What Would Get You Excited About A New Sonic The Hedgehog Game? 

What Would Get You Excited About A New Sonic The Hedgehog Game?

There's a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog game coming in 2017, with a reveal planned at a special event in San Diego next month. What could Sega show on July 22 that would get you excited about Sonic's next outing?

I'm not here to bash the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The past two and a half decades haven't been the most consistent in terms of quality, but there have been some rather excellent attempts at recapturing the magic in recent years.

Sonic Colours was an above-average out that was unfortunately tethered to the Wii (come on, PC re-release, HD remaster, something). Sonic Generations, combining the best of 2D and 3D Sonic games, is one of my favourite games in the franchise.

Follow-ups to either of those titles would certainly get me excited, but Sonic Team lead Takashi Iizuka has said the developer is working on a completely new game, which would rule out either of those.

Is that "completely new" exciting? I don't know. On one hand, completely new gave us Sonic Colours. On the other, it gave us the utterly forgettable Lost World and Unleashed, the game brought us Sonic the Werehog and a heaping helping of regret.

So what could be exciting? Seeing and playing Sonic is always nice — I'm grabbing a couple of the latest Olympic Games title this weekend just to hang out him — but word of a new Sonic-centric title just doesn't do it for me.

How about you? What could a new Sonic game bring to the table that would get you to stand up and take notice. A fantasy setting? Classic 2D gameplay? An entire school filled with Sonic's friends to hang out with forever and ever? Mean-spirited Tweets? Tell us!


    I'd love a new Sonic racing game - either that old Unirally-style platform racer whose name I forget, or ideally something like a new SonicR but taking a lot of lessons from the Sega All-Stars Racing games

    A new Sonic Adventure, from the Dreamcast days <3

      Hell yeah. Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (NGC) was epic, i played the heck out of that.
      The levels were amazing in that you could go through at blistering pace or go slow and try and find all the animals/collectibles. The variety in the game levels, the treasure hunting levels were so much fun and the whole chaos thing gave u reason to keep replay the levels. That and the achievement hunting. The only let down was the mario kart style levels which were abit dud.

      A Sonic Adventure 3 would be fun, especially if it came with the return of Chao Gardens.

    A classic Sonic game with the graphical style of the most recent Rayman game.

    Sonic Generations without the Modern Sonic bits and twice as much Classic Sonic.

      I agree with you and would love a straight classic generations, but I also quite liked the modern sonic portions of generations too. I found them to be faithful takes on classic stages and generally, modern sonic felt pretty good to play in those stages, the snapping to rails really helped in the sprint sections.

    The cancellation of the new Sonic game and the deaths of everyone who worked on Sonic for the last 25 years.

    Sonic Maker... then the fans can prove they can make better sonic games than most of the back catalogue :P

    - Storyline built out of an established Sonic universe so it can be both fun and actually have a story that wasn't created out of a fever-dream the month before release (use the comics/tv shows or the obvious Mega-Drive games for inspiriation)

    - Large open environments so that Sonic can go fast without having to worry about careening off a cliff.

    - A good camera/camera controls.

    - If there's multiple player characters then actually build the gameplay and levels to their strengths instead of just reskinning a Sonic with the same speed values and everything. (Tails levels should be focused around verticality/flying, Knuckles should play like a beat-em-up etc.)

    - Call Eggman Dr. Robotnik again.

    I'm semi-hesitant about a "New" Sonic game. The problem that Sega have had for a while is not refining what they've got. Instead of taking their most recent game, listening to fan feedback along with their own internal feedback, and creating a new game that took all the good from the previous and fixed the bad, they scrap everything they've worked on, and go for a new game play style, setting, etc.

    But what would get me excited? Chao gardens returning with some kind of portable raising method (Smartphone, 3DS, Vita, etc) that interacts with the main game, levels in the style of S3&K in that there is a main "Sonic route" and alternate routes that other characters can take based on their characteristics (Break wall with Knuckles, fly above with Tails, etc), alternate characters like Knuckles and Tails not feeling gimped speed wise (Yes, Sonic/Shadow are the fastest, but S3&K proved K&T were speedy too!), Metal Sonic, and a new Crush 40 song.

    If it was made by Nintendo. No, the Olympic games don't count.

    To be a launch title on the new sega platform.
    A guy can dream right?

    Y'know Rooftop Run from Sonic Generations? That, but an entire game. I know for a fact that once I got to that stage, I never played any other stage but that. It was awesome.

    I've always thought an open world Sonic with massive interconnected zones would work. Something like Journey where you work your way towards a looming mountain/tower/death egg boss lair. There would need to be choke points to funnel Sonic into some more traditional levels. Ring trials, time trials, which rely on plotting an effective route. And perhaps some hyper speed fast travel mechanic which makes Sonic look cool as the world slips by.

    They tried adding werewolves to Sonic and that didn't work. Perhaps they should try vampires this time around?

    Run fast. Get rings.

    Do that or fuck off. I don't care about sonic the wolf monster knight who gets colours and time traveling hedgehogs while falling in love with a human who will destroy the earth if she cries.

    Run fast.
    Get rings.

    Go back to the beginning, classic side scrolling Sonic with modern graphics. Start Sonic off in Green Hill Zone, perhaps throw in a story line twist that rewrites the original, perhaps Robotnik changes time, or something that sends the levels into chaos, so they are similar, a little familiar but overall different.

    Then in the sequel, Tails dies in like the first 2-3 seconds, maybe even 1, so all the levels have to be approached differently. Robotnik is still the main antagonist who is after the Chaos Emeralds, and this leads into the 3rd game, Sonic chasing Robotnik to Angel Island.

    3rd game reintroduce Knuckles as the antagonist but because of Robotniks meddling in the first game, he and Sonic never team up, but Robotnik teams up with Knuckles, Sonic defeats Robotnik but he destroys the Master Emerald in the process, leading to....

    Sonic VS Knuckles in which Knuckles is the antagonist still, and basically the game is cat and mouse, while playing as Sonic you need to keep ahead of Knuckles at all times, and as Knuckles you need to chase Sonic who, destroys pathways forcing you to run the levels differently. Ultimately Sonic restores the Master Emerald, he and Knuckles become buddies, and then Sega can destroy Sonic for another 25 years after that.

    A genuine sequel to Sonic and Knuckles 3. Light story continuation, on-par level/boss design (no direct re-hashes again!), replay value like how getting all the super emeralds unlocks hyper sonic and the true ending etc. Back to a quality 2D sequel, basically.

    Take a page out of Nintendo's book and make a gorgeous 3D asset 2D side stroller that plays like a sonic game.

    What would get me excited about a new Sonic game? A very large open-world exploration RPG, ala Skyrim, with Shadow of Mordor/Arkham style combat and deep, mature story development that fleshes out the series mainstays into more three-dimensional characters (no pun intended).

    Is it just me or is Sonic starting to look like Leisure Suit Larry?

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