The New Call Of Duty Was Ridiculously Impressive

There were plenty of highlights during Sony's E3 press conference, but I sure as hell wasn't expecting the new Call of Duty to be one of them.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was neatly wedged in the middle of Sony's presser this year, and the powers that be picked the perfect sequence of gameplay to lead with: space.

It all started with what could have been selecting a mission in any old action space game. It then neatly transitioned into a FPS segment in zero gravity.

Very cool, Call of Duty.


    I'm far from a regular fan, but I was actually pretty impressed by what was shown. I like what I saw, but I don't think that it's something that would appeal to COD's actual audience, no matter how slick it looks.

      Yeah, but CoD's current audience divides themselves into camps over which developer handles the franchise the worst and sends death threats demanding that they revert unimplemented gun rebalances.

      Also, they'll bitch and moan but they'll buy it anyway.

        Haha that imgur image sums up the CoD community.

        They've been screaming for difference, they get different and now all they want is the same (CoD4)

      yeah I completely agree - as someone who has never been into call of duty games I really like where they're going with the more futuristic stuff but it seems like the consensus from die hard fans is pretty negative.

      Same here. Actively hate Call Of Duty as a franchise and for what it has done to the industry at large (i.e. the Hollywoodification of the games industry, playing it safe, focusing on massive profit, etc.) . But I have always said the day they show me a game that can change my mind about its quality then I'll be the first to admit it. Based on this video, they're pretty damn close!

    Yeah looks like it might be a bit too far out of the norm for most COD fans... Definitely peaked my interest since I haven't bought a CoD game in a few years.

      I'm in the same boat - I stopped playing COD after Modern Warfare 1, but this looks fantastic.

      Also, it's 'piqued my interest/curiosity', not 'peaked'.

        Maybe he means that he reached the maximum level of interest yesterday and its just going to get less interesting for him from here.

          Given how shitty the last few years of COD have been, that would not surprise me in the slightest.

    Pity the spaceship combat functions like a fighter jet in atmosphere. You should be able to head on a vector then pivot and face any direction while travelling.

    i havent touched Call of Duty since the announcement that MW2 would not leaning or dedicated servers and mod support. I really like the look of this one

    That certainly looks better than the bucket and spade you use in Battlefield 1

    Oh man, this new space ship shooting game looks awesome!
    *player jumps out of cockpit*
    Oh, it's Call of Duty...

      Haha, Thought much the same thing. Initially thought it might be a new Unreal game of all things, then when the grappling hook was fired out I thought it might have been Titanfall 2 single player campaign they mentioned was coming to PS4.
      Gotta say though, was mighty impressed with being slow played and outwitted by a call of duty game trailer, something I think we all thought we had a pretty good handle on what to expect.

        It's kinda sad how even in future space, with a large collection of ADS shooters, that I can still point out a CoD game.

    I can't help but wonder if the space-jet-on-space-jet combat was on rails. Looks a lot like the jet on jet combat from BO3 which is basically on rails. I just don't believe call of duty would give you as much freedom as they are making it look like they are.

    Last edited 14/06/16 5:14 pm

      If it's anything like previous CoD games, they'll give you all the freedom of movement you want! ...But you'll get cut to ribbons in a second or two if you step outside of the approved 'best set-piece viewing area' zones.

    its amazing what can happen when people wait to see something concrete instead of launching into a hatefest based on a 2min trailer. (PS I say that not even as a CoD fan)

    bahahahahaa, 20 seconds in and there's a 'push to open door' moment. For their sake I reeeeeeeeally hope they were subtley poking fun at themselves.

    edit: press to enter ship
    edit: press to breach
    edit: press to depressurise
    ....sigh....ok looks like maybe not....

    they totally stole the assault rifle reload animation from Deus Ex: Human Revolution too

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    That isn't space... they aren't even trying.

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