The Big Question: Would You Buy Another Handheld Console?

I love handheld consoles. I loved the PS Vita and I loved loved loved the 3DS.

But I'm wondering if Sony will ever make a handheld console again? And I'm wondering what the NX will even look like. Will it combine home consoles and handhelds in a way we're not used to?

Is the standalone handheld console dead in the water?

I sure hope not. But what are your thoughts — would you buy another handheld console? Are you happy with just your mobile? Personally some of my favourite gaming experiences of the last decade have been on a handheld console: Fez on the Vita, Luigi's Mansion 2 on the 3DS. The best Zelda game since Wind Waker was on the 3DS.

Anyway, this is my way of saying that I love handheld gaming and I hope it never goes away.


    Hell yes. Just as soon as the next Pokemon game comes out on it.
    I don't know why Nintendo doesn't just make Pokemon a launch title with every new handheld as they would undoubtedly sell more units faster.
    I'm not a big fan of phone games, I'm keen to see what Pokemon GO will be like but I seriously doubt it will compete with the traditional games.
    Other than Pokemon there are just so many good games on there I love (admitedly mostly RPGs) like Bravely Default + Second, Fire Emblem Fates, Zelda, I recently even got Starfox 64 3D after finding out Starfox Zero was basically Starfox 64 just more disappointing.

    At this point probably no, i got very good mileage out of my Nintendo DS and 3DS but now they are mostly collecting dust, i can emulate most of their games on my phone as well so that took it's place and a few decent mobile games helped to make that decision also.

    I had a PSP before that and it was also similarly great but ended up collecting dust so i sold it =P

    It would have to have some pretty damn amazing games AND be region free to get me to consider buying another one, no idea why Nintendo thought that would be a good idea for the 3ds to be region locked.

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    Only if they work to their strengths

    recently i payed 80 for a gameboy micro. I love focused Handheld experiences: the DS lite and GBA were terrific. What the 3DS and (especially) Vita did wrong was trying to cover too many bases, and thinning themselves. Everybody has mobiles; we don't need browsers, fb and netflix on our handhelds.
    DS Lite had 4 things to do: DS game, GBA game, Pictochat or download play.
    Concise. Eloquent.
    It's something the current gen of both consoles and handhelds have forgotten

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