This CG Hamburger Looks Delicious [Update]

This burger might not be real, but my hunger is. [Image: Primitiva]

Update - June 29 7:30am: An earlier version of this story linked a Nico Nico uploader who claimed to have created this work. It seems that is not true. Instead, it was created by the folks at Primitiva, a VFX and animation company in Santiago, Chile.

"Some background on that video is that we simulated meshes based on 3D scans just as an exercise in the office," Primitiva's Gabriel Salas tells Kotaku. "We worked on and off during 2 weeks to see if we could achieve photorealistic food that actually made you hungry."

Mission accomplished. The result might even look better than the greatest video game hamburger I've ever seen.


    I'd buy that for a dollar!

      For just 99c you can also buy the chips accessory to decorate your meal even further, or for 50c each you can buy different skins for the meat like chicken and lamb. There is a drink DLC coming soon too.

    Looks pretty great for CGI, doesn't look that great for a burger.

    Never mind. Post has been edited to reflect the actual creator of the burger.

    Last edited 29/06/16 8:56 am

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