Tell Us Dammit: What Sports Are You Into?

I'm massively into UFC and football (soccer). Alex is into cricket to the point where he has 300 hours on Don Bradman's Cricket 2014 on Steam.

I thought with everyone talking State of Origin it might be a good time to ask: what sports are you all into? Either playing or watching?

It's funny, I think on sites like these there's a tendency to look down on sports. An idea that it's for stupid people, the word 'sportsball' might be used. That irritates the hell out of me. People should be allowed to enjoy what they enjoy without ridicule. I watch pro wrestling for God's sake.

What sports are you into?


    Sportsball? I don't think I have that one on my video game console machine.

      Nor do I watch people play video games online. Why not just buy it yourself, I have zero desire.

      Hello, fellow hu-mans! This mrtaco person is an obvious interloper deserving of censure, but not I! I - like you - also enjoy a good game of playing watching(?) this popular 'sportsball' entertainment/tribal warfare surrogate. YourOur champions are impressively large and adept at the acquisition of highly-coveted 'points'! Come. As is our custom, let us discuss now how our superior minds should address these champions on matters of tactics.

        Pretty much me making small talk at the pub on a Friday night.

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          Damn near any work function I go to.

          It's an echo chamber in here, being a gaming site, so we don't see it so much... but anytime I go to corporate things I'm reminded that there are so many people out there 'in the real world' who think that gaming enthusiasts are basically the guys from the Big Bang Theory.

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    Cricket F1 V8s AFL Basketball Football and Rugby. If it's on I'll watch it.

    I practice Karate, occasionally watch AFL, watch MMA if it happens to be on TV.

    AFL, NFL, PGA, Cricket, NBA, College Football, Local AFL (Go the 'Burra Giants!!) or anything i can bet on...which is everything nowadays. :(
    But AFL and NFL are the big 2 - go the Saints!

    Good lord soccer is possibly the most boring thing to watch (says the cricket fan...).

    NFL, NRL, Union, NHL.

    Play soccer 3 times a week, but can't stand watching it.
    Love test cricket.
    Love league, but now hate Origin. You can guess which state I live in.
    Hate the concept of "sportsball". If you hate people making fun of things you like (games), then respect others' right to like things you don't and STFU.

      Nevar. I will parrot Yamauchi's line about RPG players til the day I die, because I find it forever hilarious :P

      On that last point, I'm always reminded of this:

    ill watch sport if its on, but i dont actively follow any sports.
    if someone invites me to an AFL, Soccer, Cricket (20/20), Basketball, Gridiron, Tennis - i know enough about each of these sports now to actually enjoy watching them. but to be honest, id rather either be out their playing casually with mates, or sitting down playing video games, or watching something on netflix.

    I usually takes some time to watch the tennis during the four grand slams. When the world cup football (the one with the round ball that people kick with their feet, not the handegg) and both summer and winter olympics roll around, they all get a bit of dedicated watch time. outside of those I don't find myself having a great deal of time to sit and watch sports.

    I'll watch the tennis if its on. I'm also partial to a bit of World Rally Championship. That's about it though.

    Motorcycle racing: Moto GP, World Superbike, Dakar and Irish Road racing (this is just in closed roads not race tracks).

    With the Isle of Man TT starting this week it is an exciting time. Nothing on earth compares to the excitement of this race, the risks and exhilaration. If you do not know what this is you need to search youtube and watch it, it's incredible.

    None at all. Not traditional sports. Not combat sports like boxing or UFC. Not the competitive video gaming scene. Nothing. I used to like Rugby as a kid, or rather, I watched Rugby because that's what was on TV, and still kind of follow the game's rules. I can't be bothered learning how AFL works.

    A group of my friends got together last night ostensibly to watch Origin 1. The three other guys in the group were all busy so it was myself, my wife and two other girls. Even though it was still pitched as an "Origin" meetup and we specifically picked a place where we'd be able to watch the game, we pretty much just sat around chatting until the game was over. I was too tired to make conversation so I actually watched the game for a change and it was certainly football.

    People should be allowed to enjoy what they enjoy without ridicule. I don't think you understand how the internet works. It's a giant machine fueled by hatred and tears with Feline overlords whipping the Bitslaves as they carry your insults and rage to all the corners of the electronic world.

