The PS4 Will Have A X-Wing VR Experience

EA and their racing game studio Criterion are making a Star Wars virtual reality mission that has you flying an X-Wing in VR. That will sure help get people into VR.

It was announced for PlayStation VR at Sony's E3 press conference and seems to be an exclusive. Not much to see in the clip here, but it's still a pretty good idea for a virtual reality game... or even slice of game as the "mission" description implies.


    Ahhhhhh, bugger.
    And there I was...
    "Nope, don't need VR...have a rock'n home theater"
    "Eve VR looks good, but...."
    Sony - Star Wars VR!

    Any game where your in fixed seated position (car, plane etc) just seem perfectly suited to VR. Hope this is good.

      Especially space where 360ยบ awareness in every direction is key.

    Goddammit mother #$*&!@s! Now i have to get a ps4 and vr gear.

    **edit** ok so after calming down i realise this is one mission in an existing game? Kinda expecting a full release. This keeps me wary of the whole VR explosion and that at the end of the day cash grabs are still more important than actual leaps in technology.

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      From what I understand it will just be an added level to battlefront, but I wouldn't be surprised if they then swing out a full game out of it.

    Oh its just battlefield? Well that saved a shitload of enthusiasm then. Give me a new Lawrence Holland designed X-Wing/TIE Fighter game or shut up.

    As a compromise, I'd accept a new Freespace.

      Lawrence Holland... now there's a name I've not heard in a long time.

      X-wing and especially tie fighter were incredible games, and I would love a remake for modern platforms

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        Absolutely, it seems like such a no brainer too.

          Especially if they actually have so many of the models already done for battlefrontr, and I thought part of the argument about why there were no spaces battles was because the frostbite engine didn't suit them, obviously that's not correct

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