Tony Hawk Has Still Got It

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Tony Hawk's 900 aerial spin kind of go hand in hand.

Tony first performed the trick in June 1999. His first video game came out in September of the same year. It's possible that if Hawk didn't perform that trick, the game might not have been as successful as it was.

It was something of a perfect storm.

But it's funny. In the years subsequent, the video game series has fallen into a complete state of disrepair. Tony Hawk Ride, complete with its skateboard peripheral, was both a critical and commercial disaster. The most recent Tony Hawk, an attempt to go back to the roots of the series, launched as an unfinished buggy mess. Such a shame.

Tony Hawk the person, however, has not fallen into a state of disrepair. Quite the opposite. The dude is 48 goddamn years old, but two days ago — on the 17 year anniversary of the very first 900 — he decided to go to a skate-ramp and do his most famous trick all over again.

It's pretty incredible to watch. Tony Hawk is pretty goddamn old. 48 years old and pulling off a 900 — that's actually a little bit insane. It's a lot of fun to watch, particularly since Hawk is happy to show his failures, and some of his temper tantrums to boot. I love his reaction when he finally does it — he basically just chucks off all his gear like, FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUTTA HERE!

World class.

Maybe it's a sign. Maybe we'll finally get a decent Tony Hawk game again.



    "...and on my last."

    Don't say that Tonyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    It was only recently he said 'Im old, get over it' then he pulls off another 900, clearly not old enough ahahah

    I think his deal with Activision is up isn't it? Maybe now is the perfect time to bring back Skate with a roster of old legends and young guns. Maybe a chance to play through Tony's career like they did with Jordan in NBA 2k?

      Yeah, I think the deal is up. From memory they rushed THPS 5 out the door as the deal was expiring, or something like that.

      But yeah, Hawk joining Skate and another Skate game would be awesome.

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