Watch This YouTuber Play A Game About Being A YouTuber

Now watch as the universe collapses in on itself and we're all swallowed by the sun.

Time is a flat circle people.

This video is the absolute best. It's by Dunkey. I'm already a huge fan of Dunkey's videos but this one is a work of art. It works on SO MANY LEVELS. I don't even understand what the hell I'm watching here half the time. It's unreal.

Basically Dunkey somehow manages to integrate his own history as a YouTuber into this video game about playing as a YouTuber and I don't even know what's going on anymore.

Just watch and be entertained. This shit is beyond meta.


    Glad Dunkey waits weeks after a game has come out to make a video on it, otherwise I would have watched this before publishing mine and said "Well shit, I'm not going to top that".

    If you're just going to post every other Dunkey video that goes up, you should really consider putting him on your payroll.

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