The Entire Xbox E3 Press Conference Leaked Before It Started

Microsoft is a leaky company, but today we saw something unprecedented: Minutes before the Xbox E3 press conference, the entire lineup leaked on Twitter.

Granted, we already knew a lot of it. Kotaku broke news of Xbox Slim and Scorpio last month, and leaks last week pointed to Dead Rising 4 and State of Decay 2, among other things. But the Twitter account NerdLeaks had access to the entire schedule just a few minutes before it went live, and they nailed it:

Don't you love E3?


    so whats the point of a slim XB1 if the "Scorpio" is to be released next year i just see that as a waste of time buying will still be using my 360 till i see what that one is like.

      Probably price. Kind of like how Apple still sells their old iPhone models even after a new one launches. If the slim is $150-200 cheaper I'm sure people wouldn't mind the lower performance.

      Once Scorpio gets a price we'll see if I'm right.

        Good Ol' EB are taking preorders for $999, which I doubt will ever be the price, but certainly plays into those cost expectations

        EB are taking preorders of $549.00 so i guess no cheaper and just unnecessary.

      People have been screaming for a slim model, because somehow what is in their entertainment unit aesthetically matters?

      I'm sure some people have other reasons, but that seems to be the prevailing one. That, and it will be cheaper than the Scorpio.

      I don't think they are doing it because they need to, but because they have to. Most of the major foundries will not look back at 28nm process technology. If either of the above companies wants to keep producing consoles in the future, they need to be redesigned with 14nm components.

      The 2 options for doing so are,

      *Slim route
      *Upgrade route

      It looks like MS made the choice to go with Slim before the Upgrade. Sony seems to be headed to an Upgrade only route. Producing a Slim version of the PS3 wasn't easy for Sony, it looks like they are about to take full advantage of Vulkan like tech that allow hardware upgrades much easier to handle.

    I spotted free Limbo and Tekken Tag, what was the third thing?

      I didn't think there was a third thing, but check this list from time to time. A lot of it will be free DLC, but sort by release date and you'll see the latest freebies.

        THANK YOU
        I used to use but that was never updated to XB1

      Was very happy about Tekken Tag cuz I offloaded my disc a few weeks back thinking I would buy it digitally when the price was right!

    The tweet should have just said 'Move along, nothing to see here"

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