The Unity Engine Sure Has Come A Long Way

The Unity Engine Sure Has Come A Long Way

Video: There once was a time people when would make fun of the crummy little web games that were made using the Unity Engine. That time is long gone.

The multi-platform engine is now used on a ton of big games (the gorgeous Deserts of Kharak and Satellite Reign are recent examples), but not even they look as good as Adam, a concept movie put together by Unity’s demo team.

Being a movie made specifically to showcase the engine, don’t expect Unity games to be looking this good in the immediate future, but the fact this is made using Unity 5.4 (with a new cinematic sequencer tool) and rendered in real-time in 1440p on a GeForce GTX980 shows that it’s not that far off, either.


  • There once was a time people when would make fun of the crummy little web games that were made using the Unity Engine. That time is long gone.Because now they make fun of the crummy triple-A games made with the engine 😛

    • Yes! Let’s make fun of Homeworld Desert of Karak!!! MAKE FUN OF IT! MAKE FUN OF IT I SAY……………..

      I want Homeworld Deserts of Karak so much… 🙁

  • I always made fun of their poor performance and how developers always released really terrible low framerate games that didn’t look all that spectacular.

    Many of those games are still around so I will wait until I see a game like the trailer above before praising the engine.

    • My personal experience is Unity’s still not up to the intuitive standards set by UE4. I think waiting to see what developers can do with it (and how difficult it is to accomplish) is reasonable.

    • That’s a tech demo though. We haven’t seen a game yet that matches the qualtiy of the UE4 tech demos put out so the request there’s a little unfair. However, to see impressive games, Homeworld Deserts of Karak (which I’ve seen being played despite not owning it) is amazing in its quality, Yooka Laylee is coming along nicely from what we’ve seen, Besieged is neat and a few others such as Cities Skyline, Kerbal Space Program, Sword Coast Legends, Wasteland 2 Directors Cut, Oddworld New N Tasty, Broforce and Rust all server as a variety of games worth checking out to see the variety of games capable under the engine. Especially Rust, with what they’ve achieved over the last few years, rebuilding the original game from the ground up into the competitive shooter it is now, going from broken to incredibly fluid with pretty great shooting mechanics etc.

      • Umbrella corps was released on Tuesday, also using Unity. Great game if you take it for what it is. But I’m a sucker for anything Resident Evil

      • Wasteland 2 Directors Cut:> This was actually a mess on release. But the thing to keep in mind is allot of those games are basic or top down games. We have yet to see a 3d shooter or RPG game that blows our socks off like how Witcher3 sorta did.

        • Take into account the fact Unreal Engine has been worked on for 18 to 19 years, with part 1 released 17 years ago this year. Unity itself has been worked on close to 5 years, there’s a huge difference there. Once Unity hits the decade mark you’ll see some serious stuff from it most likely. As for Wasteland Directors Cut, I don’t recall how it was a mess exactly? It tidied up textures, smoothed out some control issues and generally applied a *lot* of fixes to the original WL2?

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