What We're Expecting From E3 This Year

Another year, another E3. The first couple of E3's under the current generation of consoles was stale for a while, but things have begun to liven up significantly. Virtual reality has arrived in a big way, the amount of first-party exclusives has increased, and the PC even has pride of place with an hour-long (cringeworthy) show of its own.

So what exactly is everyone at Kotaku Australia expecting this year? I asked around, and here's what we think.

Chris Jager, Lifehacker Australia editor

My money's on a Half-Life 3 teaser trailer. If Valve are working towards a 2018 release as has been rumoured, a reveal at this year's E3 would make perfect sense, with a playable demo at E3 2017.

There aren't expected to be many huge announcements this year, so a confirmation and release date for Half-Life 3 would completely dominate the headlines. Valve would be daft not to.

Mark Serrels, Kotaku Australia Editor

I'm honestly expecting very little from E3 2016.

I think the biggest thing that potentially could happen is the announcement of new hardware from Sony and Microsoft, if they decide to unveil new souped-up versions of the Xbox One and the PS4. Personally I think that sort of hardware upgrade is a mistake, but it would certainly make for interesting stories.

I am expecting lean, mean conferences with a lot of new games, the return of games that haven't had sequels yet — the usual stuff.

I am preparing for Nintendo disappointment. Nintendo are not showing off NX hardware, therefore they will not be showing off NX software, which means there will be very little for Nintendo to reveal, show off, whatever. I'd like to see what Retro Studios is working on. I still want to see a proper 2D Metroid game on the 3DS, but that's not going to happen.

I am very excited to see what direction Nintendo is taking the new Zelda.

It really feels like anything could happen at E3 this year. But I'm not sure what that will look like.

Rae Johnston, Gizmodo journalist

I think it will be a fairly quiet year. Sony may desperately try and get the Vita happening again in some way. The Last of Us 2 will likely be announced. We’ll get an update on The Last Guardian. Nintendo will expand on its nostalgia-fuelled gaming library. Something something Elder Scrolls because Fallout was last time around. Awkward devs will make bad jokes.

I’m thinking we might see a lot more VR focus, though. Maybe some major publisher titles with VR support? Or some platform supported indie titles being pushed on the main stage?

In any case, what I’d really like to see is an end to dubstep trailers. I think we would all agree that’s the most important issue here.

Alex Walker, Kotaku journalist

The prospect of new hardware from Sony doesn’t excite me a great deal, but I am keen to see what Microsoft does with Scorpio, or whatever they're calling their Xbox prototype these days.

Microsoft need people to buy the Xbox One, and as it turns out yelling “TV” a lot isn’t a good way to do it. So the question is: if you're way behind in the sales race, how do you convince people to buy your refreshed console over the other manufacturers?

The answer will probably be VR. There was already going to be a metric shit ton of VR shown off at E3 this year anyway, thanks to the Rift and Vive already being released and the PSVR coming out in October.

And don't forget that AMD are big sponsors of the PC Gaming Show. They're pitching their RX 490 as a VR-ready card for $USD200, which should result in even more talk about VR for the home, VR for the living room and God knows what else. It's not known whether the 14nm Polaris architecture will end up being used by Microsoft and Sony in their console refreshes, but that's something to watch out for too.

On the games front, I'd really like to see Bethesda announce something around Quake. Hiring for coders to work on DOOM and Quake kicked off a few weeks ago, and it'd be remiss for Bethesda to let the game's 20th anniversary pass without at least a remaster, if not a full reboot.

Danny Allen, Allure Media managing editor and publisher

After a distinct lack of hardware at E3 last year, I'm sort of expecting (perhaps just hoping) that 2016 will be more tech focused.

1. Will Sony dominate E3 2016 like it did last year? Will we get a peak at the PlayStation 4.5/Neo and will 4K gaming be a focus? What PlayStation VR experiences does Sony have to surprise us with?

