XCOM 2 Coming To Consoles In September

Video: The excellent turn-based strategy game XCOM 2 will be PC exclusive no more later this year. Publisher 2K announced this morning that the game will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 on September 9. Veteran studio The Workshop is handling the port of the Firaxis game. The trailer's September 6 release date is in reference to the US. Australia will have to wait a couple of days longer.


    There were those who said this day would never come... the developers mostly.

      They didn't say it wasn't possible, they said they'd have to make some major concessions to make it happen, such as the randomisation etc. it's going to be interesting to see what's happened in that regard.

    I was bummed out when it never came on consoles (funny enough, I only found this out a few days after release while exploring the PSN store) so I'm happy it's coming out.

    I know some people are going to bitch and whine how it's supposed to be PC exclusive but, it's a turn based game. The controls can be shit so long as you can still function the same way without wasting too much time.

      Really doesn't worry me as a pc gamer if it appears on console. What worries me is they're not fixing the most important parts that are ruining the game: That 4 out of 5 goddamn missions run on a fucking timer. Believe you me, when you play it, your heart will utterly sink when you realise that nearly *all* missions *must* end in 5 - 6 turns :\

        What? I need this explained in more detail. What timer?

          It was one of the few disappointing parts of Xcom 2. Most of the missions came with time limits, where you had a certain amount of turns to finish in or the aliens won. It got annoying after a while, but really irritated at some points as sometimes you want to have a long drawn out firefight.

            That sounds a bit shit.

            Enthusiasm... Waning...

            There are a bunch of mods that either disable the turn timer altogether or increase it by around 5 turns, thankfully. Less thankful is that these mods probably won't be available for the console versions =(

              Man, I installed that mod as soon as it came out, and it was like... the third mod up there. (The first was one that created a gun that used a corgi model. God I loved that. The mod author: "I am legit so sorry that this is the first mod on the workshop.")

              I basically forgot that was even a thing.

            Jesus no. Some of the best parts of the first game was these long, desperate against the odds wins that you could achieve by playing smart and taking your time.

            Seems like a tactic to keep you from getting too attached to an "A team" and instead cycling and losing soldiers regularly. I definitely did play favourites in the first one.

        Pfft, that's easy. Just save scum every single turn.

          Not quite the same thing. You dont have drawn out battles that way. Oh and unlike part 1, part 2's percentages are pre set each turn at the beginning instead of when you click for the action. Save scumming only works with a mod ;) they did this after people did it in 1. Essentially: Save scumming in Xcom 2 doesn't work...

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      I don't think I've ever heard a PC player complain that a PC exclusive ended up on console. I'm sure they exist, of course, but aside from lighthearted ribbing (PC master race, all that) every PC player I've ever met is just happy that people get to play games, doesn't really matter what platform they do it on.

        I remember people shitting on the console version for X-Com previous. Same thing with Supreme Commander 2. Also Half-Life.

          I can understand people arguing that console controls are bad for certain game types, like RTS and FPS games, but complaining about a game not being PC exclusive isn't something I've ever seen personally.

          XCOM is a turn-based game in any case, reaction times don't matter so neither does your choice of input =)

    So glad this is coming out for consoles, I thought i'd miss out on getting to play it. Still kind of pissed that the developers took such a hard stance on our expectations that it would though, seems kind of disingenuous now.

      Agreed. It doesn't worry me its coming out on consoles, it's the disingenuous way it was presented that irritates.

    Glad I waited. Ive had it in my cart on steam several times... played EU and EW on 360 and pc. Does the pc version have native controller support?

      Good lord, why would you want to play XCOM with a controller over a KB&M? It's not a 3rd-person action game! Don't you remember the console version of the original?

        Because I sit in front of a pc with a k/m for 90% of my working life. Like I said I played Enemy within and enemy unknown on 360 and felt they did the ports really well for controller support. Even played on pc with a controller. Just my preferred input method, especially after getting an elite x1 controller.

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