Tell Us Dammit: How Are You Finding E3 2016?

So E3 2016 was supposed to be a little more low key but, I don't know about you, it's really surprised me with the volume of new games and the quality of those new games.

I guess that's the result of going in with low expectations.

I'd love to hear how you felt about E3 2016. Surprised? Disappointed? Underwhelmed?

For me E3 2016 was a reminder that video games can be exciting. Also a reminder that AAA games can be exciting. There were games I had forgotten about, like Sea of Thieves, that I now can't wait to play. And now there are new games I'm super keen on like Days Gone.

Also Zelda. I was not prepared for how dramatically different Zelda would be. I am still in shock about that.


    Surprising. I was expecting it to be pretty low-key and/or disappointing, and DEFINITELY wasn't expecting to get so hyped about Zelda. And yeah, found Sea of Thieves to look really cool and like that I won't necessarily need an Xbone to play it. RE7 being in VR was also a huge surprise, I wouldn't at all have expected Capcom to be getting in on that but I guess it goes to show just how much of a boost PlayStation is expected to be giving to VR adoption in general.

    I concede it's pretty easy to be surprised when you totally expected to come away with nothing at all though :P


    I think it's proving that I'm old and grizzled and pretty much immune to video game hype nowadays :(

    I think that despite not being in Europe, I am whelmed. There's been a few surprises but for the most part things have been pretty much how I expected them to be, mostly because a lot of the announcements are about games I already knew were coming and it's just confirmation that they are still coming and are still more or less as I remember them. I wasn't sure if the new Zelda game would be good but it's shaped up to be what I was hoping it would be so now I'm starting to get enthusiastic, though I'm worried that the focus will be on the NX version and the Wii U will suffer for it which is the version I'll be buying.

    Loving it so far, so many awesome games to look forward to.

    My one disappointment, Nintendo not revealing the NX. I know they said they wouldn't, but come on the worldwide release is only 9 months away and we don't even know what the thing looks like.

      They'll show it off at (well, around the time of) TGS, for sure.

    Underwhelmed, but that's only because there's nothing really directed towards me or catering for my systems right now. It's still 'this is a long way off' or 'I need a demo/steam sale of that first' really.

    Also, I really like seeing others express their positivity and joy at what they are keen for. A real tonic for the video-games medium right now.

    Bit of optimism goes a long way.

    A release date for The Last Guardian. E3 is a win!

    Bit underwhelmed, but wasn't really expecting much this year. Nice to have a date for The Last Guardian. God of War looks interesting enough to maybe bring me back - I'd pretty much lost interest in the series after Ascension, so this reboot thing looks like a good idea.

    Other than that, it's certainly not terrible, but not a huge number of games that I'm desperate to play. I'm prone to vertigo and motion sickness, so VR isn't really of any interest to me, and I really don't like these attempts to undermine the console cycle with mid-generation updates like Scorpius and Neo (regardless of whether Neo is actually at E3 or not).

    So yeah, the hardware side is "meh" for me. Games are OK without being amazing.

    The only announcement I care about is Quake Champions. I'm really, really hoping there's some sort of 1v1 match making system implemented in it though. It may be the game that finally makes me upgrade my computer.

    I've only watched the EA and Sony conference so far. EA, because it was on, and Sony because I'm a huge Playstation fan. I loved the Sony conference. It was all about the games and very little random chatter. Plenty of game play and plenty for the fans to love. Probably my favorite Sony conference. Really excited for PSVR, there are some great looking games, but still unsure on my puke tolerance, so I need to try it for myself before making the call.

    I must say, Zelda has been one hell of a surprise. I used to be a Nintendo only guy up until the PS3, but the Wii lost me and I haven't even looked at the Wii U. Zelda is the first game which has made me want to pick up another console...but, the NX is coming up soon and no one knows anything about it, so I'll just stick to Sony.

    Pretty happy all round, but the one game I was really hoping for was Red Dead Redemption 2 (or 3 - if you count it such), so that was a let down :(

    No Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, so disappointed.

    Also disappointed that we haven't seen or heard anything from thatgamecompany (unless I missed it somewhere?). Seriously - Journey came out in 2012! They should at least be ready to announce something new by now? :(

    I rate it 10/10 because Lego Star Wars: TFA demo!!!

    Seriously though, was disappointed with the lack of Mass Effect gameplay. Super keen for Horizon: Zero Dawn, Watch Dogs 2 and God of War among others.

    Zelda kinda let me down though. Looks a little boring. That's a loooooooooot of open space. Hoping they can fill it with enough to do.

    Well last year was a year of massive announcements of games that were a fair way away. This year it's been more of an expansion on last year, we've seen more of those games and some of them (Last Guardian) are a lot closer to release than anyone expected. Plus new stuff like Days Gone or Death Stranding, plenty to be excited about from this years conferences.

    One point of interest though that will define how the industry moves forward: Scorpio

    New Zelda looks great, and really looking forward to PSVR now.

    I was just disappointed at the lack of FromSoftware. I want the new SoulsBorne type game to look forward to.

    One of the most boring E3's for me to be honest. I love Zelda, but other than that I can't think of anything that has made me excited. Yes there are plenty of games I want to play such as Persona 5 and FFXV. Also that Kojima teaser was pretty great. But in terms of surprises and new game announcements it was pretty lackluster. I'm normally a sony guy versus a microsoft guy (although nintendo is always no.1) but i kinda liked the xbox press conference more. Definitely more interesting stuff happening. Sony's just felt like they were showing off the same games we already saw last year.

    I got what I was hoping for in a new Mass Effect: Andromeda preview and a Zelda preview. I got some bonuses from Bethesda: Skyrim, new Fallout 4 DLC and the news that they're bringing out Fallout Shelter for PC. So pretty happy all up.

    Microsoft have ruined gaming for me. My inferior pixels are at least partially compressed, and that just doesn't cut it.

    Judging by all the chatter on the internet not many people are going to agree with me here but I am cautiously optimistic about Scorpio. I love the idea of "no one being left behind" and being able to upgrade your console if you want whilst not suffering greatly if you don't.

    If Microsoft can nail the price point, I am very interested.

    Very interested in Horizon and Days Gone also.

    No E3 will be as good as 2005.

    Last edited 16/06/16 7:09 pm

      What were the highlights of 2005? 06 is usually my go-to, both being the last of the "big" E3s before the whole cutting-back thing and when everyone went nuts over the Wii's proper unveiling.

    Maybe I should say 04 to 06 instead since those years were gaming golden age. But I keep thinking of 2005 because the Wii reveal was back-to-back with the 360 and PS3 reveals. Back then, 'next-gen' was first used in such a super-hype fashion for describing games that actually looked that good for back then, so it was just glorious looking towards the future with Nintendo shaking it up (lol) and the others being all shiny.

    Also the spectacle and hype of the new is how I evaluate E3. So with the less actually 'new' stuff I see in later E3s, the less amazed I've been. Sure it may not be good to just build pointless hype since we don't know how good all these games will be before release, but as I only buy any of them years after release, E3 is all about the hype for me.

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