The New God Of War Turns To Snow And Norse Mythology

Sony kicked off their E3 presser with a massive orchestral score — and then went straight into their new God of War.

The new Kratos — or his replacement — lives in some very snowy terrain, although the game hasn't discarded any of its giant killing ways.

It's simply titled God of War, indicating that this game is a reboot of the series and not a follow-up to Santa Monica's previous efforts.

BattleStar Galactica composer Bear McReary also played some of the score live, for a theatrical touch.


    This was a surprise. A huge departure from previous God of Wars.

    New camera viewpoint changes the dynamic, a focus on single enemy fights instead of groups, more story based. They are channeling the new Tomb Raider reboot, and it's got a similar feel to the new Ninja Theory game Hellblade (which is unfortunate for Ninja Theory).

    Somewhat disappointed, as it doesn't feel like God of War. But will probably still be great.

      Somewhat disappointed, as it doesn't feel like God of War.

      It feels like they were making a different game and then decided to convert the protagonist into Kratos and name it God of War. There better be a good explanation as to why Kratos is now a viking, made particularly odd by the use of "Spartan Rage" during the gameplay demo.

        Yeh seems that way, right down to the achievements for learning to use a bow etc. Like you say, that Spartan Rage part made 0 sense.

        Yeah I thought the same. I originally thought it would be a new protagonist, entirely new series based on the Nordic mythology......I would have been cool with that. Make some new hero who is a badass viking through and through.

        But to shoehorn hipster Kratos into it is weird.

        I then thought.....oh maybe it isn't Kratos.

        But then thought......Oh, but he is covered in ashes, has the same markings on his body and also has SPARTAN

        What happened to the epic ending from GOW3?

          To me it looked like an aged Kratos, and possibly that he's moved on from Greece, headed north and the world has been rebuilt thanks to the Norse Gods

          Hipster? Kratos? Oooookaaaaaaaaayyy...
          Ive never seen him drink a kale smoothie, ride a fixie or wear flannel ironically but whatevs. I agree with the rest of what youre saying tho.

        Think about this. Why, when you're teaching the boy how to track, or how to fire the bow, YOU'RE getting the experience for it? Think about how the game gave you control over the boy when firing the bow. I see a bait and switch character change in this game. You play as the son, not the father. This is just the prologue.

        Or, in typical God Of War fashion, this will be an unsubtle, braindead button masher that doesn't respect the player's intelligence, forever living in the shadow of games that did it earlier and better. Shoehorning Kratos into a completely different world for the sake of brand name recognition doesn't matter, cause they think you're too dumb to care.

        Last edited 14/06/16 4:54 pm

          the developer said you will play the whole game as kratos. my guess is the boy will die and that will piss kratos to go and kill all the Norse gods :)

            Developers sometimes lie in these things to save the surprise. Again, I'm probably giving them too much credit, because it is God Of War after all, but that possibility is the best direction for the story to go.

            Honestly, kind of hoping he gets to murder another pantheon.

    Dad of War looks great, can't wait!


    I will point out that he still has the massive scar on his stomach, as well as the ashes of his family, familiar markings and scars left behind by the chains that were wrapped around his arms. It is not a reboot.

    That and Cory Barlog (Santa Monica studios) has pretty much confirmed it's a follow-on from where 3 left off. Kratos seeks change, and the birth of a child certainly motivates him to push for that change. Having left nothing but destruction in Greece, he has evidently left the Greek pantheon and headed north to seek a new life. Barlog compared it with the birth of his own child, explaining that Kratos seeks to contain the beast inside. It's clear in this trailer that he is trying to show love and compassion (especially with that touching scene at the end), but that it is no easy road given his past.

    Anyway, just thought I would shed some light since people seem to think it's 'yet another reboot'. I have a soft spot for these games (typical drooling lunatic fan). I definitely enjoyed the more emotional aspects this story holds, and I enjoy a focus on single combat, especially with massive bosses that are known to the series. Not 100% on the camera angle as it feels a bit locked, but as long as it doesn't restrict movement too much or they tinker with it a bit it could be quite interesting. I both love and hate the camera angles in past games - love them for their cinematography and the way they frame the environment in a perfect manner, and hate them for when you just want to control the damn thing here and there! :D

    TLDR: not a reboot, much hype. :-)

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