The Final Fantasy XV Character With A Surprising Backstory

Prompto Argentum is razor thin, sports Final Fantasy hair and wears Final Fantasy style clothes. But he wasn't always that way. In the latest episode of the Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV anime, we get Prompto's backstory. The younger version seems like a nice, gentle soul. Unlike the Prompto of FFXV, he wasn't in shape and lacked confidence.

After saving Luna's dog, Prompto gets the notion that he should befriend Noctis. To do so, he decides he needs to get into shape.

Here, Prompto is breathing heavily after running.

Prompto's parents always appear to be at work. He ends up eating fast food alone.

Though, Noctis probably didn't care what he looked like and would have befriended him regardless.

Prompto lacks self confidence.

So, Prompto starts jogging and eating better.

Here, he's having a salad and a burger and not a burger and fries.

While jogging, Prompto begins greeting everyone he meets, showing increased confidence.


By the end of the episode, he looks like your typical Final Fantasy character. This might raise questions about what exactly it implies (for example, does this mean thin is good or is this reinforcing body stereotypes that exist among FF characters?); however, the main thrust of the episode seemed to be about confidence. For Prompto, he felt he needed to get into shape to feel better about himself.


By the time he's in high school, Prompto works up the confidence to introduce himself to Noctis for the first time. Though, Noctis rightly points out that this isn't the first time they have met.

By now, Prompto also has Final Fantasy hair.

He might seem like your typical stylish Final Fantasy character, but this backstory proves he's anything but. You can watch the full episode below:


    I've no reason to watch it now, do I?

      Considering the episodes are basically ten minutes long after you discard the intro/outro credits, there's no reason to watch them until you get the game into your disc drive and watch it on youtube while your console installs the game.

        That's when I eat dinner though.

        Fallout 4 got me good by not installing everything until I started up the disk. Nice one Bethesda

    I feel like I'm essentially living Prompto's life ... without all the whole "get in shape" bullshit.

    So is this anime set in our world, but has FFXV characters? Or is like a spiritual parallel to the game? ...Or is there a dimensional jump at some stage?

    Or is this like 'crisis of infinite final fantasies' where the dimensional barriers break down and all the different FF worlds start crashing into each other and all the worlds Cids work together to get the best heroes out of all the worlds together to save the day?!

      It's apparently an actual prequel to the game itself, set in exactly the same place.

      Think, like... The Witcher world only distant-but-not-too-distant futuristic instead of medieval. So yeah, there's monsters and stuff out in the countryside and the wilds and magic is real but kinda understated and not that common. Cities and other major population centres are basically the same as our cities.

      Last edited 17/06/16 5:29 pm

    So does this mean thin is good?
    Well, pretty much or are you saying obesity is OK?

      Sometimes thin isn't good, because some people may appear to be thin but may still lead an unhealthy lifestyle, e.g. unhealthy eating, alcoholism, smoking, drugs etc. A thin person might look healthy but their insides could be horrible, and their mental health could be affected too, such as a low self esteem due to how they perceive their own body, which could lead to depression.

      In this case though, thin is certainly good, because Prompto is obviously being very healthy. Better eating, exercise, losing body fat, getting a higher self esteem and becoming more confident... so yeah, in Prompto's case, thin is good.

      Obesity... well, it's important that we as human beings feel comfortable and confident in our own skin, which admittingly is so much easier said than done. For those who are overweight, we shouldn't give them crap about it (fat shaming), however in saying that, people who are into health/fitness shouldn't get crap about their life styles (fit shaming).

      I believe people should try and strive to lead healthier life styles, for their own sake. It's not about trying to look like a fitness model, it's about not dying at age forty due to preventable chronic conditions, such as a heart attack or diabetes.

      Last edited 20/06/16 10:11 am

    I'm still not entirely sold on the game (the battles are so messy) but I'm loving these animes. Quite a surprising character twist for Prompto, who seems to be the loud-mouth smart-arse of the group.

    Not to be fat shaming but I feel they might've made young Prompto a tiny bit too fat.. Like maybe should've made him maybe a notch or two less. Just based on most people I've known who were fat when they were younger then got skinny in their late teens vs. Prompto's body type which is Asian skinny

      I think it's suitable. When I was twenty one (so not quite as young as Prompto would have been), I weighed +130kg (so nearly 300 Ibs). I lost 32kg (about 70ish Ibs) within nine months, getting down to 96kg (210ish Ibs). When I was my previous weight, I honestly looked -very- fat. Then when I lost that weight, I was told I looked "skinny".

      I'm sure there have been many people here who have also lost weight, but in all honesty, you basically end up looking like a completely different person to the point where you will barely recognize yourself in photographs, while friends/family who haven't seen you in a while will definitely freak out at your transformation.

        Last time I had a personal trainer helping me with strength, I was only at it for about two months before people started commenting and touching my arms and stuff, but I honestly could not tell you the difference. Didn't feel any different, didn't even lose that much fat off my love handles. But apparently they could tell better than I could. I reckon the photos are probably pretty necessary to really get any sense of the difference for yourself. I mean... you see yourself in reflections ever day.

          Well mate, that's exactly it! You see yourself in the mirror every single day. It's hard to see progress when you're seeing yourself all the time, but a lot of people won't see you as often as you see yourself... maybe a few times a week? Once a week? Few times per month? Once a month? I dunno, but the point is, you see yourself all the time, so you won't see the progress like others do.

          You also gotta remember that two months isn't that long. If you stuck at it for longer, you would have begun to see and yield even more results. Good on you for starting though, at the very least. The first step is often the most difficult. I hope you're continuing with a similar regime?

          I remember when I lost all my weight, because I saw myself every day, it was hard to see my results... but then I took a photo of myself, looked at a photo of myself from the past and I thought, "No way". It felt so surreal. My friends also made comments about me because like you, they didn't see me as often as I saw myself.

            Oh that was years ago. And yeah, I stuck with it for a couple years and it worked real well. Was a shame when my trainer left for overseas, and I got slack without him, just plateaued and was happy enough to leave it that way. Now? Newp, no similar regimen. Picked up a lung infection which hit me pretty hard for a month, then just plain got lazy, work got busy, I loved my food too much and next thing you know it's a year later and now I've got love-handles. Been going twice a week for 'junk food' exercise (just machines, whatever feels good at the time - you know, the 'junk food' of gym exercises; not ideal, but better than starving) and the rower for cardio. Really gotta get back into heavy resistance, though.

      I dunno dude. When I was in yr 8, we had this Asian guy join in the final term of the year and he was big. Like... round. Much bigger than Prompto. He busted his hump trying to join in on all the cross-country everyone was doing, and the basketball and swimming and etc and etc, but he wasn't really comfortable. Sweated buckets and couldn't perform.

      So, school broke for the Christmas holidays in... late November? And we were gone for two months. Came back and the dude was skinny as hell. Like, utterly unrecognizable. I legitimately thought we had a new kid in the school. Not as 'buff' as Prompto in FF15, but not too far off, either. I couldn't believe the transformation in such a short time.

        Everyone is different. We all react differently to things like change in diet, exercise etc. plus our genetics can also play a role in body development. Children and teenagers also react strongly due to puberty... so you might be a short, tubby and round thirteen year old who suddenly turns into a tall, thin fifteen year old.

        People may also do different things to achieve different results. For example, I lost 32kg (70 Ibs) over nine months, where as I know another person who achieved that kind of weight loss in half the time... their regime and methods were much more difficult than mine, but they achieved the same results in half the time.

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