The Witcher Getting Standalone Card Game Spin-Off

Today during Microsoft's E3 press conference, CD Projekt announced a standalone digital card game spin-off of The Witcher 3's Gwent.

It's a multiplayer game with crossplay, so you can battle people whether they use PC or console. It's also got a single-player campaign. As you win, you gain the option to craft new cards and improve your deck.

It's coming out in September.


    It’s a multiplayer game with crossplay

    For some reason I first read that as "It's a multiplayer game with cosplay", and my first thought was "how are they going to know what I'm wearing?". I guess Tuesday morning after a long weekend is the same as a Monday morning...

    Is it gonna be an iOS game or on PC/Xbox/PS4 ... isnt that why Hearthstone is so well due to its multiple platform? I mean I had it both tablet and PC but found I played on my tablet a lot more.

    If this game doesn't come to iOS that is a massive missed opportunity.

    Looks like a good time to enjoy a digital card game!

    With the success of Hearthstone and the recent release of the Runescape (for PC) and Pokemon Online TCG (for android and IOS) there's a decent amount of diversity out there =)

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