The Seven Aussiest Things In Forza Horizon 3

During this year's E3 conference, Microsoft unveiled Forza Horizon III which will be set entirely Down Under. It's being billed as the largest, most diverse and beautiful open world the Forza team has ever built. Well, duh! It's bloody Australia, innit! But just how Aussie is this game going to be in reality? We asked the art director Benjamin Penrose to spill the beans. As it turns out, Fazza 3 is pretty flamin' Aussie...

The third entry in the Forza Horizon series ushers in a host of new features and gameplay modes, including automated Cross-Play support for Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs in the same game session. There's also a new four-player campaign co-op mode and more than 350 vehicles at launch, including the Lamborghini Centenario and the yet-to-be-released 2017 Ford Raptor.

But really, we just want to know whether the game "gets" Australia. So we asked Benjamin Penrose to state his case. Here are the seven most Australian things in the game...

#1 Every state is featured, ya nobs!

"We have a bunch of unique ecotypes in the game that are all representative of real locations in Australia. We have rainforests, we've for the Gold Coast's Surfer's Paradise as an urban city environment, we've got sections of Coober Pedy, some gorge areas including Ormiston gorge, and some general outback loveliness. So there's lots of variety in terms of environment that we've crammed in this time and they're all genuine Aussie locations."

#2 The sky is Aussie AS!

"The thing that is 100 per cent from Australia is all of the skies in the game. All the stuff you're seeing was captured in location in Australia. We custom built a 12k camera rig, sent a guy out and he camped out in a field with those cameras and was there for 24 hours capturing photos to create a time-lapse. So all the time of day stuff, the way the clouds move, the way sunsets evolve over time; it's all the real deal."

#3 It's got a flamin' 1951 Holden Ute. Streuth!

"There's a bigger focus on Australian vehicles this time around. We couldn't [set a game] in Australia without having some genuine Australian heroes. So we've got the oldest Holden Ute in there. We've got the '74 Sandman and of course the latest and greatest utes from Holden. All the Australian cars include full cockpit views, working lights and wipers and can be explored fully in ForzaVista mode."

#4 It's (probably) got Barnesy and the Oils!

"The way we started thinking about music for Horizon has evolved. We actually had a big initiatve for Horizon 3 which was letting people drive to the music they love. So the way we've done that is a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we've got more radio stations than we've ever had before with more Australian music than before. [Note: Microsoft is still clearing licencing for these tracks so they weren't allowed to mention them.] We also have Rude Radio intergrated into it so you can upload your own MP3s and tracks from your personal music selection onto your One Drive and stream it from a playlist."

#5 All of the voice actors are dinki-di Aussies!

"We went out and got real Australians to do all the voice overs. We wanted to be authentic with this stuff. We did the [voice recording] work all over, but made sure we were using genuine Aussies."

#6 It's got 'roos and crocs! Flamin' heck!

"We went nuts with wildlife this time to really make the world feel alive. We've got rabbits, kangaroos, crocadiles and maybe even a few drop bears. The kangaroos were difficult to scuplture and scan: we had a whole animation team studying bounce cycles to get it right. There were a couple of times we watched the animation coming together and were thinking "do they really look like that?" They have a very unique way of moving."

#7 You can do sick doughies, ya cants!

"Like in Forza 2, there will be gameplay location areas where we house all the multiplayer modes. We've also added custom built arenas. So this is the place to do burnouts and show off."

So there you have it. Does it pass the sniff test? (Which is to say, does it smell like meat pies?) Let us know what you think in the comments!

Chris Jager travelled to E3 2016 as a guest of Microsoft.


    Coober Pedy? What a hole.

    Or, what a collection of them.

      The trailer got redubbed lol, sounds better :P

    I'll be convinced if I can hit a roo and have it total my car because fuck kangaroos, those pricks are probably responsible for more insurance claims than bad drivers in woolies car parks.

    That aside, it does look really really pretty, not unexpected given the pedigree of Forza games but still amazing.

    I hope there is actual drop bears in the game. That would be hilarious.

      Bloody hell, it's a racing game, not survival horror!

        There's no survival where Drop Bears are concerned.

    The Lambo should've bogged before it got to the wet sand. 0/10 :P

    I normally get bored of racing games pretty quickly... and this will likely be no different. But can't deny I'm tempted - it looks amazing.

