Witcher 3 Patch Gets Rid Of Hilarious Glitch

The latest patch notes for The Witcher 3 state that CD Projekt Red fixed an issue where "a noblewoman in red would sometimes follow Geralt everywhere he goes". But while this issue may not plague players anymore, the internet never forgets. FudgeRevolution captured footage of this maddening glitch in action, and you can see it below:

The thing that makes this so funny is, the woman would perpetually clap her hands and yell, "Long live the champion," making it seem like Geralt accrued an overzealous stalker. And no matter how much Geralt ran away, the lady would always dash after him, reminding him of how awesome he was:

Image credit: Trent Manucho

Noble Lady would even stay put if Geralt meditated for hours. Worse, Noble Lady was completely invincible — there was no way to get rid of her:

Image credit: The KaZzY

Noble Lady didn't care. Through hell and high water, she had but one mission: To keep cheering Geralt on, forever and ever amen.

It's a glitch that sounds fantastic in theory, but my heart goes out to the poor players who actually had to deal with this annoyance for an extended period of time. And also Noble Lady herself, who showed us the true meaning of love. RIP, Noble Lady.

I'm kind of sad this glitch has been scrubbed out, though, because I can't help but wonder if she would keep cheering in the background during sex scenes. Now we'll never know.

You can read the rest of the recent Witcher 3 patch notes here.


    Not a glitch. Actually just Geralt finally getting his dues from the usually annoyingly disrespectful populace. Man, I would so love to continue playing Blood and Wine but the disc eject error has, once again, reared its ugly arse. So very annoying.

    I didn't encounter this.
    I am sad. I would of loved that. It would have been awesome.
    Long live the Champion!

    Oh my god. She's like some kind of ... non-giving up... noble woman.

      Terminator/Witcher crossover/origin story mashup monster hybrid event.

      Not sure what other words I can cram into that...


    Kind of like the fan from oblivion. God bless you Cisro


      It's also like the 'you can do it' guy from waterboy.

    I had that exact problem, even if you try to run as fast as you can or no matter where you hide, it was only a matter of time till she found me. It was funny at first, I'm glad they fixed it.

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