The Australian PlayStation Store Is Having A Sale And It's Actually Good

It's the end of the financial year, which means sales.

Sales. Everywhere.

Even the notoriously sales averse PlayStation Store is having a sale. Yes, in Australia.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all: it's actually pretty okay!

You can check them all out here, but I've selected a few of my favourites. If you're one of those people who can't be bothered with box copies of games anymore. This is perfect.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: $AU24.95 In terms of its core mechanics and its stealth. This game is incredible. Like absolutely incredible. I think about replaying this at least twice a week. And if I didn't have a million other games to play, I'd probably just alternated between this game and Bloodborne until the end of time. Just uh... don't pay attention to the story.

Demon's Souls: $AU8.95 Um guys. Get this. Get it now. I actually think I'm gonna set-up my PS3 again solely to buy and play this.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD: $AU14.95 It's actually quite difficult to find these games in stores. If you're still rocking the PS3, I'd buy this.

Persona 4 Golden: $8.95 This is on the Vita. Everyone is constantly talking about how great it is. I'm going on a holiday for the next three weeks. Maybe I'll buy this...

So yes, a lot of stuff here. A lot of good stuff.

Get digging.


    The Demon's Souls servers are hopefully still going strong, I played it when it first went on PSN, after my time with Dark Souls.

    I liked it more

      I also preferred Demon's Souls to Dark Souls. Glad I'm not the only one...

        Agreed. People should buy it... so the world might be mended. So the world might be mended.

          People should go forth and touch the demon inside me

      I though the Demons Souls servers shut down a few years back after Dark Souls 1 was released..

        I think they were planning to shut them down but changed their minds after the community kicked up a stink.

        They're definitely still up.
        Source: I played it earlier this year, and messages were still around and rateable.

          I had a look after I posted that and confirmed it. Strange as I didn't see any online messages last time I was playing DS a few months back.

      Demon's Souls is so great. First played it in 2011, and finally got the platinum earlier this year.

        Oh man, that Pure Bladestone trophy.... ugh.

          Haha, yep. So much grinding! Took me about 8 hours, or thereabouts. The remainder of the trophies, from start to finish at a conservative clip: 36 hours.

      I got Demon's Souls last sale & was still server heavy.

    I just bought DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours for about $29 (been waiting for ages for it to drop from it's regular ridiculous pricing). Vita version is also on sale - pity they're not cross buy :(

    Also got Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4 for about $18 - I got the Vita version on PS+ a while back, but never really played it much (my Vita time is generally reserved for indies and JRPG's :P), so looking forward to giving it a fair go on the big TV.

      Yet the truly bizarre thing? The DLC *is* cross buy!

    Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions - $7.55

    I'd otherwise recommend Persona 4 Golden (the best Vita game full stop) to anyone who hasn't already played it.

      How is FFT:WotL? I bought it ages ago in a sale but haven't got around to playing it. P4G swallowed up most of my Vita time for a good couple of years, now I've started Trails In The Sky so I'm not sure when I'll get around to FFT. Not sure if I should line it up next after TitS (hehehe) or go with Suikoden...

        I just bought it so I'll let you know :-) It's been on my list for a while and it seems more appealing to me from what I've read than the Suikoden games (although they are on sale too...)

        Trails in the Sky FC and SC should keep you going for a decent 200 hours if you are going to 100% them (which you should).

    I bought ten titles last night... Vagrant Story, Rogue Galaxy, Steins;Gate, Trails if Cold Steel... and more!

    It was a great way to spend the PSN credit I've been hoarding.

    I think Psn has had great sales for the last few months. Witcher was like 30 bucks and the EA sale was good.

    Dark Cloud! I played a demo if that back in the day and loved it but couldn't remember what it was called.
    Shame it's probably dated as all hell.

      Literally in the same boat love that demo played it for about a year was going to by it last week glad I didnt.

      Last edited 30/06/16 10:49 am

    Sale averse PSN? They have sales all the time, and weekly deals of the week and discounts... Much more than what I find on live. Sure it's not steam Christmas sales but what is.

