Titanfall 2's Vanguard SRS Collectors Edition Is $430

The lid's finally off Titanfall 2, which means the lid is also off this pretty Titanfall 2 hat.

Which, to the surprise of no-one, costs a hell of a lot.

It's the Vanguard SRS Collectors Edition, and it's the Ultimate Swag edition for those who want to drop $429.95 on Titanfall 2. As the image suggests, it's available only at EB Games. I've emailed EA to ask whether collectors editions will be available at other retailers, as the cheaper Marauder Edition (which is $249.95) is also listed as an EB exclusive.

So what do you get for your $430 anyway? First cab off the rank is a 30.48cm x 26.67cm x 39.37cm replica helmet. It's really a hat, and at those dimensions it's certainly large enough to pop on your head. But look at the bells and whistles it comes with:

Developed from the in-game models and enhanced with real world details and materials, this faithful recreation is masterfully sculpted and features a battle worn painted finish. Featuring mixed material elements, the helmet includes a battery operated blue light-up translucent faceplate, blue status/task light, functional tactical ARC rail system/an adjustable interior head strap and display stand. As a unique bonus the helmet also includes over ten button activated unique voice transmissions from Jack Cooper’s Vanguard class Titan, BT-7274.

Bloody hell. Glad they enhanced it with materials from the real world instead of fictional ones.

There's also an 8GB custom USB drive in the form of dog tags, a tactical spotlight and a simulated laser sight. The description first says a "targeting laser sight", but then goes on to say its a "super-bright non-projected red LED". I imagine that's the kind of detail you put in the same paragraph so you don't start raising the eyebrows of states and territories with, say, strict laws on the sale of laser sights.

To top it off, there's a 3" x 4.5" journal, patches and a 42" x 42" Vanguard Shemagh scarf. The scarf doesn't look too trendy, although it's probably really handy for the inevitable cosplay that we'll see once the cast of Titanfall 2's single player becomes more widely known.

But still. $430 for a hat with a faceplate and a task light, a simulated laser pointer, flashlight, scarf, journal, a USB drive just large enough to install Windows on, cloth patches and the game itself. If you take out the rough cost of the game, you're paying about $380 for swag.

In the United States the same package is $USD250, or $USD199 if you have Amazon Prime. That's about $100 more after the exchange rate is factored in.

Don't know that I'd pay that much for a flashy (quite literally) hat with frills.


    It's cool and I liked Titanfall, and I'm interested in Titanfall 2, but I know I would immediately regret this purchase.

    When I first saw this I thought of getting it. But now thinking about it I can't see myself getting it. Not because of the price, it's just more crap I don't need. The game looks good. Lets just hope more people play it for longer than a few months.

    i preordee one, got thw statue from the first and still love it, so figured why not

    TItanfall doesn't exactly have the same popularity like Halo 3 to sell gamers a hat they can't wear.

    Putting aside the gullible idiocy of people who buy this shit, wasn't the first game a flop?
    Between this and Watchdogs 2 we seem to be swimming with turds.

    just ship it from amazon, they are only charging about 10 bucks for shipping

    You know. I think I would actually buy this because i like useless tat like this but not for that price. Maybe if it was 200 or 300 but over 400? No.. Even i have my limits.

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