The List Of Names For The Vision's New Robot Dog Would Be Cute If It Wasn't So Horrifying

That second half of that headline right there? Basically the entire premise of The Vision as a comic series, in all honesty.

So for those not following along with the nightmarish, endlessly compelling comic that is The Vision (and honestly, you bloody well should be), Vision and his family of synthezoids have a new pet dog. The little green mutt, introduced in The Vision #6, is kinda cute once you get past the blank synthezoid eyes and the fact that he can float and phase through objects like his masters.

His name is Sparky, but that name comes from a long list of entries sent in by readers at the request of Vision writer Tom King. The latest issue of the book, The Vision #8, ends with a list the fan-submitted names showing us what might have been for the little robot-doggie.

Lots of good puns in there (I'm fond of Wi-Fido, honestly), and naturally, a lot of 'Vi-' names to capitalise on the names of Vision's family — Vigil, Vin and Viv. Cute, right? NO, OH GOD NO.

Because let's not forget how little Sparky came into being. In The Vision #6, Vision, having discovered the dark secrets his wife was keeping from him, chopped up the brain of his next door neighbours' pooch Zeke (who discovered the decaying corpse of D-List villain Grim Reaper buried in the Visions' back garden, because no seriously read this damn comic) to both hide the evidence of the dog's death, and to sort of ignore the fact that he's created a cabal of tragically flawed horrors instead of a functioning family unit.

But hey, cute lil' Sparky the robo puppy! God dammit, this comic is so good. And depressing. But also: So good.


    I avoid anything that has dogs in pain.

    It was the most painful part of Ninja Gaiden 3, even more than all the horrible things wrong with the game.

    Wi-fido is pretty darn great.

    Pity someone didnt think of Doggy McDogface...

    Am I the only one thinking GIR's disguise got an upgrade?

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