Watch The Chinese Overwatch Rip-Off In Action

Earlier this autumn, stills and artwork of an Overwatch clone appeared on Chinese sites. Now, we have footage of the game in action. [GIF via Томас Непотребко | YouTube]

As Redditor Rebirdhk previously pointed out on r/Overwatch, the game is called Legend of Titans.

[Image via GK99]

[Image via GK99]

[Image via GK99]

Overwatch does have an official release in China, and Legend of Titans appears to be for mobile, which is, as in the West, a hot bed of clones. So, yes, no doubt Chinese gamers also think this knock-off is rather shameless.

Via YouTuber Halbwurm, here are some comparisons between Legend of Titans characters and Overwatch ones.

[Image via Halbwurm]

[Image via Halbwurm]

[Image via Halbwurm]

Footage of the game has finally appeared on YouTube:

In case you can't see the clip, here are some GIFs:

[GIF via Томас Непотребко | YouTube]

[GIF via Томас Непотребко | YouTube]

[GIF via Томас Непотребко | YouTube]

[GIF via Томас Непотребко | YouTube]

Ripping off games is Very Bad, but you gotta admire who quickly they knocked this out.


    Aaand the YouTube video is gone.
    The similarities are uncanny!

    Could it be any more blatant?

      Nope. If this happened in Australia you'd have an injunction slapped on you before the day was out.

    Can any action be made to have something this blatant on the market?

    I'm pretty sure not, but interested where the line is drawn in the cesspool that is China rip off products.

      China doesn't recognize copyrights from other countries so nothing can be done.

        Yeah kinda knew that, but thought i would double check I hate China can do this all the time to big or small business's (Happened to my friend a while back), which now has made me kinda hate China.


        If some other country copies something from China, can China take action?

          They try, hell they even try to take action when they rip off your designs and say you're infringing on their copyright.

      When you have the head of Alibaba come right out and say that "copies are just as good as originals, if not better" only just the other day ..... I'd say not.

      Last edited 17/06/16 12:27 pm

    China isn't a member of any international trademark or IP protection agreements. Hence: unlimited rip offs

    As a person of chinese descent I hate China so much some times.

    Did anyone notice that the building and texture of map is also a copy?

    It's overwatch if overwatch was made in 2005

    It's funny how they stopped even pretending to be a ripoff with Widowmaker.

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