Toy Time Plays With The Legend Of Zelda Shadow Link Collection

Spencer's and Nintendo have teamed up to take The Legend of Zelda hero Link to a very dark place. The first official Shadow Link action figure leads an army of red and black merchandise to the mall retailer's shelves next month, with a brief stop-off at the increasingly crowded Toy Time desk.

I found it hard to believe that Shadow Link, AKA Dark Link, has never had an official articulated collectible figure before. The dark mirror version of the hero of Hyrule has been appearing in games since his turn as the boss in The Adventures of Link, and all any toy manufacturer would have to do is paint their regular Link figure black with red eyes to get the job done.

But no, apparently Jakks Pacific gets first dibs. The exclusive Shadow Link is part of the World of Nintendo line and is currently available for preorder for $US19.99 ($26) at the Spencer's website. He's scheduled to hit stores in the U.S. and Canada on July 5.

Shadow Link is the harbinger of the Shadow Collection, an entire line of Shadow Link-inspired merchandise arriving at Spencer's on July 11. We're talking drinkware, t-shirts, and the stuff in the pictures below. Spencer's is going to be Shadow Link headquarters, which is great as it means I don't have to go to Hot Topic. Check out the video atop this post for a look at the figure and other things in relative action, or just scroll down and read.

The hat is unfortunately not a driving cap. I can rock a driving cap. This is a baseball cap, which makes me look like an old man wearing a baseball cap. Still, I do love the red and black. If you enjoy red and black, then this is going to be a lovely series of photos for you.

The Shadow Link wallet is quite fetching, crafted from the finest fake leather that will probably not get all cracked after prolonged use (though it probably will).

In the video I attempt to put the rubber Shadow Collection bracelet around my massive wrist. It didn't even make it past my fingers. It probably would have gone on had I applied more pressure, but I prefer my hand not turn purple from lack of blood flow and eventually fall off.

The Shadow Collection watch does fit my massive wrist, albeit on the very last hole of the strap. This is one of those nifty covered watches with the LEDs that shine through when you press the face. GameStop always has a fine selection of these to sell you instead of games, but not this one. Never this one.

I am a huge fan of character socks. Or patterned socks. The quirky sort of socks they sell in Target for far more than anyone should pay for socks. These socks are $US12.99 ($17), which seems like a small price to pay to have Shadow Link's red eyes staring from out of your shins.

And then there's the lanyard. There's always a lanyard. Lanyard, lanyard, lanyard.

A lovely collection, but this is Toy Time, and none of those are toys (though one of them tells time, so we're going to give it half credit). We're here to see the Shadow Link figure. Check him out.

Standing four inches tall with 14 points of articulation, the World of Nintendo Shadow Link figure is more than just a Link figure painted black with red eyes. He's a Link figure painted black and grey with red eyes, which is exactly one shade cooler.

It's amazing the difference rendering a normally friendly character in shades of black with large red eyes makes. The more I look at him, the more creepy and menacing Shadow Link looks.

The silver-accented black Hylian shield and the evil Master Sword really bring the figure together, adding a dash of light to the shadowy figure.

With fourteen points of articulation, Shadow Link is a nimble fellow, capable of holding quite a few poses, as long as they don't require much hip movement. Theplastic tunic bottom surrounding his hips is somewhat flexible, but not so much that the figure can sit down or assume the classic leg up on a chair pose. There is a split seam on one side, but it doesn't offer much give. Shadow Link is a stand up sort, it seems.

Seeing as Shadow or Dark Link generally shows up to kick regular Link around and doesn't spend a lot of time just hanging out, I can accept the limited leg movement. He's articulated enough to stand and fight.

The World of Nintendo Shadow Link figure and a whole slew of black and red The Legend of Zelda stuff will be all over Spencer's next month. In case you aren't sure where the closest Spencer's is, check near the Foot Locker.


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