This Meowth Is Ready To Fight (That's Right!)

Jennifer Cosplay's Meowth isn't the cute, cuddly creature you might expect. In fact, this Meowth looks like she's been through some shit. This Meowth is a warrior, and this isn't your standard Pokemon battle.

While opinions vary on the value of original costumes in cosplay, they're one of my favourite things about this crazy hobby. They open up the multitude of non-human characters in the Pokemon franchise to a heap of cool designs, whether they're valkyrie Eevees, merman Kingdras or just straight up sexy Pokemon.

This battle-worn Meowth was designed and worn by Melbourne cosplayer Jennifer Cosplay, with photos taken by local photographer Snap Happy Ian.

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


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