The Big Question: Who Won E3?

Since it's Wednesday, and we tend to run a poll on Wednesday, let's ask the question we always start asking ourselves around this time.

Who won E3 2016? Yes it's pointless. Yes it's all a bit silly, but it's fun to debate so let's do it. SAMSUNG CSC

Who do you think had the best showing this year?

I'm tempted to just outright say that Sony had the best showing. Mainly because their conference was just a short, powerful whirlwind of compelling footage from video games I'm really excited about. But I feel as though the Project Scorpio leak really denied Microsoft their shot at having a big, dramatic E3 reveal.

Nintendo, by their own admission, sort of backed out of the E3 arms race, so I think — as good as Zelda looks — they're out of the running.

What are your thoughts?


    Strong showing from Sony I thought, felt pretty impressed by their conference. Last year outside of the constant megatons I thought Ubisoft actually had the best showing.

    Trials of the Blood Dragon does make for a pretty strong argument this year though :P

    I feel like the wind was taken out of MS sails by leaks and most of what they presented was known entities. Sony was a surprisingly short and punchy show with a few surprises and gave me the only "oh wow" moment with the reveal of Resident Evil 7 (completely with VR and a teaser demo available immediately). I have to tip it in Sony's favour this year, only just.

    It's a shame that my Xbone is going to sit collecting dust even more that the majority of exclusive games are going to be on Windows too.

      I actually think that Sony's press conference was kind of meh. Am I the only one tired of hearing from Sony that they will have games at some undefined point in the future? They have one game this holiday, the last guardian. They have one other game with an announce date: Horizon. I also don't care for their VR because having to choose between ugly game and sub 90 fps gameplay isn't compelling. Meanwhile microsoft gives hard deadlines, makes some announcements, and gives us features on Xbox Live that are great QoL improvements. Furthermore, by the time we get a release date for all of the big reveals at Sony's conference, Microsoft will be announcing another round of games that will actually come out over the subsequent 6 months or so. Am I the only one jaded by vapor promises from Sony? When did we first hear about the Last Guardian? Is anyone convinced that the last Guardian could ever mean as much to us as when it was announced 7 or 8 years ago? At a certain point it's hard to have faith when I haven't had anything to play on my PS4 since its launch but 2 games. Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne. in 3 years, we got 2 games. Give me a break.

    WTF happened to 2K? Where is my Red Dead 2????????????

      There was a rumour that it was scheduled for a trailer at the end of the Sony conference, but was dropped in light of the most recent massacre in the U.S.

    Most of the announcements were either games from last years E3, dlc, remakes(remasted or VR) or sequels.
    That being said, there was a couple of nice looking games and 3 must haves for me: For Honour, Wildlands and BF1.

    Sony had some great looking games (don't own a PS4) but for me it was all about Zelda.

    I think everyone was a winner in their own unique way.

    Except Ser Tech, screw that guy!

    We Happy Few. Days Gone. Dead Rising 4. Titanfall 2. Haven't watched Ubis presentation yet, will tonight.

    Even though Sony has convinced me to go with the neo over the scorpio next year from their show, for me Nintendo won. Im just that big of a Zelda fan. It looks marvelous.

    Got pretty excited by Sony. Pumped for Horizon Zero Dawn and a new Spiderman game has me cautiously excited!!!

    Sony's conference had the most games that made me think "damn, I should buy a ps4" - Horizon, God Of War, Spiderman - and then on top of that they really pushed PSVR compatibility which is cool.
    I think Microsoft had a pretty poor showing in terms of reasons to buy an Xbox, but I really like what they're doing with the xbox/windows 10 infrastructure because it means I don't have to buy an xbox to play the games I want to play on xbox.
    Ubisoft had the most baller moment of the whole conference when they went "look at this stupid Trials/Blood Dragon crossover we made, you all love it, also it's out right now".
    Nintendo had the dullest conference in the world (let's mention zelda, then talk about pokemon for 80 years as if no-one watching E3 knows what pokemon is). Really condescending, really boring. Having said that, the new Zelda stuff looks cool as hell.

    Rare won E3. Sea of Mother Fucking Thieves!

    Microsoft for me.

    I'm cautiously optimistic about where they are going. If they can nail releasing a high-spec console at a really good price, they have me sold.

    Price will determine if they nail this or not.

    Horizon Zero Dawn and the zombie game looked great from Sony although I'm a little suspect as to what the zombie game was running on. It looked very, very good and all those zombies looked very damn fluid.

    Only watched the Sony conference, mainly because it was the only one that wasn't on at an ungodly hour that I could catch, but they absolutely killed it (again).

    Edit: Disappointed Nintendo didn't reveal anything about the NX, pretty sure they said this was on purpose because it would kill Wii U sales. Still disappointed though. Guessing they'll probably reveal it around November to get people pre-ordering it before they're out of money after xmas.

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    Where's the option for Kojima??? There should be seperate button for him! I would vote. Else, I'd say both Sony and Xbox absolutely destroyed E3. I can't seperate the two.

      I was looking for the fanbois option. Then again I like taking the piss.

    Nintendo won, Zelda BotW looks god damn incredible compared to everything else, including the Kojima whale/fish/baby/bare ass death fest.

    Nintendo had the potential to win, even though they were only talking about 2 game(3 if you want to count each Pokemon game separately). They had such a strong start with that Zelda trailer, and the gameplay/interview at the end was solid. But they failed ridiculously with the Pokemon segment. Nothing in the first 20 minutes was new news, and then when the "gameplay" started it just proved to be the most boring thing ever as they constantly interrupted it with more questions.

    In the end I believe Sony won. They focused almost exclusively on the software, with the only deviation being reinforcing Playstation VR's price & release date and then straight back to the software. Throughout their entire presentation I was never bored even when certain games didn't interest me, and that is an amazing thing to achieve for that length of time.

    I say it was Nintendo, just because if you pull up statistics, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds was talked about the most on social media, even more than the likes of God of War and Battlefield.

    Sony and PSVR for me, followed by Nintendo and Zelda even though that was pretty much all they showed, it still looks great.

    Apart from Sony, most of the showings were first person shooters. If I have to hear another "Move it, GO GO GO!"....i'll go nuts!

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