Ubisoft Announced The Division's Second Expansion

Ubisoft just debuted The Division's second expansion, "Survival." Unclear if it will actually have survival/weather/stamina mechanics, but here's hoping. They also announced the release date for the first expansion, "Underground": It will hit Xbox One and PC on June 28, PS4 on August 2.


    So question Ubisoft, Why does 2 out of 3 platforms get a release date and the other platform has to wait another month? Seems crazy to me.

      Because exclusives!

        So your saying the PS4 is getting exclusives that PC and Xbone are not getting?

          timed exclusives!

            Oh so to my understanding the game being released on said date is the timed exclusive? Either way, yay for PC lol.

      to spite Destiny I guess, although if my random google is correct, Destiny timed exclusive was a couple of guns / skins not chunks of content

        nah there was content as well

          was it all the content?

          I guess regardless my point stands, MS and Sony is a having a pissing contest again heh

    And none of it matter in the slightest if they aren't going to fix the online infrastructure so the server no longer completely trusts everything coming from the clients.

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