The Best Cosplay At Sydney Supanova 2016

This past weekend the skies opened up and poured all over Supanova's annual Sydney event, but the weather didn't dampen the spirits of the hordes of cosplayers who attend each year to strut their fancy costumes.

At a convention with as many people (and cosplayers) as Supanova attracts, it's impossible to capture all the talent that was on show over the weekend, but we've done our best to feature a small snippet of it.

Here's a selection of our favourite cosplays, as captured by photographer What A Big Camera and a few of our own snaps.

Photos by What A Big Camera. Additional images by Kotaku Australia.

Did you see some awesome cosplay at Supanova this weekend? Tell us about it, or link your own photos in the comments!

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


    No Zangief? For shame... ;)

      I am good at avoiding the cameras apparently.

      Probably for the better. I noticed at the end of the day my on-site adjustments to the chest hair had left it horribly askew, so the fewer people that see the better :P

    Oh my god how did I not see those knights! Also Aquaman.

    No Amigacammy? I guess she retired from cosplay.

    HEY! That's my Olivia (Fire Emblem) Cosplay.

    My page is ^.^

    Here are the photos I took while volunteering:

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