    On topic, I'm not really a sports person. I like watching people do awesome things but I can't really sit through full matches.

    FOOTBALL!!! Lifelong Wimbledon supporter (first game at the old Plough Lane in 1980). I'm a very happy Womble this week as AFC Wimbledon won the League 2 playoff... Also been following Melbourne Victory since I moved to Melbourne in 2006.

    RUGBY!!! Love an international (Wallabies vs England in a couple of weeks), and follow the Melbourne Rebels. Perfect home game attendance record in Super Rugby games since they were founded 6 years ago.

    CYCLING!!! Complete tragic. Watched the Tour de France every year since 1989, and many races have been on in the background while I'm gaming... Love riding and get around by bike most of the time.

    AUSSIE RULES!!! Got into this wacky code. Follow Carlton. Been a crap couple of years but they're on the up again. Wife follows Hawthorn.

    CRICKET!!! Love the game, all forms.

    MOTORSPORT!!! Yep. Vrooom. Rallying, touring cars and V8s. F1 is interesting from a techie perspective, but the racing is often dull.

    DARTS!!! Used to play club darts until I had to give it up through injury.

    EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT BETTING SPORTS AND RUGBY LEAGUE. I'll watch nearly anything, but horse racing and the dogs hold no interest. And rugby league, well I grew up with union, and that's the code I prefer.

      Would I be right in guessing that you're from the UK? Cant imagine anyone outside of the UK even knowing Wimbledon had a team let alone following them to the bitter end...

        Yeah, they were my local side growing up in South London.

        We've got a small but passionate following world-wide. I lived in Cyprus for a few years, and the guy who owned the pub I drank in used to have the chip shop over the road from Wimbledon's old ground. There was Wimbledon memorabilia all over the pub. A former colleague here in Melbourne started following Wimbledon FC when he lived in London for a couple of years. Had the pleasure of pointing out to him that he has, as of this week when the Dons entered League One (or Division 3 in the old money) supported his team at every level of English football. Premier League when he was watching them in London so 1-2-9-8-7-6-5-4-3 since then. Bonkers.

        The 80s were interesting.
        "Who do you support?"
        "No, I mean in Division One."
        "They're not in Division One, they're in Division Three."
        "Yes, so who do you support?"
        "...still Wimbledon... no I don't have a "First Division" side... you?"
        "Liverpool/Tottenham/Arsenal/Man U (delete as appropriate)"
        "But you live round the corner from me... in Wimbledon..."
        "Wimbledon are rubbish."

        By the 86/87 season we'd gone from Division Four to Division One, won the FA Cup in '88 and were founder members of the Premier League, where we stayed until 99/00. Our ground was sold (despite a covenant on the land), our club was sold to investors, our league place was transferred to Milton Keynes, we reformed the club and started again in the amateur leagues, made it back to semi pro then the Football League and next season we're in the same division as Milton Keynes...

        Womble 'til I die. :)

          Die hard fans are the best. I applaud you for staying true to the team you love even when they hit the Amatuer league. It's easy to jump ship to another team who's winnning. It's so much harder, but more rewarding to follow a team up from the depths.

          I'm a die hard Adelaide Crows supporter in the AFL so I havent necessarily experienced having my team be go down that far, but still, I dont think I could ever support anyone else.

            Yeah. It's difficult being this way sometimes, because although I'm Australian now and while I'll happily shout for the Aussie cyclists and my local teams here, and I'll shout for the Wallabies against the All Blacks or Australia against the WIndies, as soon as they're playing the old country then "YOU DON'T CHANGE YOUR TEAM" is in my brain.

            So I'll be sitting at the Wallabies vs England test in Melbourne in my Welsh jumper...

          They're still rubbish. Red Devils are where it's at ;-) Although only supported them since the days of Cantona.

            The year we got relegated from the Premier League, we were the only team Man U didn't beat... :-)

            And Cantona. What a strange fellow. Practically defined "mercurial." Brilliant footballer. Mediocre poet. Excellent high kick, although probably better if not used on Crystal Palace supporters, no matter how abusive they are...

              I used to be a Palace supporter... but I took some studs to the face.

