What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, I'm at a bit of a loss. I've finished Uncharted 4, I've finished Dark Souls 3. I've played a little bit of Mirror's Edge Catalyst and decided it isn't for me.

I'm not too sure what I'm gonna play now...

Maybe it's time to play a ton of Overwatch?

Or maybe I'll just start a New Game Plus on Dark Souls 3. Who knows...

What are you playing this weekend?


    I might see if I can finish Uncharted 4. Otherwise, it will be all Overwatch/Fire Emblem Fates.

      Oooh, I'm playing Overwatch and Fire Emblem Fates as well. Level 43 on Overwatch and about Chapter 10 on FEF as Hoshido.

      I've still got to finish (and start) Uncharted 3 though, so you're ahead of me on that one :-)

        Level 43! *Looks at Level 12 character he was once proud of, spits*

        Well played, who do you main??

          I check my career profile each session and try to take one of the bottom 5 in terms of playtime. As a result I've got play times ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours on all heroes. Top at the moment is Lucio, mainly because of necessity. I'll usually give our team a chance of playing without a healer or with Zenyatta but if we keep dying I'll usually switch to Lucio to try and prop us up. Bottom at the moment is probably Zenyatta, Pharah or Mei. Recently I've been trying to get better with Zarya, as I find her play style intriguing.

            Yeah Lucio is my Main at the moment. Have turned around a few games by switching to him. Otherwise it's McRee, Soldier, Junkrat, Reinhart, Roadhog or Hanzo. I do dabble in the other characters depending on the team build but they're my go tos.

              I'm still struggling with Hanzo. He's quite slow and I usually get caught by Tracer or Genji and then it's lights out for me. My other problem is my aim is mediocre so Widowmaker, Hanzo and McCree are pretty challenging for me.

                Genji's I usually dont have too much of a problem with. Tracer can be really annoying though. I dont pretend that I'm that good or anything, but Hanzo is definitely a bit more forgiving that Widow, especially in late game defense. I cant imagine how hard it would be to play them on PS4. I hope the aim assist is good :P

                Having mediocre aim does not make McCree or Hanzo challenging. Hanzo is great for just covering a choke point and more or less spamming arrows into it. McCree.. Well, flashbang fan the hammer is about as hard to hit with as soldier 76's ult.

        Im Level 34 myself, but I'm up to 16 on the Hoshido campaign. I've been playing Overwatch and then using FEF to wind down afterwards :P

        gosh darnit, i've gone and done it havent i?, what just happened? oh that's right, i've gone and gotten too old. I have no idea what the hell it is with overwatch. its almost as popular as the hype in the 1920's with swing dancing. kids these days.

          Old man yells at cloud.


    Overwatch, gotta play more McCree, Tracer tears sustain me.

      Got a quad High Noon kill as McCree last night defending Dorado. So good.

        Lol I reckon that could have been me

          Come to think of it, your username looks quite familiar. Was it PS4?

          I'm a bit of an overwatch need. I play both ps4 and of because I have friends on both :p

        Got a triple kill with three fans followed by a quintuple kill High Noon when the team resurrect triggered yesterday on Gibraltar Attack. complete decimation and impressive POTG.

          Yeah that was pretty dope.
          Also that 4 or 5 player Riptire kill on Anubis. They literally walked into it.

          Last edited 10/06/16 11:50 am

            It was 4, I didn't get the achieve =( need 5 for that.

            Edit: actually its 4... maybe I already had the achievement....

            Edit: Also wasn't it on Hanamura?

            Last edited 10/06/16 12:16 pm

              It was very impressive. Such a good use of it too.

      Lol it's the opposite for me. Mcree tears sustain me as tracer. Soon as I see him I reverse time and waste that flashbang. Zip zip zip headshots for days. One dead cowboy.. Looks like you could use a time out :)

        Most McCree's will play with their finger directly hovering the E, unless your doing the same you won't beat them to the punch. which requires some foresight on your part.

          Pretty sure tracer's can recall during the flashbang stun?

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            nope, never seen one break out, you can only use it as a bait. or if the McCree is to slow on the follow up fan and the stun expires.

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            Some experimenting is in order I think.

              Checked reddit and it seems the flashbang does lock out her recall; i might've just had my usual awful latency =P

                Definitely does, however, there is travel time for the fb in the air so if you both hit it at the same time then you should dodge it. Best McCree counter is just Zarya though. I love shielding allies who get fbd then I just chase that fool down.

                  Projected barrier works great for Roadhog denials, however with McCree you have to be less than a second perfect, so unless you got a perfect read or dumb luck on the situation he'll still get the kill.

                  Last edited 10/06/16 2:51 pm

          Yeah I usually get killed the first time I see Mcree and then know what I am up against and rework accordingly. For all chars I have my finger hovering over e. Like is there any other way to play?

            More closer to the D? perhaps what I meant was their more primed 'impulsive' to hit E, while Tracer recall E is more reactionary so the mental process to hit E is in the McCree's favor.

            Last edited 10/06/16 2:41 pm

    Probably just a little Magic and some Dark Souls. I got a new airbrush the other day so I think painting Warhammer gear will end up occupying most of my weekend.

      I'm going to be spending a large chunk of my weekend just building Magic decks and staring at my pretty, pretty cards.

        Eternal Masters releases today.

    Some mix of Overwatch, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign: Revelator, Valkyria Chronicles and Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation.

    Well, saturday's going to be spent checking out oz comic con and rewatching deadpool. Sunday probably more dark souls 3, I'm on the final stretch I can feel it.

