Why Won’t My PC’s Optical Drive Open?

Why Won’t My PC’s Optical Drive Open?
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My PC’s optical drive won’t open. It’s been that way for a few weeks. Why won’t my PC’s optical drive open?

  • It’s passive-aggressively suggesting that I don’t really need an optical drive in the first place.
  • It’s still recovering from when I tried to get it to read my original 7th Guest discs.
  • It still hasn’t forgiven me for tearing it out of my last PC and cramming it into this strange new body without even asking.
  • One of the tiny cables has come unplugged.
  • One of the tiny prongs within one of the tiny cables has come unplugged.
  • A tiny particle of dust somehow got on one of the tiny prongs within one of the tiny cables and has severed the connection.
  • It’s become attached to the old PC Gamer Shadow Warrior demo CD I may have left in there.
  • It’s being held shut by a tiny man, whose one tragic purpose in life is to keep any DVDs or CDs from getting through.
  • It’s sick of my shit.
  • It’s sick of your shit.
  • It’s been so long since it last opened that it’s forgotten how.
  • The door is stuck or the mechanism is otherwise jammed.


  • I’m sorry could you please give some more information.

    Please check the following things:
    * When you press the eject button on your optical drive, does the light on the drive light up?
    * Does the optical drive make any strange noises?
    * Is the cable from your power supply to the optical drive firmly attached into the socket at the back of said optical drive.
    * Have you tried turning it off and waiting 30 seconds then turning it on again.
    * If you have, please try this step 1 more time.

    IT Support

    • Get a Paperclip, straighten it and poke it through the tiny hole in the front and it will open.

    • It’s one of those ye ole devices that take those fangled circular cartridge thingies

  • Why does posts like this even get published?

    1. Poster is high
    2. Editor is high
    3. Publisher is high
    4. Everyone is high

  • step 1. open the case and check the power cable is plugged in properly
    step 2. if step one doesn’t result in a working disc drive, toss the pc it’s time for a new one
    step 3. buy a disc drive online for $20 and you’ve got the first part of your new pc

  • I just checked my optical drive. It still has the skyrim disk in it…………..goes to show how long its been since I used it. The PC im building now does not even have one.

  • I wish I had a highly trafficked website to air my general issues on. Would save me needing to go to the doctor to check out that rash.

  • Intone some prayers to the machine spirit and recite the litany of percussive maintenance.

  • It’s spiders. It is always spiders. Stop trying to open it for the sake of your sanity.

  • When I was a wee lad my high school got sick of us bringing games in on CD and they went around the whole school with a tube of glue to seal up all the disc drives.

  • As someone who just built a new comp I can strongly recommend at least having access to an external optical drive. Installing drivers and so on are much easier with than without

    • Exept Windows 10 comes with Ethernet drivers built in now, and you should ONLY be getting the latest drivers, witch sometimes are not on the disc.

    • Although I’m not having a go because I’m definitely not this organised BUT if you’re building a new PC you should have all your drivers ready on USB before hand 😉

      • Haha, I completely agree with you that I should have been ready in advance. My reasoning for not being that organised was the voice going “you download all your software and driver updates, you don’t need to put it in a superfluous drive”. A few alarm bells should have gone off when I made a conscious decision to get USB windows though.

        As to the USB driver readiness, drivers themselves less of an issue, but having a single source of all the drivers and software that any given piece of hardware requires or feels like you should be using was easier to get out of the box, just a complete brain fart on my part to forget they need a drink holder tray to install 😛

        Oh, also working night shift atm and brain not firing on all cylinders so I am claiming that as my main excuse for being underprepared.

    • Handy to have one and not need it than need one and not have it. I plonked a blu ray optical in mine when I built it last year, a) to have the convenience if needed, b) to install all those ye olde games I still enjoy, and c) so my PC was a frikin blu ray player as well.

      Think I install a game maybe once every 3 months with the drive. Not a common thing, but still nifty.

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