    There are about 6 or 7 games I will pick up in this sale, I have a pretty large digital library on my Sony consoles and most of the games I haven't spent much more than $30 on.

      Yeah I think the staff at Kotaku (and indeed a lot of people I know who have followed the steam sales over the years) aren't aware that there has been pretty decent discounting on PSN and XBL for some years now

        Im actually constantly amazed at the awesome discounts I have gotten on the PSN, I grabbed Battlefront for $37 about 2 months after launch, and just recently got an emailed discount voucher to get the season pass for i think 50 or 60% off, so I have gotten the Full game and expansions for about $70/80 not a bad deal.

        Will also quickly mention - Uncharted 4 for $79 at launch, MGSV TPP for 31, Uncharted Collection for 33, GTAV for 48, Dragonball Xenoverse with season pass for 38.

        Sure those prices dont compare to Steam, but they are cheap enough to make me happy, alot of the time these days if I do buy a game at launch for the consoles, I get it cheap because of Big W/JB then when I finish it I trade it in to EB games for PSN/Xbox live credit, which sits there until I either buy a different game on sale, or if the game I traded was good I will buy it digital on sale.

    Even the notoriously sales averse PlayStation Store is having a sale.Where is this coming from? There's been a sale on almost every week this year. Sony just paces themselves instead of cultivating an "I'll buy it on Steam when it's on sale" mentality.

    As for me, I couldn't resist picking up a few heavily discounted titles in my wishlist. I may actually cave and buy some more later before the sale ends. Between this, the Steam sale and all the JRPGs coming out my wallet has gone into shell shock.

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    Picked up one of the Sword Art Online games for around $11.

    Though I'll only get the digital version if I can't legally get the physical version in any form. Like others, I prefer physical so that when I expire the licenses for the content does not and my future relatives can enjoy what I once did.

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    Quick Question Only Tangentially Related To Topic (QQOTRTT):

    I have PT. I don't want to delete it.

    I want to start the game from scratch - can I at least delete my saved data?

    Will the game reset?

    Or, can I delete the game and find it on the PSN store because I already have a 'license' to do so?

      No, if you delete the game you cannot download it again. I'm in that situation and have already tried.

      The actually "master" for want of a better term has been removed.

        I don't know the technical stuff about my PS4 that well, can I delete the game's (any game's) save information but keep the base game? Then the game will start from scratch?

          Depends on the game. I don't have PT anymore so can't tell you for sure how if at all.

          Some have in game menus for managing saves while others (I'm assuming this is the route you are taking) require one to go to the game data manager to remove the save from there.

          Last edited 30/06/16 10:57 am

      You can still download it just not legally though the ps4 need to of downloaded it once before they removed it.Use google.

        I downloaded it, then had to send it off to Sony for repair. JB told me I wouldnt lose anything, but I backed up the save games in case. They sent me a refurbished ps4, so PT was lost :(

        Still have the save game tho

      I'm sure you can delete save data off your PS4 without deleting the actual game. It's in the settings somewhere (maybe under "Storage" or something like that?) There is the option to delete save data from the local system storage and also to delete it from the cloud storage.

      If you're really worried about it, maybe back up your PS4 to a USB drive before doing it.

        Yep, this.

        I've restarted PT by deleting the save file a few times already cos I wanted to show my mum, dad, and friends on several occassions just how creepy it is. completely safe to do

    This is great, but how can you have a "Big in Japan" sale and not include Yakuza 5?!

    What? PlayStation usually have pretty good sales going all the time. Meanwhile, what does Xbx 360 have on sale? The Mass Effect DLC and maybe one the game. I ain't no fanboy but this is ne area where Xbox need to step their game up.

    Dammit I got excited when I saw SotC. Why can't that be on PS4!? AUGHH

    Resident Evil HD $11.99....:-P Downloading now......

    Should also check out the midyear sale on the US PSN, some great discounts on there, and it is not hard to set up a foreign PSN account on your AUS PS4, which is why I have already finished Stick of Truth unedited twice on the PS4 and got the platinum trophy before you can even get it on the AUS/EU PSN.

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