The Internet Has Turned Overwatch's Play Of The Game Into An Incredible Joke

Overwatch's "play of the game" is supposed to be a post-match highlight that showcases a moment of badarsery, but the internet has transformed the feature into so much more. You've probably already seen examples of this in action, but basically, the play of the game has become a big meme where people splice together footage from Overwatch with something completely unrelated, like live-action video. The results are often hilarious (and sometimes, pretty terrible). Here are some of the best play of the game parodies we've seen floating around.

Spongebob Squarepants

Game of Thrones (spoilers)

Breaking Bad (spoilers)

Christian Bale

Tommy Wiseau

Tom Cruise














    Waiting for one as Genji that's really the kid with the lamp pole pretending he's a jedi...

    that robot playing tictactoe made my day! bwahahahaha!

    its got to such a stage now where I dont even heal a Bastion or a Torbjorn or even vote for them for them at the end of the day. I would rather lose games than even remotely accept that they exist. Especially on teams with a few of them.

      I got play of the game yesterday as Torbjorn and it was pretty much me running around gathering scrap for armour while my turret did all the work. It was a shitty play of the game, but at least everyone on my team had armour.

    The Christian Bale one would be perfect if they put Reaper's "DIE DIE DIE!" over it.

    Last edited 04/06/16 5:24 pm

    Torbjorn is great! He need a Warhammer skin. He's pretty much the White Dwarf :)

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