ice picks and cheese graters, and you’re grinding said lonely abomination against your ears.

I feel like this was done partially as a joke, but still. There’s your glimpse of hell for the day.


    • I go out of my way to humiliate anyone with a streaming tag in their name. They’re the “person conspicuously writing their book on a laptop at a cafe” of multiplayer gaming.

      And I’m a bad person.

  • Every now and then in GTAO, you get streamers who don’t bother to change their chat to private or friend.

    If we are bored we track them down and disrupt the stream.

  • Seeing this more and more in games people all on voice activated with sensitivity so low that you know when there neighbour flushes the toilet.
    Haven’t people heard of push to talk in game?
    There stream audio can be voice activated, but ingame talk could be push to talk

    Am I missing something as to why this wouldn’t work?

  • Hilariously dysfunctional! My son doesn’t stream – but I’m sure the servers he plays on have had the glorious experience of hearing my wife at full power chewing him out about homework, the state of his room, or whatever. He stupidly uses the kinect mic on the XBone rather than the headset….

  • Its not just push to talk… have none of these streamers thought of recording a seperate sound track for output. Keep an open mic for stream commentary and push to talk for the game. Streaming the raw feed *facepalm*

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