The Tetris Movie Is Now Going To Be A Trilogy

Apparently the story conceived for the Tetris movie is too large to be contained in one single movie.

They're gonna need a trilogy. Image: supplied.

Honestly, a large part of me believes this is just one giant troll. It can't be real. But then... this is Hollywood. People seem to be taking this idea seriously, so I guess there is going to be a Tetris movie.

There's going to be a Tetris trilogy.

Larry Kasanov, one of the movie's producers, confirmed this with Empire.

"That's correct," he told Empire, "and purely because the story we conceived is so big. This isn't us splitting the last of our eight movies into two to wring blood out of the stone. It's just a big story."

Interestingly, Kasanov described a little of his vision for the movie, and confirmed it won't involve Tetris block walking around doing stuff, which is disappointing in my opinion, but understandable.

According to him, it's going to be a sci-fi epic of sorts.

"No one has come remotely close to figuring out what we’re doing," he said.

I don't see this getting out of pre-production, but sure. Why not. I've seen worse things in the cinema.

Via Empire


    I thought Tetris being adapted into a movie was the dumbest thing I ever heard until I heard it's going to be adapted into three movies. At this point you could tell me it's envisioned as a trilogy of trilogies, a 9 episode picaresque epic spanning multiple generations, and I would be like "you know what, it sounds like you have a plan here, let's see how you do". But three movies is indicative to me that someone, somewhere, has greenlight authority they really, really don't know how to use.

    The Tetris Movie Could Be The First Decent Video Game Movie

    “No one has come remotely close to figuring out what we’re doing,” he said.I'm sure he and the rest of his team will figure something out eventually.

    I'm legit convinced this just a build up to a massive april fools prank

      I came here to say something very similar. Is this an in joke I'm just not getting?

        It's either a joke, exotic tax write off or the greatest movie known to man........personally I will believe the movie exists when I see it.

    If there's any better reaction to this than "fuck off!", I sure can't think of it.

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    "No one has come remotely close to figuring out what we’re doing,”

    This is the only thing in this news that makes sense.

    Already knew this was going to be a trilogy, it was announced a while ago ... as stupid as it seems I'm waiting to hear how the story is based/set. That for me will determine weather its just a stupid waste of time or worth looking at least.

    Since it's Tetris, wouldn't it be more fitting to make it a tetralogy instead of a trilogy?

    I feel like one of three things is happening:
    a) I have gone back in time and am reading this article for the first time
    b) I am having a strong case of de ja vu that I've already seen this article
    c) This article has been posted previously weeks ago

    Edit: Hooray, I'm not going mad! :D

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    You all seem to have a mild case of TetrisFear.

      Not fear of tetris (i love tetris). Fear and loathing of hubris, stupidity and the Hollywood Meat Grinder Sausage Factory (TM). And of the evil, greedy people at the helm of said factory for a which raping yet another of the treasures of our childhood isnt a tragedy, its simply another day at the office. I just wish they would leave video games the fuck alone. It is its own form of legitimate entertainment that does not need "translation" into cinema for folks who don't game. They ain't gonna watch it anyway and it just insults the intelligence of the people who love the original material anyway.

    As long as the theme song is a fully orchestrated "Music A"....

      If we don't get a Daft Punk soundtrack out of this then the whole trilogy will be pointless.

    Will the sequels be faster than the previous movie?

    The third movie will also be split in two movies.

    You guys aren't asking the most important question: How will the trilogy fit together?

      I hope the special edition bluray release will come on tetrino shaped discs

    The second film to have Mr Driller as a villain who endangers the entire World of Tetris

    Seriously, I'll just go and watch Tron. The best video game movies are the ones not actually based on any existing video game

    This movie will be a reboot of "WarGames" with Noughts and croses replaced with Tetris

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