The Perfect Dark Games That Never Got Released

The Perfect Dark Games That Never Got Released

Remember Perfect Dark Zero. Remember the disappointment? Well it turns out Rare worked on a couple of different Perfect Dark games that were never released.

This edition of Unseen64 takes a look at those games and it’s typically fascinating stuff.

It seems like Rare was planning to make a two-part sequel that was a little darker compared to what we ended up getting with Perfect Dark 0, which was a prequel to the original N64 game.

It all sounds super promising. Shame we didn’t end up getting to play these games.


  • Ah, this series. A crying shame. Nothing beats the original. It’s probably the Deus Ex of its t…..*gets sniped*.

  • I was thinking about how Perfect Dark could be rebooted recently…

    I’d kind of like to see it as a 3rd person action/ stealth shooter.
    Kind of like Splinter Cell, or Metal Gear Solid.

  • I’d be genuinely surprised if the IP didn’t resurface at some stage. Hell, after the big deal Microsoft made of Rare’s anthology pack at E3 last year, maybe they’ll be looking for something else to pull in those fans this year.

    If it turns out to be true, remember you heard it here first and are very impressed with my precognitive abilities.

  • Perfect Dark 0 was really, really bad.
    A two part sequel that carried on in the vein of the original? Yes please. A continuation of the awful PD0? Nope. Whole lotta nope.

  • Nostalgia…

    Complex with Laptop Guns, K7 Avengers, Maulers, Slayers, Superdragon and the Klobb (Bl to the guy that gets the Klobb)

    Best pre-teen gaming experiences was thrashing mates in split screen perfect dark, holding the left and right c buttons to strafe run because it was faster then just normal running. Finding out about the amazing Bot command system when bots are on your team and telling them to all pick on one of your mates…

  • watching that made me glad that they never went ahead. the story ideas sounded terrible.

    perfect dark is one of my favorite games of all time and i hated how much zero strayed from the feel of the first game. what the hell was all the supernatural crap.
    nothing in this video makes me think they understood why zero was so bad.

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