    It looks good - But i cant play a racing game without my G29 now... and im not buying a G920 for the xbox one... Anyone know how to get a G29 working on Xbox one?! lol

      Says it'll be on win10 PCs too?

        Holy shit - i didnt notice that! Wonder how it would run on my surface pro 4 ;)

        At least ive been meaning to get a new rig at home - this could be a good excuse lol

          It's not the most accurate benchmark for Horizon, but if you wanted to get a rough idea, you could always download Forza 6 Apex from the Win 10 store to try, Horizon will be slightly more intensive, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect performance wise

            Good idea. Im pretty happy with dirt rally and Project cars on the ps4 at the moment though. by the time this comes out im sure ill be itching to play it!!! Never thought about using the surface HDMI into the tele and using the wheel... Will have to try but i worry it may not be as good as just going with the ps4 set up i have at the moment!

            Big Horizon fan - loved it more than Forza 6 but i usually love sole racing games like Project Cars. I think Forza 6 tries to be too "motorsport" but is still arcadey whereas the Horizon series focus on a lot of fun so being a bit arcadey as opposed to sim heavy racers works well

    If they realistically represent Surfer's Paradise you'll be flying through the streets at a breakneck 5kmph!

    Quick question too - can you local split screen in Forza Horizon?

      from memory unfortunately not :(

      Because it's an always online\car mmo type affair i'm pretty sure there's no local co-op.

      Forza 5 you could though.

    The least Aussie thing is probably the map:

    "I'm going to head from Byron up to Surfers' for the day."

    "Are you taking the Great Ocean Road?"

    "Nah - the Silver Sands is a bugger to get through. I'm gonna head through the Yarra Valley and come in behind the Westpoint Casino."

      I approve of replacing Tallows Beach with the Great Ocean Road, tho less so of flipping Cape Byron upside down.

      Yeah I was a bit disappointed when I saw it but can't think of any better way they could've done it. Either we get something like this (geographical mess with lots of great locations) or we get a real map with 1 or 2 nice locations and lots of random road/towns in-between.

      Australia's just too big to get it all in otherwise :/
      Just hoping they do the actual locations justice.

      If only the great ocean road was actually between Byron and the Goldie. The most exciting thing on that drive is the Crematorium before the Chiderah servo.

    Preorder DLC car

    seems like enough for a Ute Muster, hopefully there's some Bundaberg and RM Williams mud flap DLC.

    Also is ACT included? Canberra roundabouts make for some good drifting.

    Last edited 15/06/16 11:02 am

      I think they video showed the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

    Still getting over the fact that the Yarra Valley and Maroondah reservoir are going to be in the game.

    Didn't see my hometown of Yarra Glen on the map, but hey, close enough.

    Bloody hell, I might actually intentionally buy a racing game for the first time.

    I am going to admire so many videos of this game!

    Rude Radio? So does that mean Rodney?

      How brilliant would it be if it was? Use him as a linking DJ for the most obscene custom radio ever

    Unless you can do those doughies in a Maccas carp park, no sale.

    There’s a bigger focus on Australian vehicles this time around. We couldn’t [set a game] in Australia without having some genuine Australian heroes

    Please let there be a Torana

      There is a Holden Torana A9X in the game. It is seen in one screenshot.

    If the game is set in Australia, why do all the cars seem to have the steering wheel on the left?

      At least the traffic is on the correct side of the road.

    "Every state is featured, ya nobs!"*

    *Every state except Tasmania.

      Yeah it sucks...
      Tasmania DLC? Maybe something Targa related?

        I actually hadn't even considered Targa. I was just giving crap because so many Australian wide things forget Tas. =P

          but its tasmania, they are floating away from us anyway :P

            We'll make our own Australia! With blackjack, and hookers!

    Im just glad they got the lines on the road the correct color this time

    And people wonder why Americans stereotype the way we talk and act in movies, games, etc.

    Interesting is that being on PC may mean mods.. and I can imagine all sorts of mods to make it as Australian-bogan as possible.

      I'm pretty sure that Windows game files are not actually accessible, meaning no mods. But honestly I personally don't think this is the kinda game you should mod ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    There is!

    The trailer got redubbed to suit Australia better :P

    "Ya cants" ... Did he get confused with ya cunts?

    I wish.... but as long as it's on the Win10 store it'll be 99.9% impossible that content mods will exist. People already tried with apex and the most they got was modding the amount of points that events give and subsequently banned for doing so.

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