2. Will Microsoft go from HoloLens to VR? Will Oculus be involved in that? Will a cheaper Xbox be announced to boost market share? And is there a streaming device Chromecast-like gadget thingo on the way?

3. It's possible Nintendo's next console dubbed the NX could be previewed. But, strangely, I'm more interested in Nintendo's march into mobile gaming right now. After Miitomo and Pokemon GO, just how free will the upcoming Fire Emblem and and Animal Emblem for Android and iOS actually be?

4. Oh, and finally, Magic Leap!? What's up with those guys. I hope to hear more during E3. Is this crazy augmented reality tech actually gonna be a thing my eyes can feast on anytime soon?

And games, I guess.

What are you expecting from E3 this year?


    Although I'd much prefer Elder Scrolls VI, I'd happily take a Skyrim remaster to hold me over.

    Quake would be a nice next step.

    Metroid 3DS is a must, but Ninty hat me now.

      Oh, Evil Within 2 please!

        Fuck yes. That's all I want. Sequel!

    You appear to have mixed up your pictures, that's not serrels, that's clearly @jonjonnojon

      Ha ha! Yeah, I was thinking that!
      It's like Clarke Kent all over again.

        Clarke Kent? THat mild mannered reporter from the Daily Planet?

          Yeah, people get him confused with Superman, but it's obviously a different guy. Superman doesn't wear glasses.

          Same way Serrels doesn't wear a suit.

            Well of course, you can't climb rocks in a suit.

            It's a well known fact Serrels only wears climbing gear and one of those beer hats, but with oatmeal instead

    Disagree with HL3 (mainly because I do not trust to hope) I also see how valve has stepped of development on a lot of their games its really just cash cow dota, they only need to fart out a compendium and treasure chests and watch the cash flow in, then again the lack of love for their other games could be draweing attention to Hl3... No i can't believe , it hurts too much

    Last edited 10/06/16 2:31 pm

      It hurts just to think about it, I have worked so hard to forget HL3

    I am most excited about lots of details on Dishonored 2. One of the best games of last gen imo and I cant wait for the sequel.

    Apart from that I just want be surprised by something that looks new and interesting.

      New Starwars Battlefront 2 (more cash edition) wub wub wub wub wub *wilhelm scream* wub

        Star Wars: Rogue (or Rogue One?) will get a lot of billing at EA's conference this year.

    I'll be honest ... I kind of do want Microsoft and Sony to show off new consoles. I think all this talk of fracturing the playerbase, etc. (which is consistent across most gaming media - not just Kotaku) will do SFA to the bottom line. Most people who are going to buy a console, have bought one. A whole swagger of people are onto console number two. People might be pissed that there's a shiny new console available that has just outdated the one they just bought, but that anger will pass, their wallets will refill, and then they'll be back to their retailer of choice come November.

      I'm a touch worried about these new consoles. I get that they've said that new games have to be playable on the older versions, but if it's a case of choosing between "choosing performance" on the old consoles vs. "choosing quality" on the new ones, I'll be more than pissed.

      And I can totally, totally see that happening.

        Oh, it'll absolutely happen. Everything everyone predicts is true. But once the white-hot consumer anger subsides, people will still buy the shiny new consoles.

          Most people, that's the sad thing. Me, personally, I think I'd be too pissed off to ever buy a console again. Guess it'll be PC master race or bust!

          Last edited 14/06/16 5:16 pm

            +1. If this console generation has taught me anything, it's that I'm going to be better off sinking the price of 2 x consoles into my PC rig.

              Yeah man, at least a whole PC rig won't be rendered useless after a couple of years. I can't see constantly releasing new models working in the long run unless the price of consoles crashes or they "buy back" old models.

      I'm all for a console refresh, as long as it's done at the price of the current console. Or even better still, is cheaper than the current console. It should be possible. Half the reason for the refresh is because AMD are moving to a 14nm process, which is cheaper for them. Plus, it'll be more expensive for AMD to keep producing the old 28nm chips for Sony.

