Watch 30 Extremely Impressive Minutes Of Gravity Rush 2 On PS4

Video: Of all the games at this year's E3, Gravity Rush 2 might be the one I'm most excited for. I loved Gravity Rush on Vita, and liked it even more on PS4. The PS4 sequel, due later this year, however… rrrgh. Pour it into my brain and let me play it right now.

It's too bad Sony decided to bury the game I'm the most unabashedly hyped for — it didn't have a meaningful presence at their E3 press conference, and I had to root around to find this demo footage buried in a PlayStation stream archive. (Thanks, Kopoop.)

No matter. This game looks rad as hell, and I can't wait to play it.


    Why did I not know of this game until now? Why would they hide this from me?!

      I know them feels...
      This looks fantastic!
      I went back and looked at #1 and even that looks wikid, time to buy a ps4 :(

      Because you didn't buy a Vita, so didn't play the first game when it was one of the small number of high profile games to trickle out on that platform?

    I'm pretty excited for this

    The first game on the Vita was amazing and very underrated. Totally looking forward to this one!

      I got it from PS+ ages ago but didn't really give it a fair go before deleting it to make space on my card for P4G. I really should go back to it at some point...

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