Two Cute Kids Got Engaged At E3

Two Cute Kids Got Engaged At E3

E3 isn’t all about the soulless march of retail products from the ether into your digital wishlists. There is still, in the more secluded corners of the show, room for true love to be found.

Image: Tiny Cartridge

As Tiny Cartridge reports, Logan and Caitlin — both massive fans of Japanese publisher Natsume and its Harvest Moon series — were engaged during the show at the company’s E3 booth when Logan “surprised Caitlin with the blue feather (the Harvest Moon equivalent of an engagement ring), then got down on one knee and offered the Earth equivalent of an engagement ring”.

As soon as she said yes, the Natsume staff (who had been hiding around the corner) jumped back around and cheered.

Awww, guys *sniff*.


  • Awww, it’s cute when nerdy paraphernalia gets thrown into romance.

    …also, it’s killing me to hold it back, but that feather isn’t blue…

    • I’ve heard countless debates about that particular hue of purple/blue. There was a particular piece of equipment used in a job I used to have that was the colour of the feather pictured in the article and no one could agree on it being purple/blue.

      Personally, I say it’s purple.

  • Can’t believe marriage is still a thing. You have to pay the government which already bleeds you dry to say you want to spend your life with someone. Like just saying it isn’t enough? Stupid old time tradition that should be laid to rest

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