      Last edited 10/06/16 4:16 pm

        I don't mind the idea of a refresh, providing my current console doesn't get neglected for the newer systems, I want to keep my "current standards".

        Like, if a new game comes out, and I can't play at 4k, that's fine: I don't have a 4k TV and don't really see any reason to upgrade.

        BUT, if a new game comes out, and I have to play it with "lower graphical settings" than those with an upgraded console, then I'll be pissed: I invested in this system to last me a generation, not two years.

    hoping for:
    Red Dead thing from Rockstar
    Fallout 4 expansion details
    Dawn of War 3 details
    Bloodstained : RotN gameplay
    Somebody actually saying what the NX is
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Deus Ex stuff
    something from the HBS Battletech game

    "Last Guardian is totally still a thing that's happening"
    Assassins Creed movie trailer and an announcement regarding pre-order DLC socks
    Gears of War 5
    God of War 5
    Halo 7
    Assassin's Creed 32
    Assassins Battlegears of Warfare Duty 7343
    Doritos : the movie of the game of the book of the press conference
    Nintendo being disappointing

    Last edited 10/06/16 2:56 pm

      Bloodstained had a kickstarter e-mail go out that said they'd be showing off a demo there, and that all backers will get a Steam key for the demo.

        guess i should read my emails more often...

      Forgot about Red Dead. That'll absolutely happen, w/ free back-compat RDR for preorders on Xbox.

    I'm with Jager on HL3. I've felt for a while that Valve needs a kind of paradigm shift, and back in 2004, that paradigm shift was physics engines in games.

    HL2 really showed people just how much could be done with a physics engine in a game. I reckon Valve will use HL3 in the same way with regards to VR.

    Another way to think of it is, HL3 for Vive/VR could be what Twilight Princess was for the Wii.

    Last edited 10/06/16 3:23 pm

    Bulletstorm 2 surprise announcement, with companion series on Netflix.


    I am keen for Evil Within 2, State of Decay 2 with online features, God of War with a new theme/setting, Quake and any DOOM singleplayer DLC, and to hear what this Skyrim business is all about.

    I wouldnt mind a rough release and pricing of the Neo, as I am keen on both VR and 4k, and more grunt in general. I wonder if mod support for Skyrim will result in beefy Neo builds?

    I am doubtful regarding HL2 episode 3. There have been a number of decent opportunities missed. It would be a big OH SHIT moment but I just dont feel like Valve is oriented much towards game development apart from just releasing DotA content.

    I'm expecting the Sony presentation to be full of great announcements. Prepare for fireworks as the Neo, the PSVR, a slew of PSVR titles, and The Last Guardian, all get some lovin'. Plus, who knows what else! Sony always throw in a surprise or two.

    New Elder Scrolls, Last of us sequel, new Zelda, possibility of New Red Dead! Even with these alone and all the playable stuff like Deus Ect, how do you guys think its going to be quiet unless you're actively trying to downhype?

    PSVR games, lots of them including showing of gran tourismo in ver
    more on the FF7 remake
    Details in Shenmue 3 progress
    Last of us 2 or new IP from naughty Dog
    COD COD COD COD! So exciting
    Bungie and rise of iron
    More vr games, indie focus
    No mans sky on PSVR
    Neo, hardware refresh
    Release date for last Guardian
    Then a God of war collection oh and new God of war Ragnarok

    Boomfest Gears 4
    FIFA/madden highlights
    New halo I'm the works debts for the closing of the trilogy
    Oculus rift support, and hardware refresh
    Scalebound release date
    Dead rising 4
    New Ryse
    New Forza
    Indies like us as well
    Game streaming
    More on the merging of xbone and Windows

    There's a press conference?
    Oh shit umm Zelda!
    Lots of virtual console or remakes... Boom done



      Every time I see people clamor for a skyrim remaster, my soul weeps.
      Revive Morrowind, give it a shiny lick of paint and give me another reason to lose hundreds of hours in an alien fantasy world again!

    I read somewhere taleworlds is going to go to E3 with bannerlord. That will be good......

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