    Probably resume smashing The Witcher 3 by getting into Blood and Wine proper. Anything else will probably be dabbling in WoW/FFXIV or trying (and inevitably failing) to make time for my handheld backlog.

    Playing a couple games called Sort Out My Health Insurance, Oz Comic Con.

    Other than that, looking to improve the connectivity of my PS4. I think it might be just a gateway issue with my router.

    If that works out, then I will have officially run out of reasons not to buy Overwatch.

    Free fallout 4!

    And Saturday night will be hitting up some NBA jam multiplayer with my new arcade sticks!

    Now that I have finished Uncharted 4 I'll probably work on finishing Valkyria Chronicles. I also want to power some more through Fire Emblem Birthright so I can try out Conquest or Revelations. Hopefully I don't get fatigued with the game making super babies.

      I'm playing on Classic and grinding a fair bit but I'm not going to replay chapters if people die. It might help that I haven't come across any absolute favourite characters yet. I like Hana, Orochi and Oboro best.

        Me too! The guys are kinda bland comparatively...
        Orochi and Oboro are the best.

          I tell you what though, the personal quarters invites are super lame. I mean, what's the point of being able to scroll up and down a close-up of the character which you can only do for a couple of seconds while one line of dialogue is spoken? I reckon the petting would have been a vast improvement (and even that is not the game play element of the century). I think they should have gone the whole hog and just replaced the scenes with standard support interaction style scenes.

            Completely agreed. The hot springs are funny though. The girl just screams as soon as you arrive and you run off apologising.

            The EB Games guy just told me I have to buy Conquest because I bought a physical copy of Birthright, not a digital eshop version. I think he's full of crap...?

              I don't quite follow. You mean the digital eshop version of Birthright gives you free Conquest but the physical version doesn't? I know Revelation is free for Japanese special edition purchasers, but that's about it.

                Sorry! I realise I was rambling.
                I remember reading that if you bought Birthright or Conquest then you can get the other one for half price. I checked within the game and I couldn't see where it was half-price.

                I went into EB Games to ask and they said that if you bought a physical copy of Birthright, could you get the discount on Conquest from the eshop and they said no, only if you only buy the eshop version first will you get the second one half price.
                I didn't think that was true though but I cant seem to confirm this.

                  Kind of rings a bell. I didn't pay attention to it either. Here we go: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/664934129826336769?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

                  Don't know if it applies in Australia though...

                  I bought Conquest digitally and both Revelation and Brithright are half price for me. If it's available in physical then there should be an option on your main menu in the game to purchase the other two branches. It should be named something like "Explore other Fates".

                  Last edited 10/06/16 4:21 pm

            The fact that they didnt is a slap in the face. Its like 'here this is where we did have another gameplay/interaction element but instead you can just look at this for a few seconds and that will do'
            Yes it is their prerogative to localize the game how they wish, but I really wish there was an option of actually getting a translated game with all the same content as what they have in Japan.

    I'm trying to figure out a good balance for an "easy mode" for dark souls 3 so I've hacked my (offline, single-player) game and buffed my character's health, attack, and defense and I'm playing through and seeing how the game changes. Probably gonna keep doing that because I think if there were a mod you could download that just makes dark souls more accessible for new players that's a good thing.

    Depends on how long it takes Microsoft to revoke my access to Fallout 4. =P

    Overwatch and some Stellaris, trying to finish a mod I've concepted. I wish they had better mod documentation! I also started playing some Skyforge, and it's keeping me engaged.

    More than likely finishing off Uncharted 4, and maybe making a start on Witcher 3.

    I got Windwaker HD two weeks ago but Overwatch ate all my gaming time, so this weekend I'm gonna try to commit to more of that. But honestly I'll probably still play more Overwatch. What platform are you going to play it on, Mark? A lot of the TAYbies play on PC together on weeknights; sometimes we get enough to get a 6v6 custom game going.

      I've played so much Overwatch recently I misread your post as you got Widowmaker HD two weeks ago. I was strangely jealous for a moment...

        hahaha yeah I can see how you made that mistake. And actually I got a new graphics card shortly after I bought Overwatch, so it kinda does feel like I went from Widowmaker SD to Widomaker HD

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, and maybe a bit of that new Kirby Planet Robobot that comes out tomorrow. Busy weekend lol

    Probably only play the usual suspects Fallout 4 & FIFA 16 unless I get a sudden urge to try something else.

    Well... some Naruto SUNS3FB as, after owning it for a couple of years now, I've finally figured out how the fighting system works; well, enough to play through the campaign. Might be helping some Taken Tots through the Vault of Glass for their NTTE quest, if we can get everyone organised. And probably continue exploring Doom and finish finding all those secrets... or at least the hidden levels. Kinda bummed that the weapon secrets won't unlock unless you get them during a fresh playthrough, even if you find the place they should be...

    Warhammer, Doom, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Fire Emblem: Fates, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, maaaaaaybe Hyrule Warriors or Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Witcher 3 (from scratch), Stellaris, Fallout 4: Far Harbor.

    (Probably not going to get to even half of that. Got too much on. ;_; )

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    Fallout 4. I just found the railway men.

    Smite got it's claws into me. It chugged on my PC, but looks great on my new PS 4:. :) Loving DOOM so, so much That will get some time.
    I know I'm nearing the end of Uncharted 4. Just waiting for the right mood/time to finish it. Prettiest damn game I own.


    Visiting a cousin in Brisbane, who gave birth last week, like that's important enough to warrant a visit. Hmmph.

    I am playing Mirror's Edge Catalyst on Xbone these days and really keen on seeing how the multiplayer stuff works. So if someone's playing on xbone as well would love to add u, please?

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