Telltale's The Walking Dead Returns This Autumn

It's been almost three years since Telltale put out the trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead series. The third season is due out this autumn, and the first teaser is here.

There isn't a whole lot on display, although you can see some of the improvements Telltale has been making to their internal engine. There's also plenty of intrigue and drama about getting close ... but close to what?

As for the visual improvements, here's a couple of comparisons. These shots are from the trailer for the second season.

And from the latest trailer:


    So that's what 4 Walking Dead games now before any more of The Wolf Among Us? What gives Telltale?! The Wolf Among Us is probably my favourite of all their games i've played and it's been 18 months since they finished the first episode of The Wolf Among Us..

    Ugh, I just deleted everything thinking that it was the end of the story. Now I'll have to play the first two games again just to get the save imports.

      Dude, it's Telltale. Don't mistake the illusion of choice for actually having any significant impact on the overall story. You'll be fine going in cold, at worst you get one line of dialogue that's incorrect.

        I don't know about that. The majority of the game I gather will be no different, but I expect the opening to be vastly different based on which ending you got at the end of Season 2.

        Never understood the "illusion of choice" argument. While yes most choices don't have mechanical, programmed consequences, every choice changes how the player feels and how they view the characters and events. In my mind this is much more important.

        Never mind the fact that if they had to write, develop and programme multiple narratives then the quality would drop off dramatically.

          Fair enough. Don't mind me, I'm just a closet sociopath who doesn't really have 'dem feels' :P

    Would of been nice for wolf among us season 2, since Fables has such a rich comic history and fantastic stories, shame that they ain't making more (as far as i can tell). I wouldn't mind playing the 3rd season, but frankly i'm over zombies and the human drama that follows.

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