The Line To Play Zelda At E3 Is Really, Really, Really, Long

Source: Gameexplain The line to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild at E3 is apparently really, really, really, really, really, really, really long.

Like, really long.

(h/t Polygon)


    God i could never understand why people do this - spending hours of the time you have at a con just waiting in line...
    It was the same with the PS VR thing at PAX last year - The line was 3 hours worth of waiting.
    I suppose if you're THAT keen to try somehting out..
    The thing is, for me at least, you're not waiting for something that no one is ever going to have access to after this point. You're waiting for somehting that will be released to the public in a more complete version...
    Maybe i'm the weird one, though...

      Three hours? I just walked straight in when it was my appointment time :P

        Yeah, but you had to line up to get the appointment in the first place!

          Wasn't that long, I spent more time waiting in line to try out the Vive up in the Coolermaster booth :P Though granted I got in early to score a good spot before the convention opened for the day, and didn't really have much else I wanted to check out anyway.

      But don't people who go to E3 write reviews and articles about the games? Hence people were in line for work purposes. Sounds like a good enough reason to me. Better than lining up for an iphone or an Aldi opening.

        I dunno, man. Some of those weekly specials are pretty great.

    It's kind of amazing (in a disappointing way) how the Wii U will have basically lived out its life with none of Nintendo's heavy hitting titles. No 3D Mario, no Zelda, no Metroid. No deep engaging adventure to take us on until its last dying breath. Heh.

      Errr Super Mario 3D World was definitely a 3D even has 3D in the title!

      And despite popular opinion it was, in fact, a very good Mario game.


        Last edited 03/08/16 8:22 pm

          No it wasn't. It was more than just a sequel as well.
          I'd still say it's the best platformer of all time.

            It was excellent. No arguments there. But there's no way it was better than Galaxy 2.

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