The Banner Saga 2 Headlines Xbox's Games With Gold For July

Microsoft's announced their lineup for Games With Gold next month, with an excellent strategy game leading the charge. Remember, though Microsoft advertises these games as "free", an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold is required to play them. If you own an Xbox One, the Xbox 360 games will also be playable on your machine.

Here's what's coming next month.

Xbox One

  • The Banner Saga 2 (July 1-31)
  • Tumblestone (July 16-August 15)

Xbox 360

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (July 1-15)
  • Tron Evolution (July 16-31)


    Caveat is a little inaccurate, you require a gold membership to download the games but after that they are attached to your profile and can be played whether you have an active membership or not.

      Does that apply to XBOX One games? I know it does with the 360 titles but I thought they changed it with the XBOX One.

        I believe you are correct, I asked a friend about it earlier.

        Yup, all games redeemed through games with gold

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