      I grew up in South Africa, and union was a huge part of the sporting scene there. Union will always be my favourite. I am trying to get into rugby league because it is a lot bigger here and I want to have a sport I can watch regularly.
      To me it looks like Union, except they removed all the contests from it (scrums, line outs, rucks & mauls) so it's basically looks like touch rugby to me? I really want to enjoy it, but it almost seems like a simpler version of Union. I know some super passionate supporters, so am I looking at it wrong?

        League's physical and exciting, there's no doubt about that. But yeah, the stuff that makes union interesting to me - phase play, rucks and mauls, and properly contested scrumming, have been neutered or removed from league.

    Only sports game i had was NBA Jam, Super Hang on, California Games, an Olympic one and a football game that was included in a double Pack with a game i wanted

    Closest i ever got to watching sport on tv was WWF.

    i can't stand to watch sports, when i used to play sports it was Basketball, Cricket and Field Hockey

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    NRL, Cricket, V8s. Getting into F1 and AFL a bit lately

    Soccer, AFL, NFL, NBA - that's about it.

    Anything else is like watching paint dry.... especially cricket.

    I love watching sports, nothing gets me as passionate as when one of my teams win a nail biting game, and the elation when a team pulls of something truly remarkable. I don't know how anyone can not like some form of it. My favourites in order are Union, cricket & soccer. Motorsport to a lesser extent.

    AFL is the only thing I watch regularly.

    If there's a cricket match on TV I might dip in and out of it for 10 minutes here and there, but I won't watch the whole thing even on TV, let alone even consider actually going to watch a game live.

    I watch the T20's when they are on, because they are always good fun.
    Aside from that, really only Motorsport (of many kinds) tend to hold my interest.
    F1 is my main *must watch*
    WEC if i know it's on.
    Le Mans 24 hour is a tradition in my family now. Camp in the living room for 24 hours with enough supplies to support minimal movement... It's amazing!
    V8's ever since i moved to 'Straya.
    Moto GP is something i'm starting to get into now.

      I'll second Le Mans.
      Staying up to watch it and having all of your supplies with you makes it feel like an event.
      I usually have a stream on with an old laptop hooked to the tv with the timing screen on the laptop display, whilst Radio Le Mans is on simultaneously.
      I don't move from there either until the end of the race, or for a bathroom break.

      You guys should check out the Bathurst 12hr when it's on in Feb. Rising event with multi class racing that we don't see enough of in Aus.

        I looooove the Bathurst 12hr! watched it for a couple of years now and it's so good!
        One day, i'll make a point of going, just haven't had much of a chance.

    I watch tonnes of sport. The only reason I pay for Foxtel is for the HD Sports. I watch just about anything but I actively follow NRL (Broncos), Football (Roar/West Ham), F1, NBA (Nets), NFL (Broncos), Cricket (all forms), Rugby (Reds) - if nothing is on I just find something on one of the sports channels.

    Really looking forward to the NBA finals starting tomorrow. It's a repeat of last year but with the Cavs being at full strength it should be a better series.

    I also play basketball in local comp each week and until recently I played futsal as well.

    I don't think I could survive without sport. Video games and sport are my two biggest hobbies (obsessions) by far. Most of the time when I'm playing a game I've also got sport on, on another TV.

    I've never actually really been into sports at all. I mean I can sit through the occasional soccer or tennis match if it's a good game, but don't really feel compelled to go out of my way to do so at all. I found it interesting a few years back when I was forced to play through some Rugby/League/AFL games and ended up learning the rules of the game, it suddenly made me pay more attention to matches I saw on TV since I now actually understood what I was looking at. But I've since forgotten all that, so it doesn't work any more :P

    I guess it's down to not really having any kind of investment in any of these things, they can't really hold my attention. But then I'm heavily into games but don't at all understand or have any real desire to watch other people play games. Though I know the lack of understanding thing comes into play when it comes to seeing competitive Smash or Street Fighter clips, where again I just have no idea what's going on. And all of this doesn't even make any sense since I generally consider myself a spectator rather than a participator.

    I don't understand anything.

    Football (soccer), Cricket, and American Football.

    Rugby League is without a doubt the most boring thing I have ever sat through.

      Rugby League is like MMA with a ball...

        Back in the 80's it was, the modern game is a lot more civilised though.

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