Yes, Of Course Horizon: Zero Dawn Cosplays Already Exist

Horizon: Zero Dawn's protagonist Aloy is really damn cool. She beats up/blows up robot dinosaurs with her bow like it's nothing, and she's got an awesome design to boot. Are you surprised that there's already a handful of amazing cosplayers recreating this character that, so far, we know fairly little about?

Lead image via Kyle McVean Photography

The game was announced last year, though this year's E3 revealed extended gameplay and more info on the game. In between the two events, Guerrilla Games released an in-depth cosplay guide for the red-haired archeress, and plenty of cosplayers have been using it.

Over in the states, Ely Renae has an awesome Aloy cosplay which she put together with a spear instead of a bow and shot in some impressive North American forests, to quite a striking effect.

Photos by Sara Lynn Photography

The Horizon: Zero Dawn love isn't left solely to the cosplay centre of the USA, however, with costumes popping up all over the world. This one, and our lead image, is from UK cosplayer named Megabethbob who we've featured here before.

Photo by Kyle McVean Photography

Closer to home, Australian cosplayer Mithrilneth put her Aloy together in an impressive amount of time last year to debut it at PAX Australia.

Photos by MFM Photography

Recently, Aussie cosplayer Ataraxy entered her costume in Melbourne Oz Comic-Con's cosplay competition this past weekend and won wildcard, looking like a near perfect double of the character in her furs and beads.

Photos by Maddic Photography and Regan X Lau Photography


    There was someone who cosplay'd her at Pax Aus last year!

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