Tell Us Dammit: What Are You Hoping To See At E3?

Yep, it's E3 next week. And while I honestly believe it might be a bit low key this year, I'm still hoping for a few surprises here and there.

What am I hoping to see?

Well, I'm probably most excited about the new Zelda unveiling, because I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm dreaming, but I'd also like to see something new from Retro Studios, hopefully a new Metroid game. But let's face facts, that's not going to happen. Nintendo isn't showing NX stuff and I doubt Retro Studios is working on a Wii U game at this point.

I'd also like to see Sony and Microsoft unveil new hardware, in whatever shape that may take — mostly because it'll be weird and interesting and a new thing for console games. Mostly because it'll inspire debate and make a lot of noise. Above all I'd like to be shocked by E3 2016.

What are you hoping to see? What are you expecting to see?


    Unbroken promises...

      Might wanna skip Bethesdas conference or block your ears for Todd (tell me lies tell me sweet little lies) Howard.

        Heynow, what about their announcement of Fallout 4? That had so much good truth in it! And the announcement of Fallout Shelter being out like... that night!

          "It just works!" -Todd lies Howard

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            But... it did. c.c

            I'm confused.

              They're referring to this


                I remember the 'it just works' quote, but I'm confused as to why anyone thinks it's a lie... all the settlement stuff? It DID just work.

    Overheard conversation of NX
    ...Wasn't this question asked earlier in the week?

    Middle aged guys wearing gaming shirts, jacket and jeans.

    Everyone to be disappointed and say "that's it? these were already leaked."

    RapeLay 2 PSVR

    I'm hoping they announce an official delay for The Last Guardian. Specifically because my bottle of gamer tears is running low.

    Oh and I also hope to see a conference even more bizarre and awkward than the Square-Enix one from last year.

      a certain planetary alignment will be needed to make that possible

    I'm hoping to see at least one riot, but I'll settle for one of the devs flubbing their pre-recorded 'live' demo, an exec announcing something they have to backpedal on within the week, or one of the major brands metaphorically body-slamming the other on something really consumer-friendly. Don't care who.

    Something Cthulhu inspired/themed would be awesome

    When the new Nintendo machine or machines are unveiled, we all know exactly how the 'cycle' will go as opposed to the rampant hype the upgrades to the current gen consoles are already going.

    "Big Publisher XYZ Excited About Nintedno"

    "indies Love Nintendo's New Console"

    Then the contrarian and doom-saying articles of course.

    That typo was deliberate :D

    I'm not exactly hyped about the pre-hype for E3 as my gaming tastes have skewed a bit towards what my newly upgraded PC can currently handle, but yes with the way Nintendo seems to be so bloody confident about this new Zelda it'll be hard to ignore.

      I think they are in a bit of bind with timelines.
      NX won't be ready till early next year. Ramping up hype now would be too early for that and they'd get lost in the upgrades for the other consoles.

      They don't really have anything else big coming for the Wii U. There is Zelda and that's about it.
      Other possibilities would be that new Paper Mario but fans have already dismissed that as it's going the way of Sticker Star and not The Thousand Year Door. Yooka-Laylee is the other one on the way that anyone cares about but that's not first party and who knows if that's in a state to play. I'm cautiously optimistic about that one and will pick it up unless it also hits NX.

      edit - Also, waiting on NX - they can get the hype train going with an event that is all theirs, nothing else to capture attention. Can't wait for that and it better be this year!

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    PS4K, Destiny 2, horizon zero dawn, forza horizon set in Aus, more no mans sky, a ps elite controller and new ips yet to be leaked, ohh and of course a new red dead

      new red dead, yes please. Accompanied by a surprise GTA V style upgrade of redemption for current gen too would be lovely.

    Deus Ex and Mass Effect demos I guess for me even though it's pretty much given I'll buy both games within the first 3 months of release.

    I looked at the games list on ign and nothing stands out, then again once a cgi stuffed shiny trailer drops my interest will probably be changed (for about 5minutes before I realise it's console only)

    Never actually watched one, but I'm always keen on a suprise new IP or even a sequel that nobody saw coming.

    Updates and that don't really interesting me.

    I want to see something new from thatgamecompany.

    Journey came out in 2012... must be about due to show us something new.

    I want to see a long shot like a Banjo-Kazooie 3 announcement. It's unlikely, but it's entirely possible that the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter got the attention of the people who could make a proper Banjo game happen.

      I'm sure it did - and that they're all busy hammering away at finishing off Y-L :P

      I think the core of that team are actually making YL. The only thing they didn't have was the IP.

    The same as every year: Half-Life 3.

      It's a sign that people have truly given up on it now that there's next to no expectations for it to be announced this year.

        Uhm... hello? This is the year.


        2+1+0+6 = 9.
        9 is 3 x 3.
        What could be 3'ier?

        So much 3.

          Gaben's plan all along, to be announced on the 12th or 15th of the 6th month as well...

    New Naughty Dog IP. More info on Dawn of War 3.
    Other than that I am kinda set up for my gaming needs for the next half year or so.

    That said, some NX details, a release date for KH3 would definitely be welcome.

    I have a feeling that most of it is going to be reassurances that the games that were announced last year are still being worked on and they will release at what may or may not have been the date they originally stated. PSVR will probably be hyped up too along with Microsoft's offering and Nintendo will probably mention how they're working to integrate Virtual Boy support into the NX.

    I actually though E3 was today, damn pre-shows -w-
    Anyway, nothing in particular I want to see. Just new awesome games.

    FFXVI or FFXII Remasters for PC.

    I only want a new Red Dead.

    Please, give me a new Red Dead.

    The main thing I'm keen for is new Mass Effect footage and details. Some more footage of Horizon and Dishonored 2 would also be appreciated.

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    Surprises. I just want to see surprises.

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