We're Liveblogging This Nintendo Thing

Our recommendation: don't get your hopes up for surprises. Don't expect anything except Zelda and maybe you'll come away from this whole thing with a sense of satisfaction.

Anything else will most likely lead to disappointment.

But friends... Link might start rock climbing. That could actually happen!

Also, you can watch this Nintendo thing here.


1.52 Well, this music is certainly something.

1.59 Time for one last minute green tea. Aw yeah.

2.01 OK, we're off. Reggie is here! He's talking!

2.03 Um, voice acting?

2.04 He's climbing. IT'S HAPPENNINGGGGGGGG!

2.06 It's subtitled Breath of the Wild and it looks... gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Really large in scale.

2.07 Ah 3DS Stuff. Pokemon time.

2.08 Man, this really is just gonna be Zelda and Pokemon. Light E3 for Nintendo. We were warned about this!

2.09 This is cool

2.10 Ok so this is the new Pokemon thing and Pokemon stuff is happening. Sorry I'm not good at this. I never got into Pokemon for some reason.

2.13 Wario64's GIF game is powerful.

2.15 I'm liking this guy's sartorial choices: a shirt with a moon on it. Thematically on point. On brand. Strong sense of drama in this shirt.

2.18 OK, so early thoughts on that Zelda trailer. It looked great: didn't see Link slash at single piece of grass, didn't see him do regular old-fashioned Zelda-style shit at all. Was a bit urgh on that running animation: a bit... stilted and jarring. I remember feeling the same way about Twilight Princess. Hardly a game breaker, but I did notice.

Also: climbing! Other stuff! Sneaking up on horses! Slick combat. Gorgeous looking vistas... a real sense of scale. The art style was gorgeous. I feel as if Zelda has sort of settled down into this new stylised aesthetic. I'm down with it. I'm down for a bit of consistency, especially if it looks this pretty.

Very Ghibli-esque. The music, the opening line... the Japanese logo. Much whimsy.

2.25 Nintendo in one tweet:

2.27 Can someone tell the Nintendo men I woke up at 1.30am to watch Zelda things. Can I have more Zelda things please?

2.32 Sign me up.

2.35 I also like this tweet:

I like the idea of Zelda going back to its roots of exploration, more open-ended gameplay.

2.39 Sorry guys, I'm just posting my favourite Zelda related tweets now.

2.44 Okay, I'm signing off for the night. It's been a long couple of days for me and I need a couple of hours before heading in to the office. Thanks for hanging out with me on the liveblog. Stay tuned for more Zelda related stuff later today!

Have a good one people!


    Camomile tea for me. With chilli powder for some reason. Chilli powder on everything.

      Chili powder sounds super interesting. Next time I have camomile I will try.

        My friend got me these ones as a present a little while back, they're basically packed with all my favourite things. But nowhere near enough chilli for my tastes, so I started adding my own. Then chucking it in elsewhere too :P

          Those are great!

            The best!

            Though got a mind to try and make my own with slightly tweaked proportions, tone down the liquorice a bit and bump up a few of the others. Particularly the chilli.

    Mushrooms don't make Link any bigger. And boulders roll down mountains.

    Oh my god. This map size. Is this Xenoblade huge?

    Axe to chop down trees. Lumberjack Link confirmed.

    New pants. Are these speed pants? Can we get them as preorder DLC?

    Climbing on mossy statues of monstery looking things. That's always a good idea.

    And they forgot to turn off the time limit for the demo. GG guys :P

    Gooky you'll die alone and cold under that bridge...

      (but really though I have no idea what this was supposed to mean. Accusation of trolling?)

        Lol yep sorry stayed up late to watch the presentation, had a few drinks and was feeling a bit giddy

    Where's the rest of the liveblog? Mine stops loading after the Zelda and Pokemon section.

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