The Overwatch Equivalent Of Liking Your Own Facebook Post

There's nothing more frustrating than being called out in Overwatch's post-match results screen and having nobody give a thumbs up. When that happens, I resort to extreme measures: I give myself a thumbs up.



There are two different ways that Overwatch tries to make players feel cool when the match is over, win or lose. There's the play of the game highlights, which you're probably already aware of, even if you don't play.

But there's also this:

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The game plucks a few ways players contributed to the match before the next one gets underway, and each player is allowed to "like" one of them. It's Overwatch's clever way of celebrating players, even in defeat.

I don't make it there often, and it sucks when no one votes for me when I do! Does everyone really need to congratulate another person using Reaper's ultimate to sweep a cluster of defensive players?

So I take matters into my own hands and vote for who really counts. Is that the equivalent of liking your own Facebook post? Maybe. But if you realised how great I was, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.

(While I think it's neat that Blizzard allows this, it would be very funny if Blizzard eventually found a way to poke fun at people who do this.)


    I normally vote for other people. However, if we lost and I was the only person on the bloody point then I'll always vote for myself.

      I always vote for the healer on my team if possible. If not, I'll sometimes vote for myself if there are no decent alternatives. Doing so can sometimes influence others to follow suit ;-)

        I wouldn't vote for the healer if I was the tank and I saw them hovering around their obvious buddy playing Pharah, McCree, Reaper etc instead.

    I always vote myself.. Screw the other people! :P Speaking of votes, it annoys me to no end when a Bastion gets votes -_-

      Bastion continuously gets votes because people feed him, he's not a difficult character to overcome.

        What does one thing have to do with the other? Why would you vote someone because they got fed lol?

          Because people see lots of kills to one person or a high kill involvement rate which leads them to believe the character was played well, It's easy to be good with bastion, It's hard to be GREAT with him.

    all ways go the healer and NEVER EVER go for a Bastion or Torbjorn, hell in my own team I dont even heal them and some how at least one of them pretty much always gets the POTG. I would rather lose. its petty I know but the best games I have played contained neither of them and the difference was huge.

    They were actually fun and skilful and went right down to the wire. call me stupid but I would rather that what we have now

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      You're just a downright shit team mate. Regardless of what class they are, support your allies.

        oh yes but I am not helping another untalented player play in easy mode but helping the other players that actually require skill and placement. it all evens out. And lets face how rarely does one even need a heal. A flawless plan.

    Oh so that's what that is.

    I never voted for anybody :P

    If you are even remotely ok playing as Mercy or Reihardt will get you on there more often than not. Then watch the votes roll in because it's super obvious when they save your arse.

    I'll give myself a shameless self-vote if I've healed up around 10-12,000, and no one votes for me.

    Inconsiderate bastards, they'd all be dead if it wasn't for me.

    My voting preference is always:
    1. Healer
    2. Greatest contribution to team damage
    3. Skill based things (eg. Hook accuracy, direct rocket hits, etc.)
    4. No one if the team was bad.

    I never vote for myself, except for that one time I voted for the healer before realising it was me.

    To the guy paying out torb etc.

    Why would you skip a vote if he can secure like 20+ turret kills with 50% elimination. Means he placed a well defended turret.

    If I'm in a team that wins, I'll typically vote for the person on my team who I felt did most to get us there. Usually it's the healer or the tank, but sometimes I'll give myself a vote if I had most objective time, most objective kills, most healing done etc.

    If we lose, I've no qualms giving the best on the enemy team a vote.

    I won't vote for someone just because they got a bunch of kills for popping their ult.

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