Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Demo Features Improbable Sunglasses

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Demo Features Improbable Sunglasses

Today at E3, Ubisoft showed a ten-minute demo of Watch Dogs 2 featuring hacking, hip-hop and some unlikely fashion choices.

I’m not an elite hacker or anything, but I don’t think most people wear the brand of their underground hacking ring on their hat? I’d imagine it’s also kinda hard to see through custom LED sunglasses at night. What do I know, though?


  • Once bitten, twice shy and all that, but I can’t help but board the hype train a little bit.

    Besides these guys had more personality in a 10 minute preview than Aiden did the entire first game.

    • Agreed, it looks great but we can expect the Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft Downgrade. For example, the beautiful fog, boats in the distance and water reflections at 1:42. Gone. Those 2 puppies playing and barking. Gone.

      • I didn’t think that it looked that unbelievable graphically. A few minor downgrades as you mentioned but probably nothing to get the pitchforks out over.

        Nothing like the WD1 downgrade though. I’d say that the WD1 announcement trailer looked better than this. Which is insane given what the end result was.

        • Yeh it doesn’t look unbelievable at all.

          Who knows, Rainbow Six first demo was pre-rendered. Possibly The Division as well as Far Cry 3 and 4. Maybe Watch Dogs 1 was.

          This one isn’t pre-rendered so maybe we won’t lose as much fidelity.

          But the little touches that make the world feel alive like those 2 puppies and the boats moving in the background I doubt will make it to final release.

          Fingers crossed though, it looks dope.

  • If that character isn’t called Edgelord I’m going to be disappointed, Ubisoft.

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